Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Reason to Complain

This is too hard!
I'm so exhausted!
I've been on my feet since I woke up!
I haven't slept in months!
There's just too much to do!
This house is ALWAYS messy!
I am always sick or in pain!

When I get in a funk of complaining, or being ungrateful this is literately what I do:

Lord, I know that You love me. I know that when I die I am going to heaven. I know I can do nothing for You. I have a wonderful husband, some pretty awesome kids, a roof over my head, food on the table, and clothes on my back. Thank You! Praise You Lord! You saved me from Hell and from my sins!

Then I read an article in "Voice of the Martyr's" Magazine. These people have their family killed in front of them. They get beat, persecuted, killed, tortured, austricized from their people... and why was I complaining? Oh yeah... because serving the Lord in this free country...without direct persecution... and with the empowering of the Holy Spirit is ... too... hard?

REALLY Cassie?!?!?

What about my Lord?!?! Jesus Christ! 
If anyone had a right to complain, I think it should have been him! Born in a manager, hated by people his whole life. Not any people. His own people. His family. His flesh and blood. His chosen people from the beginning. All he did was love them. All he did was pour himself out as an offering. LITERATELY! And aren't we to be like our Lord??

Well, only Jesus is perfect... we can't really be like that...

Are you serious?!?? 
Do you believe the scriptures?? 
Do you REALLY believe the Holy Spirit fills you, speaks to you, empowers you? 
Do you hear God's voice in every thing you do? 
Are you not His?? 
Don't you know it says that we should not be surprised when trials come, but rather rejoice in them?!?! 
What, you can't take that literately!??!

How dare you insult the God of the universe and say that "it can't be done!" 
Where is your fear of Him? 
Your awe of Him? 
Your love for Him? 
His love for you?!?

This is all conversation I have with myself when I feel like complaining. 

So then I replace:

This is too hard! --> I believe God's word when it says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

I'm so exhausted! --> What a great opportunity to walk in the Spirit today and not the flesh by pressing on even when I'm exhausted. What an example to my children! What a blessing I get to serve my God who gave me everything.

I've been on my feet since I woke up! --> Praise the Lord for another day I am able to pour myself out as an offering on those around me! Fill me back up Lord! 

I haven't slept in months! --> My sweet little babies that need me through the night. I remember how many times I have cried out to You in the night, my God, and You answered me! I love that about You!

There's just too much to do! --> You don't need me. I get to partake in this awesome adventure You laid out for me from the beginnings of creation! That's so awesome! 

This house is ALWAYS messy! --> But filled with joy, love, peace, and Your Spirit and comfort. Thank You Lord! 

I am always sick of in pain! --> Oh I know there are those who are far worse off then me and can't get the medical attention they need. Lord, be with them! Heal them! Show them Your strong hand!

Forgive me, O God! I deserve nothing, but Your wrath, yet You have given me more then I could ever repay! Forgive me for ever complaining. Fill me with Your Spirit and help me walk with You.I DO believe Your Word. I need You, Oh, I need You! Every hour I need You. 

P.S. Please come get us soon... ;)

Note to self: read when feel like complaining.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Deputie's Are Home Owners!

So we took interest in our 5th or 6th house, placed a bid, and got the house!
We had the inspection yesterday. 
Now we are just waiting to hear back from the sellers if they will fix a few things before we move in!

Here is the front of our house.

Our porch in the front of the house.

SOOOOO exciting! 

My sisters came with on the momentous occasion so they could see the house and help with the kiddos while Alex and I listened to the inspector. 

This is the Master Bedroom. It's REALLY big! There are three windows along this wall and you can only see two in the picture.

We close on April 28th and get our keys that day. We are planning and starting to move then, just small things. I plan on cleaning and such. Then the second week of May we want to be all moved in so we can start cleaning our old apartment. 

This is the room where the kids will sleep. On the right side of this room is the "sitting room" which is essentially another bedroom. 

