Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Project Long Skirt

One of the last things on my Proverbs 31 list is to sew...
Hate it...
Always have...
May not "always will"...

In an attempt to find my girls some new long skirts for winter, I realized it's so much more efficient to just make them some. It doesn't look too hard right?

SO I call Mariah, "Mariah! I need you to bring over your sewing machine! Like right away! I have an idea!"
And my family knows how I am, I get these ideas and I run with them, FAST and HARD!

So she comes over on Sunday after church and brings her sewing machine...

Long story short, we took a white bed sheet, some black thread, and went to town...

It was a bit disastrous...

Anyways, the next week I go to Joannes. 

"Excuse me, I need one of those little plastic round things that go under then sewing machine and hold the string..."

*Worker looks at me with a really, DUMB look*
"Uh... you mean a bobbin?"

"Sure! I'm brand new to sewing..."

With a slight sneer, she continues to lecture me about needing to know the make and model of my sewing machine in order to identify which bobbin I needed. She also made really smart remarks like, "you know you can't sew over the pins, you need to remove them..."

"Yes, I'm aware of that... thanks?... I'll just help myself, what isle was that again?"

I may have walked away while she was still talking to me...

Well all the bobbins I saw looked exactly the same, so I bought a pack and they work just fine...

I was going to show this lady that a novice could make some pretty decent skirts...

Fabric: from a thrift store. About 2 yards for $1.99

I call it... Yellow Daisy Sunlight!

That's right, matching bandana... Hemmed it me-self!
*I even know what hemmed means! :)*

Take Two:
Fabric: 1 yard of something on sale from Joanne's with a coupon!

I call it, Chevron Chic!

Take Three:
Fabric: Like a pajama feeling fabric? Hey! I'm still a novice... Also on sale and a coupon!

I call it Triangular Triumph!

Work it girl!

Go, Hayven, Go!

What else do you have??!

So here they are!

Moral of This Story:
Don't you dare let that lady at Joanne's tell you you can't make something even though you don't know what a bobbin is! 
You go girl! 

Maybe if I get good enough I'll open an Easy store and then the last of my Proverb's 31 list will be complete!


  1. you did great. pj bottoms are a easy to make for beginners too. there are many tutorials online no pattern needed.

  2. AWESOME!!! very nyce. you got it Girl :)