Sunday, February 7, 2016

Example of "How To" Raise Kids into Maturity - EXCITING STORY!!

Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 
"Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one! You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the door of your house and on your gates."

So many times through the scriptures God instructs us to explain things to our children. For example with the Passover, 

"And you shall tell your son in that day, saying, 'This is done because of what the LORD did for me when I came up from Egypt." Exodus 13:8.

But beyond explaining them, we need to live these things out before our children so they know how to apply what you teach them. 

"Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ." 1 Corinthians 11:1 

"You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:14-16 

"Be doers of the word,  and not just hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James 1:22

So our goal as parents is to raise our children unto maturity. (Hebrews 6:1, Hebrews 5:12-14, Ephesians 4:11-14, 2 Peter 3:16-18, Collisions 1:9-10). We do this by:

(1) Praying for them (2) Teaching them the Word of God(3) Daily, in each situation, teaching them about God's love, His grace, and how to apply God's Word(4) Living out the Word of God before them as examples

My husband and I have always strived to do these things with our children. We pray that they will grow into mature adults so in love with Jesus, able to discern good from evil, not ashamed of the gospel, and able to stand up in the face of persecution.

We pray with our children, we read through the Bible every day, every night, and several times throughout the day. We memorize scripture and talk about how to apply it. We walk our children through many situations bringing them back to the Word of God and illustrating how to apply scripture in each one. We also live the Word out in front of our children so they can see that we do the same thing in our own lives as adults. 


Every Friday we go grocery shopping. We load up the car and pray the same prayer every week,

"Lord please guide us today. Protect us. Help us spend our money in the way that You want us to. Help us share Your love with people we run into today. Please allow us to see how you want to use us. Help the kids be obedient and good examples so we are able to share the gospel."

I then often remind them of a scripture that we've been meditating on or working on such as, 

"Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right." Proverbs 20:11 
"Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better then himself." Philippians 2:3.

I work with the children on holding the cart, not grabbing things off the shelves, putting their hand on my leg if they need something instead of interrupting a conversation I am in, not fighting with their siblings or doing things that irritate them, helping me unload the cart, pack bags, get siblings buckled in ect. All these things allow me to share the gospel with those around me!

"Wow! It's so refreshing to see such obedient kids!" "Praise the Lord! We just read the Bible and do what it says!"

Or when they're acting up and I'm correcting them (because my kids won't always be great examples. *surprise, surprise* I'm often surprised when we have a decent day and I only need to hand out a handful of discipline when we get home! We're not perfect, just forgiven; we're an awesome example of that!)...

"Thankyou for correcting your kids. You just don't see that anymore.""Praise the Lord! We just read the Bible and do what it says!"

We get lots of stares (some good, some bad - we are a strange looking family with so many small kids and 5 months pregnant with another). 

I'm very vocal out in public just as I am in the home, quoting scripture, praying and asking the Lord to remind me what I needed to buy, praising the Lord when my total comes to just what I needed it to, encouraging other mom's with many small children to press on, reminding my kids to respect elders or to help pick up whatever package fell off the shelf

Today was a very encouraging day! 

There's a sample man at CostCo we've been sharing Christ with for a few years. He had a bandage on his arm so the kids asked what was wrong. He shared he had skin cancer and they had to remove it. He shared the doctors were sure they were going to need to go back and remove more. The kids and I prayed for him asking the Lord to heal Him if that's His will, but mostly that God would show Him how much He loves Him and cares about him. 

We went back today and saw this man.  
"You!" He said pointing at me with such amazing excitiment and youthfulness in his face (he's got to be 60-70 years old). "I've got something... we've got something for you to do! I've been telling everyone! You healed me!" 
"No _____, I didn't heal you, God healed you!" 
"I've been telling everyone!" As he held up his hand! "Now I need you to pray for my wife. She has stomach cancer. They've given her 6 weeks to live." 
"Of course we will ______! How are you doing with that? We care so much about you! I need to know if you know where you're going when you die and if your wife does to? If you're certain you know Jesus, then you'll see her again!" 
He proceeded to tell us how him and "the man upstairs" talked a lot during his time in Vietnam. 