So about our house:
It's a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom with a HUGE living room, dining room, kitchen, and a small "sitting room" upstairs, which we will use as a 4th bedroom. There are then 3 bedrooms upstairs and one on the main level. The house is 1,700 sq feet. It has all new flooring, top-of-the line plumbing, but we aren't sure how we are going to get a washer and dryer in the house yet. We are waiting to hear back from the sellers about that. 

This is the living room.
The girls are VERY excited! They really wanted a pink room, but all the kids are going to sleep in the same room and I don't think Eli would appreciate the pink walls... hahaha. 

So more to come, with lots of pictures, and lots of stories I'm sure! (I can't find any pictures of the dining room at the moment, but that will come.)

*I am realizing how empty this place is going to seem once we move in. We have NO washer or dryer, NO kitchen table, one couch, and really not a whole lot of belongings considering we have always lived in apartments.*

Here is the kitchen. 

As for me, time to purge, pack, clean, and organize! I LOVE MOVING!!! :) :) :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Raising A "Listen to ME!"

Children. Need. Attention. 

They need your love
They need your applause.
They need your laughter.
They need you to look into their eyes and tell them the wonders you see.
They need you to hold their hand and walk s.l.o.w.l.y. taking in the sunshine, picking the flowers on the side of the path. 
They need you to conversate with them.

They also need to know that they don't always come before everyone else. 

The Bible is very clear about putting other before yourself and esteeming others more then yourselves. If you train your child to think that they can interrupt your conversations with other people whenever they need something (and you are training your child by what you don't allow them to do just as much as what you allow them to get away with!), you are training them to think that they are more important then everyone around them.

This can come in many different scenarios:

(1) When I am talking to a sibling of theirs and they butt into the conversation bringing the light on a different subject.

(2) When I am talking to another adult and they butt in to tell me something.

(3) When I am on the phone and a child starts trying to talk to me know that I am on the phone. 

Here is how we deal with a "Listen to Me" child:

(A) Explain why it's inappropriate to interrupt other's conversations and how they are putting themselves before everyone else.

(B) Explain how they can politely interrupt without interjecting in a conversation (placing their hand on your leg or shoulder until you are able to address them). Also explain that emergencies are an ACCEPTABLE reason to interrupt a conversation!

(C) Use every scenario as an opportunity to train your child how to apply the above. When at church talking with other people, when at home addressing a sibling, when you are conversing with your husband at home, and when you are on the phone with the doctor. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Titus 2 Tricks: Bathroom

I was reading a blog and the title of some of her posts are called "Home Making Hacks". Brilliant!! She gives thrifty, crafty ideas for homemaking. She focuses on decoration (which I am NOT gifted in whatsoever!). So as much as I REALLY want to steal her name, "Home Making Hacks"... I won't. 

So this is my Titus 2 Tricks. Encouraging busy moms to continue to keep their home a safe haven and relaxing environment.

Cheesy??! Oh Yeah! ;)

So My Bathroom Routine. 

This is my husbands #1 place in the house that he wants clean and tidy. Here are some things I do to bless him in this area. The bathroom is where we clean ourselves physically so why not spiritually? Why not let your bathroom, no matter how small, be a little retreat center where the world can fade away, the sound of the ceiling fan can drown out the screaming kids, and you can meet with your God?!?

Here's how I do it:

(A) My Cleaning Routine involves a deep clean of the bathroom every Wednesday and then a quick clean every Saturday. Also, I keep cleaning supplies always ready and on hand. So when I need to bathe a child... or four... I can spray and wipe (don't worry all my cleaners are homemade and safe to spray around kids. Probably safe to swallow too... but don't try it...

I have homemade glass cleaner, homemade disinfecting bathroom cleaner, & paper towels.

(B) Air Freshener that doesn't trade smelly air for cancer is a MUST! This fancy little glass bottle is filled with sweet citric essential oils, some water, and alcohol and kept right by the toilet. Once the bathroom is spic and span, I spray for a fresh touch on the bathroom. Also, in case us ladies need to go "weely bad" once daddy is done, we can spray and sit. 