I've been asking the Lord all day how we are to minister to this man and why He healed him and what He wants to do next. 

I'm so excited to sit down with the kids and read through the book of Acts and explain to them that we did just what the disciples did and God answered our prayer that morning as we loaded up the car, and that prayer we prayed over that man at CostCo! Now we need to pray fervently for his salvation and his wife's salvation!


You see my point to all this is that we NEED to be living these things out in front of our children! 

How can we tell our children that we believe in Jesus, we believe in the Bible, yet we shun away from actually living it out in our own lives before them?!? 

Why do we separate how we are in private with who we are in public?!?

How can we pray for our country and ask God to bring a revival when we're not even sharing Christ's love with the people we run into day to day?!? 

Oh weary parent! 
Press on! 
Read the Word to your kids. 
Step out and pray for that cashier that is having a bad day. 
Teach your children they participate in ministry by being obedient and respectful to you. 
Read over the scriptures above and implement them in your home! 

Let's actually be DOERS of the WORD and not hearers only.

Let's talk about these things when we rise, when we lie down, when we walk by the way.

Let's raise our children into maturity by showing them how to overcome flesh, how to evangelize, how to treat one another. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Family Member & My Kids on the Radio

It's been a few weeks, but the news is:
My last sister is engaged!!!!
She is engaged to a wonderful man names Pablo Martinez. 
We love him lots.
It's funny because he's been staying with my husband and I off and on over the last few years and him and I have done music together for a few weddings. My kids refer to him as "uncle Pablo". It's so great that soon he will actually be uncle Pablo!

Other then that... there isn't really much new news. 
I am 19 weeks pregnant and find out the sex of my baby next week!! 

We're still homeschooling and working on a lot of character in our children.
My husband's in full-time school as well as working full-time and heading up a few ministries.

Keeping my boy busy get's harder and harder every day. 
I'm REALLY hoping this baby in me is a boy.
Elias just wants to "fight" all day long!
EVERYTHING becomes a weapon. :)

We're also still working on Promo's, commercials, and things for the church radio station. 
The kids even got to record a segment for my dad's show called the "Man Up Show" which airs Wednesday Nights at 7pm.
You can tune in here on Wednesday Night to hear their song.
You can also visit the website for that show here and listen to the past few episodes to hear their song :).

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Raising Children To Have A Work Ethic

The principal cause of boredom is the hatred of work. People are trained from childhood to hate it. Parents often feel guilty about making children do anything but the merest gestures toward work. Perhaps the children are required to make their beds and, in a feeble and half-hearted fashion, tidy up their rooms once a month or so. But take full responsibility to clear the table, load the dishwasher, scrub the pots, wipe the counters? How many have the courage to ask this of a ten year old? It would be too much to ask of many ten year olds because their parents have seriously asked nothing of them when they were two or three. Children quickly pick up parents' negative attitudes toward work and think of it as something most sedulously to be avoided. - Elisabeth Elliot, Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman, page 75

I think we've lost great, inspiring examples on how productive our children at any age can and should be. Some think that it's not fair to make a child of such young age have so much responsibility. They should be playing more. They are going to work their whole lives, they shouldn't have to do it when they're a child

However our jobs as parents is to raise out children unto maturity. It's to build in them character and discipline both of which require a child to know how to do things that their flesh doesn't necessarily want to do. They need to know how to push through things that don't feel good, that are physically and emotionally hard, and they need to be able to conquer these things with a good attitude and a determined spirit. We are NOT doing our children any favor saving them from frustration or from hard work. We are NOT preparing them for life outside of our covering. 

The Bible is most definitely not silent on the importance of hard work. Here are just a few scriptures expressing it's importance:

  • Proverbs 20:4 "The lazy man will not plow because of winter; He will beg during harvest and have nothing."
  • Proverbs 6:6-8 "Go to the any, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which, having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest..." Try studying ants with your children. It's an amazing study! 
  • Proverbs 13:4 "The soul of a lazy man desires, and has nothing; but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich."
  • 1 Corinthians 4:2 "Moreover it is required in stewards that on be found faithful." We all want our children to be good stewards of what they own, whether it's the Barbies/cars they received of their birthday, the money they get at Christmas, or their finances as an adult. If they work for these things, they will respect them more and be good stewards. 
  • Colossians 3:22-23 "Bondservants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh, not with eye service, as men-pleasers, but in sincerity of heart, fearing God. And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men." You training your sons and daughters to be hard workers will prepare them for the work force.
  • 2 Thessalonians 3:10 "For even when we were commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he heart."
There are SO MANY MORE!! These are just a few of my favorites.

I am always looking for and trying desperately to glean from parents who's children have a fantastic work ethic. It's hard to come by, so I am going to give you an example of how we raise our children at each of their ages. They are very young, but they have all been doing chores around the house since they were 1-2 years old. I pray these examples inspire you and cause you to pray and seek the Lord about how He wants you to raise your children up into maturity in this area of their character.

Morning and Evening Routines
ALL MY CHILDREN have morning and evening chores they do on a daily basis (except on our sabbath they don't have to do morning chores unless we are planning on leaving somewhere- we try to do little to no work on this day). Even if we're staying home for the whole day. They all:

Morning Routine
(1) Make their beds, 
(2) Get dressed, 
(3) Pick of their room, 
(4) Brush their hair, 
(5) Brush their teeth, 
(6) Do their devotions.

Elias needs help with all these things still, but he's doing them every morning. Hayven still needs helps brushing her hair and sometimes her teeth. The twins can do everything completely independent.

Evening Routine
(1) Pick Up Room
(2) Put Pajamas On
(3) Brush Teeth
(4) Devotions with Daddy

Daily Chores
Ahavah and Alecia - 5 years old
  • Clear Table - Bring Dishes to sink, put away condiments and leftovers
  • Spray and Wipe Table
  • Wipe off Chairs
  • Sweep Floor
  • Mop Floors (Mondays)
  • Wash Dishes - Excluding pots, pans, large glass dishes ect.
  • Clear and wipe counters
  • Fold and put away one load of laundry a day
  • Pick up floors and organize toys
  • Chop Vegetables, make sandwiches, assist in kitchen work
  • Carry items in from car
  • Pack Bags when we leave for appointments
  • Wipe down bathrooms
  • Dust 
  • Vacuum
  • Organize toys and bins
Hayven - 4 years old
  • Clear Living Room Side Tables
  • Dust Tables (Thursdays)
  • Put Blankets in Living Room away
  • Pick Up Floors
  • Straighten Shoes in Entry Way
  • Help Clear Dishes off Table
  • Sweep dirt into Dust Pan
  • Put Laundry in Drawer
  • Wipe Bathroom Counter
  • Wipe Toilet
  • Carry items in from car
  • Pack bags when leaving 
  • Set Table
  • Organize drawers/toy bins
Elias - 2 year old
  • Pick up and sort toys
  • Pull Laundry out of dryer
  • Throw Laundry baskets back into basement
  • Pick up dirty clothes and play in basket
  • Clear dishes off table
  • Wipe spills of floor or table
  • Retrieve Things asked for
  • Put laundry away in drawer
  • Carry items in from care
  • Pack bags when leaving 
  • Set Table
Weekly Chores
As a family, we do a certain chore every day of the week in which I instruct the kid son how they can help

Monday- Floors, Floors, Floors: Sweep and Mop Kitchen, Dining Room, Entry Way as well as vacuum Living Room and Stair Cases

Tuesday - Tubs, Toilets, Towels: Clean bathroom top to bottom. Sweep, Mop, Wipe Down, Change Linens ect.