We like orange or lemon as our bathroom air freshener.

 (C) Shower Scrubber is the BEST thing I have ever found on Pinterest. I fill it with about 1/2 all-natural dish soap and 1/2 white vinegar with a few drops of essential oil. Every time I shower, I scrub the shower down from top to bottom. Every time I give the kids a bath, I scrub the tub. Simply. Easy. Peasy. Great for busy moms like us!

Seriously FaNtAsTiC!

(D) My husband's only used most used "trick" is my $2.99 Bathroom Book Wrack. I have a Bible, My Utmost for His Highest, Morning & Evening, Power of a Praying Husband, and several "Far Reaching Ministry" news letters which is a ministry we proudly support. I also keep serval pens and page tabs. My husband like to spend his quiet/alone time here every morning before work as well as when he gets home after work. 

(E) The "Second Bathroom" is a MUST with 6 people in our little apartment. Hayven is just like her father. She goes #2 more then 3 times a day! This is her little bathroom. I switch the books around for her randomly. She has no toilet paper next to her potty because she needs to call for me to wipe her still... trust me... she does...

(F) Bath Toys can be a problem for some parents... maybe because they have too many? I bought this recycle basket for $3.99 and fastened it with a screw to the wall above my shower. My husband made some holes on the bottom so water can drain out the bottom. I LOVE IT! 

(G) Prayer: I wrote a list of prayer points with a dry erase marker on the wall of the shower to remind my husband and I what to pray for while in the shower. Our marriage, family, children, pastor, ministries, ect.

(H) Hangers?? You may ask... yes... sometimes I have some things from the wash I would rather hang dry. Also it makes your bathroom smell so wonderful! Like clean linen!! YUMM!!

I have a few organizational tips:
(1) All hair stuff in one bin
(2) All my make-up in another bin/basket
(3) Toothpaste/soap and brushes in another bin
(4) A basket for mommy's spa time - candles, epson salt, bath masks ect.
(5) GET RID of things that you never use! The less you have, the less stress you have :)

So there you have it! 

It takes me a total of 15-20 minutes tops to clean my bathroom. Since I spend a few minutes throughout the week here and there. The biggest chore is sweeping and quick spray-mopping the floor with my homemade floor cleaner. But that takes only a few minutes really. 

Your kids can help participate in bathroom cleaning too! Teach them to put their bath toys away, their tooth brushes away, empty and replace the garbage, shake out the rugs and roll them up, fold towels, place dirty towels in the hamper ect. The MORE YOU TEACH THEM the LESS YOU HAVE TO DO!!!! YAY!!! And they become hard-working, responsible kids from a young age. WIN-WIN BABY!

Hope You're Inspired!! 
Bring Joy To Your Home. 
Make the Best of What You Already Have!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Least Favorite Part of Babies

It's official... I'm pretty sure this is the first time I would have complained on this blog. I LOVE wifehood, motherhood, and home-making... however...

Can you guess what part I HATE the most about babies??

Diapers, you ask? Negative.
Spit up, you say? Nope.
Sleepless nights, perhaps? Wrong Again!
It's got to be all the laundry? False.

I. Hate. Spoon. Feeding.


I don't really know... 

Maybe it's the way their little hands manage to ALWAYS grab the spoon full of food and smear it e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e...

Maybe it's the way they have to sneeze right as your bringing a spoon up to their mouth resulting in a shower of applesauce all over your face and arm...

Maybe it's the way they sit in their high chair and scream in between bites because they can't suck down food they way they do breast milk.

Maybe it's the face they need to be spoon fed every single bite 2-3 times a day.

I think it's the last one...


I try to make it more fun for myself with these sweet tricks and tips:

 (1) Baby Brezza: This AMAZING INVENTION I used with every one of my kids. It's called the Baby Brezza. I simply cut up an extra apple and carrot at lunch time, throw it in here with some water and in about 20 minutes... BAM! Apple Carrot sauce! It's great!