Wednesday - Bedrooms: Pull toys out from under bed/in closet. Organize Toys and clothes. Dust. Change Sheets. Vacuum.

Thursday - Dust, Plants, Office Day: Wash Windows, Dust Surfaces, Water Plants. Thee kids get more free time this day since I do my planning and research on the computer a lot this day. We also prepare for Friday by packing lunches, packing bags, laying milk bottles and reusable bags out as well as preparing a quick, filling breakfast for...

Friday - Grocery Shopping and Kitchen Day: This is our most laborious day by far. We do our grocery shopping (2-3 hours), then we prepare dinner for this night as well as our Sabbath Night, and breakfast for our Sabbath morning as well as Sunday morning. WE might start up a chicken or beef stock to simmer for a few days. We might cut up vegetables so they're easily thrown into a salad. We may shred cheese, make salad dressing or sauces, precook some meat to freeze, make snack packs for easy grabbing. I then fill a bucket of soapy water and the kids wipe down the fridge, stove, cupboards and drawers as well as hand scrub the floor. We clean all the appliances (coffee machine, toaster oven - we don't own a microwave). All in all the kitchen is clean and paper plates and silverware get pulled out since this night we being our...

Saturday - Sabbath: We REST! No chores. No dishes. Minimal Cooking. Our Sabbath runs from Friday night until Saturday night, so before bed Saturday night we prepare for Sunday by packing lunches (unless we go out to eat as a family, then we just pack snacks). We lay out clothes for the next day as well as what I need to lead worship. 

Sunday - We try to have people over for dinner or go to someone's house this day. It's different from week to week. I may throw something in the crock pot in the morning if I know we're having someone over. Or ill throw together a salad to bring to someone's house. At the end of this day we do another "House Overview" and just pick up and wipe everything down so we're read for school and our cleaning routine again the following day. 


So essentially our day looks like this:

Upon awakening, Morning Chores

Breakfast & Clean Up
Lunch Prep
Daily Chores
Weekly Chore
Naptime (younger two) Audio books & Laundry (older two)
Snack Time
More School (CKC books, Phonics, Piano)
Dinner Prep - Some Free Play Time Here or I put on a kids exercise routine they can do while I am cooking if I don't need the older kids help in the kitchen and setting the table is already finished
Dinner & Clean Up
Free Play/ Other Planned Events 
Evening Chores

So you see, the kids have chores throughout the day. They hardly ever complain about being bored. When they do have free time, it's often hard to pull them away from playing contently in their room. We don't hardly turn on the television unless we're having Home Fellow Ship (in which case they watch Jelly Telly or Educational Shows), or I have an extremely long doctors appointment (in which case they watch a French Movie called Little Pim, or Super Books which are Bible Stories)

The weeks we stick to this and I am not out of the house too often, the more obedient, respectful, cheerful and a blessing my kids are when we're out shopping, or they are in church class Sunday and Thursday. The weeks we're diligent in this, they are such a blessing!

Over the years, I have found certain things help make this run so much smoother and certain things put a HUGE halt in our day. Two of the biggest things are (1) My Waking up Early. (2) My planning ahead and foreseeing what's coming. So in order for us to be able to raise our children to be diligent and have character, WE  need to be diligent and have good character.


Just like how we are encouraged in Proverbs 31 on how to be a godly women, we read it and can take it two ways. (1) I'll never be like her... what's the point?!? or (2) What a woman! I want to be like that! How can I implement some of those things into my life?

I pray this post doesn't discourage you at all. I pray you're inspired to start slow and implement things in your family that work for you! Each family is called to different things and each family functions differently. I LOVE to surround myself with women who have had lots of kids and who have raised them to maturity and I love to hear all the things they did with their children and how they applied the scripture. I don't get "down" on myself, but I look at what I can improve on, then I pray about it, then I apply it. I don't NOT read Proverbs 31 because I fall so short it's not worth reading! I read it and work on one thing at a time. Over the years I see myself becoming more like that women that God desires me to be! I'm FAR from perfect, but I'm pressing toward perfection. 

Praise the Lord we're working progresses. 
Praise the Lord He is long-suffering.
Praise the Lord He has a plan for us each day.
Praise the Lord we live ONLY to please Him! 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas, New Year, New Adventures

One "tradition" we started was to make sugar cookies and frost them and bring them to all the events we went to to bless people. Well, I followed a new recipe this year for our cookie-making-extravaganza since I wanted to stay away from cookies that offered us absolutely nothing good for our bodies. We decided to do corn-free, mostly organic molasses cookies. However, the recipe I followed was for a large family so it made about 100 cookies, and I am so used to doubling every recipe, that I accidentally doubled it. Hence, 200 Christmas cookies and over 8 hours of mixing, kneading, cutting, baking and frosting. Mariah helped me with with the baking... and everyone else helped with the frosting.

Flour everywhere.. table, floor, hair, belly...
Alyssa, the kids, and Alex helped with the frosting. 
The twins, Ahavah and Alecia, frosting away.
Elias ate 6 cookies... instead of frosting any... haha!
Hayven was very meticulous about how she frosted and how many of each cut out she frosted.
Here's a glimpse of the amount of cookies we made!
After our cookie clean-up, we let the kids open the family board games we got and we stayed up until 12am playing Sorry and Connect Four. It was a BLAST! The girls were all out to corrupt Alex in the game Sorry. :)

Christmas Eve morning we headed to the Fisher's house to celebrate Zoe and Hayven's birthday as well as do a small Christmas with them. The kids ran around and played while we relaxed and ate great food.

After the Fisher's house, we picked up Alyssa and traveled to Masha's house and met Mariah and Lorn Ross there. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching football, eating food, playing music, and opening presents. 

Christmas Eve evening, Paublo from Fargo, ND came to spend the weekend. Him and Alyssa were up 'til 1am building his 5 foot tall Barbie house my mom bought them. We had a blast!

Christmas morning my dad, step-mom, two little brothers, Mariah, Lorn Ross, Alyssa, Paublo, Nick, and our family of 6 crammed into the house and had a HUGE Christmas Brunch Feast. We did gifts and hours of worship until late into the Afternoon. 

Me and all my siblings -1.

Christmas night we went to spend time with Alex's side of the family. There was GREAT food, music and dancing. We had a blast!

Elias dancing with his grandpa Charles. 

 My dad took Paublo and Alex out to a movie that night. The next morning He took them to his storage unit to empty out all the tools he brought with him form Detroit. After that, Paublo went to have lunch with my dad and step-mom and ask them if he could have permission to court Alyssa! Dad said YES!!! They started courting the day after Christmas. 

For New Years Eve the following weekend, Paublo came to spend the weekend with us again. We went to the Perez's house for a great night of food, fellowship, worship and prayer. We prayed from 11:45pm and into the New Year praying over our country, our church, and our families. It was the perfect New Year Event. 

We went sledding and thrift store shopping New Years Day and came home and I made a large pot of organic, home-made hot chocolate with corn-free marshmallows. 

My little brother was too lazy to walk up the hill himself, so my girls tried to pull him up :)

Alex heads back to school this coming Monday after his 3 week break. We spent it doing things as a family whether going to the YMCA, the Science Museum, shopping, or watching movies and playing games. 


A few exciting new things that the Lord is doing with us this year:

(1) I switched to a Birthing Center instead of going through a hospital for this baby. I knew right away this is where the Lord wanted me, but it was confirmed at the tour when they listed our "insurance" Samaritan Ministries as an insurance they're familiar with and accept. 