(2) Baby Food Cook-A-Thon: When you have the "urge" to make baby food... go big and freeze! Put a bag of whole carrots, or a bag of sweet potatoes, or a bag of apples, or a bag of ripe pears (you get the picture), in the crock pot with a little water and let it sit for a few hours. Once cooked, food processes those babies and put them in ice cube trays. Then, once frozen, move into zip lock bags and... again... BAM! You have tons of fresh food already made! Take a few squares of this, a few of that, and you have meals for a few weeks. 

(3) Occupy the Hands: If you have an extra grabby child who likes to snatch the spoon out of your hand you can do a few things depending on your style of parenting, and the type of child. (A) You can teach the child not to touch the spoon by saying "No" and tapping his/her hand so they understand "No" is a bad thing, and you mean it! Yes this works even at a really early age. Kids can be taught "No" as early as 6 months I have experienced. (B) Allow the child to hold your hand (not the spoon) while you guide the spoon into his/her mouth. (C) Allow the child to hold a rag or small toy or bottle on his lap while you are feeding him. (D) Get covered from head to toe in baby food... oh the baby will too!

 (4) Occupy the Hungry: When I place Eli in his chair, I usually put Cherries or rice husks out for him to nibble on while I am preparing his bib, drink, food ect. Also, when the kids spill water, need to be disciplined, or need more food, I can escape the table and my little man won't be screaming at me for food. 

(5) Mostly, like everything, enjoy. I am sure there WILL be a day when I will miss even the spoon feeding. I mean look at that little messy face!! :) <3 nbsp="">

Here is another post about baby food.

Raising a "Aren't I Pretty??!?!?"

Pride is probably the root of most sin if not all sin. 
We think we're something. 
We think we're skilled.
We think we're funny.
We think we're pretty.
We think we're holy.
We think we're better then the next person.
Or we may think we're not that great and deserve to be pitted... which is still pride.

It took me a while to understand how thinking these things is prideful. 
Then I was trying to explain to my little, beautiful, smart, funny, decently-mannered daughter that while I am telling her sister how beautiful she looks,  when she buts in and says, 
"Aren't I Pretty Mom!?!?" thats, well... rude...

"Why is it rude mom?"

**Blank stare** 
"Well... um... it just is? Here, let me look it up in the Bible and I'll get back to you."

That night I searched the scriptures and found Proverbs 27:2 "Let another man praise you and not your own mouth, a stranger and not your own lips." The following day we had a Bible study and talked about this verse, how to apply it, as well as wrote it out and colored it. We memorized it and any time we noticed each other praising ourselves, we would loving remind each other, "Remember Proverbs 27:2!!"

Now, being a mom and seeking wisdom from the Lord (and I NEED to seek Him; I seem to have the gift of LACK of wisdom and discernment...). God gave me a beautifully grotesque picture of what praising ourselves looks like. You see, I am a worship leader and worship is very dear to my heart. One day I was having a conversation with someone and twisted my story in such a way that made me come out looking better then I really am (oh come on, we all do it!). Following this was praise from that person. The Lord then showed me that I was receiving worship... HIS worship!

"NO LORD!!! This is horrible! Me taking YOUR worship?!?! Oh my God! forgive me! Only You are worthy of worship!"

So I sat down with my my little, beautiful, smart, funny, decently-mannered daughters and explained to them that it's fine to try to look pretty for daddy or for their husbands they are going to have one day, it's fine to be great at certain things and to enhance your skills and knowledge, it's great to be well behaved, and all these things; BUT who made you beautiful? Who made you smart? Who made you gifted? Who taught you to be well-behaved? Was it not the Lord? Well, then, who should we make sure to praise and give the glory and worship to when people praise us? 


God deserves the worship. Not us. 

So that is how I am currently dealing with the "Aren't I Pretty?!?" child...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The House Hunt

We have been hunting for a house to move into for a while now. 
It's been... and interesting and unique journey thus far.

I write this post (and all my posts) for a 3-fold reason. 
(1) For my children to be able to look back on a glean wisdom (or at least some laughs) from.
(2) To keep my horrible, damaged memory from forgetting things I want to remember.
(3) To encourage anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog to live their lives falling in love with Jesus and their eyes on what really matters.

We have fell in love with 3 different houses now and had each one torn away from us for one reason or another. And now, there is literately NOTHING on the market that fits the criteria we are looking for in a house. AND (I am not even joking) every house we have looked at, even if it's been on the market for months and months, sells right after we look at it or inquire about it. 

But there are some things I have learned through all this:

(1) Perspective: Man this changes everything! It changes how we view things, how we feel about things, and how we react to things. Let me explain.

We know that:
(1) God is in control 
(2) We believe God wants us back into Saint Paul 
(3) We want a house that will make our monthly living expenses less 
(4) We want a house that is large enough to expand our family as well as open us up for ministry opportunities such as hosting meetings/having people stay with us.

Because of this, we aren't swayed to buy something out of our price range, or out of our desired area to live in. We also aren't disappointed when 3 houses that we loved got taken right from under us. We know that God has something better for us even if we don't see how much more perfect it can get then the last 3 homes we made offers on.

Main lesson: If you know what God has spoken to your heart, you can hold onto that and avoid disappointment, frustrations, or any amount of persuasion/fleshly desires that entice you to go for something you actually don't want.

(2) A Thing, is just that, A Thing: Whether it's a house, a car, a piece of clothing, or a coffee mug, it's all just material possessions. Yes I realize a house is a bigger investment and holds more "weight" then the other possessions, but... does it really? 

Is it not God who gives and takes away?
Don't all material possessions truly belong to Him?
Isn't it all here one moment and could be gone the next?
Is it REALLY THAT important???
When we get to heaven, are we really going to be talking about the house we lived in?
Compare this to people in other countries/situations. People are getting killed, persecuted, starving ect. 

Main lesson:I believe value is in the eyes of the person who possess something. We can put great stock into our material possessions and I promise, we will be greatly disappointed and lacking if we do. Or we can put our stock (emotions, joy, hope) into things  that we will actually be talking about for eternity.

(3) Patience is something I am NOT good at!!!

Oh man! I am not so good at patience. I am a go-getter, seriously! I see what I want, and do whatever it takes to get it. This is great when I am faced with something I need to get done. I get it done, efficiently and effectively. However, when it comes to this whole house thing, It's been really hard for me to wait on other people. 

I need to wait on my husband to talk to the realtor. 
I need to wait for the realtor to schedule the showing. 
I need to wait for the showing to roll around.
I need to wait for my husband to decide if he wants to put in an offer.
I need to wait to hear back if our offer was accepted.
THEN... I get to do it all over again because our offer was out-bided/ we don't qualify for whatever reason.

Main lesson: Practice patience and embrace it! It's so vital in our walks with the Lord. We NEED to learn to wait on Him, to move when He moves, to stay when He stays. Also in our marriages. To wait on our husbands and by doing so encouraging them as leaders and as men. 

(4) Contentment: I am content. This is something God has worked in me so beautifully. I am fine staying in this apartment as long as God wants us here. I was content in a one-bedroom home, expecting my 4th child while living with another person. And I will be content in whatever home the Lord gives us. Why?? I don't live for myself, my comfort, my preferences. I keep my eyes on what's most important and I can therefore be thankful and keep focused and keep my flesh in check.

Main lesson: This is a choice. This takes practice. This takes perspective.

All in all I am pressing on. I am still continuing in life. Still discipling my young ones. Still homeschooling. Still pressing on in the ministry that the Lord has called me to. Not letting my circumstances hinder me from doing what God has called me to.

Excited to share with you all what the Lord ends up doing in this whole situation. Praying our realtor comes to know Christ. And our loan officer. Can't wait to share all the stories and details of what the Lord has done/is doing through all this... but not yet... not until it's time :)