(2) My husband has been praying and asking the Lord to lead us to a Family Practice doctor that we can trust and that will listen to us and what we want as far as care for our family. He wanted to get ahead of this before our Health Care System got more hopeless then it is now and our rights start getting more and more stripped away. The nurse at my Birth Center suggested looking into New Kingdom's Pediatrics for the kids. Alex and I toured the place and discovered he offers whole family care. As he was explaining his vision and passions for his small, Christian practice, we knew this is exactly what we had been praying for.

(3) We believe the Lord is leading us to some recording studio to get my music professionally recorded. Someone offered to fund this for us and we have three or four options that we are praying over and waiting on the Lord's leading in. We are very cautious and want to make sure the Lord's leading us.

(4) Not such great news... but my husband cut his dreadlocks off that he's been growing since we got married :(. He needed to in order to find an HVAC job this summer. He wants to grow them back once he gets established and see's if he can keep them at the job the Lord leads him to. 

God is so GOOD! 
I am starting a new reading plan to read through the Bible again this year, as well as what we're going through on church Sundays and Thursdays
I want to spend more time praying and worshipping this year. 
I just want to fall more in love with my Jesus. 
I want my relationship with Him to be tighter this year then ever before. 
I want to be led by His Spirit more. 
I want to be walking in obedience and faith more. 

What are your goals this year?
Are they goals that will impact eternity?
Instead of "making ourselves better" or focusing om things we want to "fix" about our lives this year, let's just fall more in love with Jesus! He's all that matters.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Living With A Severe Food Allergy

I thought it would be appropriate to touch on living with a severe food allergy since it was a year ago this January I had several ER visits due to anaphlaxis to my corn allergy. I also was just recently in the ER due to severe migraines and couldn't receive a SINGLE medication (including saline) due to every medication including corn. Hopefully this post helps someone who's googling "living with severe food allergy".

It's been a whole year that my diet became WAY more simplified then I ever wanted it to be.
It's been a whole year that I've been battling with something that would typically isolate people, when we live a VERY social life.
It's been a whole year I've been having to explain to people, "It's not you, I just can't risk eating what you made. You understand, my throat could close. I can't risk that."
It's been a whole year and I have successfully eaten at 3 restaurants.

The list of corn ingredients are as follows:

  • Acetic acid
  • Alcohol 
  • Alpha tocopherol
  • Artificial flavorings 
  • Artificial sweeteners 
  • Ascorbates 
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Aspartame (Artificial sweetener)
  • Astaxanthin 
  • Baking powder 
  • Barley malt* (generally OK, but can be contaminated)
  • Bleached flour* 
  • Blended sugar (sugaridextrose) 
  • Brown sugar* (generally OK if no caramel color)
  • Calcium citrate 
  • Calcium fumarate 
  • Calcium gluconate 
  • Calcium lactate
  • Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)
  • Calcium stearate 
  • Calcium stearoyl lactylate 
  • Caramel and caramel color 
  • Carbonmethylcellulose sodium 
  • Cellulose microcrystalline
  • Cellulose, methyl
  • Cellulose, powdered
  • Cetearyl glucoside 
  • Choline chloride
  • Citric acid*
  • Citrus cloud emulsion (CCS) 
  • Coco glycerides (cocoglycerides) 
  • Confectioners sugar 
  • Corn alcohol, corn gluten 
  • Corn extract 
  • Corn flour 
  • Corn oil, corn oil margarine 
  • Corn starch 
  • Corn sweetener, corn sugar
  • Corn syrup, corn syrup solids
  • Corn, popcorn, cornmeal 
  • Cornstarch, cornflour 
  • Crosscarmellose sodium
  • Crystalline dextrose 
  • Crystalline fructose 
  • Cyclodextrin 
  • DATUM (a dough conditioner)
  • Decyl glucoside
  • Decyl polyglucose 
  • Dextrin 
  • Dextrose (also found in IV solutions) 
  • Dextrose anything (such as monohydrate or anhydrous) 
  • d-Gluconic acid 
  • Distilled white vinegar 
  • Drying agent
  • Erythorbic acid 
  • Erythritol 
  • Ethanol
  • Ethocel 20
  • Ethylcellulose 
  • Ethylene 
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Ethyl alcohol 
  • Ethyl lactate 
  • Ethyl maltol
  • Fibersol-2 
  • Flavorings* 
  • Food starch
  • Fructose* 
  • Fruit juice concentrate* 
  • Fumaric acid 
  • Germ/germ meal 
  • Gluconate 
  • Gluconic acid 
  • Glucono delta-lactone 
  • Gluconolactone 
  • Glucosamine 
  • Glucose* 
  • Glucose syrup* (also found in IV solutions) 
  • Glutamate 
  • Gluten 
  • Gluten feed/meal 
  • Glycerides 
  • Glycerin*
  • Glycerol
  • Golden syrup 
  • Grits
  • High fructose corn syrup 
  • Hominy 
  • Honey* 
  • Hydrolyzed corn 
  • Hydrolyzed corn protein 
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose 
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose pthalate (HPMCP)
  • Inositol 
  • Invert syrup or sugar 
  • Iodized salt 
  • Lactate 
  • Lactic acid* 
  • Lauryl glucoside 
  • Lecithin 
  • Linoleic acid
  • Lysine
  • Magnesium citrate 
  • Magnesium fumarate 
  • Magnesium stearate 
  • Maize 
  • Malic acid 
  • Malonic acid
  • Malt syrup from corn 
  • Malt, malt extract 
  • Maltitol
  • Maltodextrin 
  • Maltol 
  • Maltose 
  • Mannitol 
  • Methyl gluceth
  • Methyl glucose
  • Methyl glucoside
  • Methylcellulose 
  • Microcrystaline cellulose 
  • Modified cellulose gum
  • Modified corn starch 
  • Modified food starch 
  • Molasses* (corn syrup may be present; know your product) 
  • Mono- and di- glycerides 
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • MSG 
  • Natural flavorings* 
  • Olestra/Olean 
  • Polenta 
  • Polydextrose
  • Polylactic acid (PLA) 
  • Polysorbates* (e.g. Polysorbate 80)
  • Polyvinyl acetate
  • Potassium citrate 
  • Potassium fumarate 
  • Potassium gluconate 
  • Powdered sugar 
  • Pregelatinized starch 
  • Propionic acid 
  • Propylene glycol* 
  • Propylene glycol monostearate* 
  • Saccharin
  • Salt (iodized salt)
  • Semolina (unless from wheat) 
  • Simethicone 
  • Sodium carboxymethylcellulose
  • Sodium citrate 
  • Sodium erythorbate 
  • Sodium fumarate
  • Sodium lactate 
  • Sodium starch glycolate
  • Sodium stearoyl fumarate 
  • Sorbate 
  • Sorbic acid 
  • Sorbitan* (anything)
  • Sorbitol 
  • Sorghum* (not all is bad; the syrup and/or grain CAN be mixed with corn) 
  • Splenda (Artificial sweetener)
  • Starch (any kind that's not specified) 
  • Stearic acid
  • Stearoyls 
  • Sucralose (Artificial sweetener)
  • Sucrose 
  • Sugar* (not identified as cane or beet)
  • Threonine 
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E)
  • Treacle (aka golden syrup) 
  • Triethyl citrate
  • Unmodified starch 
  • Vanilla, natural flavoring
  • Vanilla, pure or extract 
  • Vanillin 
  • Vegetable anything that's not specific*
  • Vinegar, distilled white
  • Vinyl acetate
  • Vitamin C* and Vitamin E* 
  • Vitamins*
  • Xanthan gum 
  • Xylitol 
  • Yeast*
  • Zea mays 
  • Zein
I got this list from this source and it's what I live by now when I want to try something outside of rice, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and my few dairy items I can eat.

source - more information also

I don't think people realize how hard it is to have a corn allergy. I see some people who can't do gluten or can't do dairy and I sometimes wish I could trade with them! There are so many gluten free and dairy free options now a days! But there's very, VERY limited corn-free options. The other issue is that most people have no idea what  consists of having a corn allergy...

I challenge you for one day to not eat a single ingredient on this list. You'll find yourself eating a banana with your coffee (watch out for that creamer!). A salad (forget the dressing, processed meat, pre-shredded cheese which is laded with corn starch or cellulose) and bread (... looks like you have to make your own loaf... or eat Ezekiel Bread). Dinner? Potatoes? Rice? Meat? And what will you drink? Not any sodas or teas from any fountain beverage machines. Not even that organic coconut water that had "added vitamin C" to it's list of ingredients. Forget about most juices since they have citric acid or absorb acid... the list goes on and on.


My point here isn't to complain. When the Lord allowed this allergy to get to the extreemity (is that a word??!) it did, He clearly told me it was to "simpfliy" my life and to put away "distractions". This didn't make sense to me at the time since all I could think about at first was...

Okay, after church, if someone asks us out to eat, where can I pick up food for myself?
They asked us to their house... okay... do I walk them through every ingredient or do I bring my own food.
Oh there's a party/event?!? I better bring a salty and a sweet snack I can eat.
Going out of town for a weekend? I better find every health food store, every Chipotle, and make sure we at least have a fridge and microwave accessible...

That doesn't seem to simplify ANYTHING! I still don't fully get it, but I am starting to.

I don't wrestle over indulging in foods that I know aren't "good" for me, because I simply can't.
I don't rely on other people to provide for me, because they usually  don't know how to.
I used to agonize over what to buy for groceries and how to provide good quality food while not breaking the bank, now we can only eat produce, meats, and simple, pure foods.

I've learned how to make this EXTREMELY restricting diet NOT burdensome on other people, but somehow (at least I hope) a blessing since I am always brining food to events to share.

I have to admit though, being pregnant, I have literately shed tears over bags of Dill Pickle Chips while standing in the grocery isle. I have gotten so frustrated when nurses and doctors come in with loads of medicine and have the needle inches from my arm as I am explaining to them until my face is blue that I CANNOT receive anything they're planning on giving me. I've dreaded being asked out to eat, and I've cried over not being asked. I've wanted that toasted bagel with cream cheese SO BADLY that I've taken a bite and paid the consequences. I've trusted a friend who says, "this is corn free" without double checking (didn't want to be rude), and used a $300 Epipen as well as a $2,000 Emergency Room visit...

But, my encouragement is that life is not over. I try to keep my eyes on the good things about this:

(1) My chances of cancer are probably lowering since I don't eat hardly anything  that's processed at all.

(2) I love healthy eating and living, and now I get to do that without the option of not

(3) I've become so much more aware of what ingredients are in what food and how horrible out food system has become

(4) I am much more knowledgeable in many things of the medical field since I need to really research every vitamin, pain killer, supplement, or solution I receive in my body

(5) My children's diet has changed tremendously since they were born and I was younger in this journey

(6) I am able to help my sister (who recently has been reacting to corn products) as well as many others who have less severe food intolerances/allergies

(7) I get to share Jesus and my relationship with Him to people I wouldn't normally meet 

All in all, I would LOVE for God to heal me so i can have that Blue Cheese Hamburger and Cajun Tater Tots I've been craving for a year, but I am thankful that God's in control and He knows what is best for me. I trust Him and I'm walking through this, hopefully in a way that fully honors and reflects Him and His goodness :)

I hope this encourages you. I am going to look back on this post to be encouraged myself what I really want McDonalds Breakfast All Day... ;)