Friday, January 13, 2017

Exciting News!

No, I'm not pregnant...

Yet... ;)

This post is to tell you that my sisters and I have joined forces in fighting problems like world hunger!!! That's right we're taking it head on!!!

Just kidding again...


I've been homeschooling squirrel-brained 3-year-old all day...
(can you tell?!?)

No but for real, 
we have started a business together called Ancient Medicine Cabinet!

Basically it's an etsy shop that sells all the remedies and recipes I've given you over the years on my blog as well as a number of Young Living Essential Oil products. 






The whole medicine cabinet!

From fever and flu to sore muscles and chapped lips, we plan to sell it all in our new store!

Now bear with us as we make the switch from Mariah's old store to our new one. We're still working on logos, labels, pictures, and all the paper products that go along with a small business including filing for an LLC! Yay!

I am very excited since now my posts about how we use my at-home remedies can be followed up with a discount coupon code so that YOU can purchase that exact same remedy right from our online store! 

Pretty Darn Cool!

Our current new product is a Menthol and Magnesium Cream.
I have been crafting this recipe for the last couple months doing loads of research and practicing to make it into just what I wanted it to be. And I am BEYOND PLEASED with the results!

Basically it's an Olive Oil and Coconut oil based cream with Beeswax (like a simple salve), but it's whipped so it has an amazing creamy texture that just moisturizes your skin like crazy! I then wanted something that had the miracle powers of epsom salt as well as the cooling sensation of menthol. So... naturally I added both those components into this cream and topped it off with Young Living's finest! We have some Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Rosemary essential oils as well as Camphor Oil (which is not Young Living because, sadly, they don't offer this oil, but this oil in phenomenal for pain!)

So you get a 4oz container of this amazing oil for $28! BUT, since you are my faithful readers, "I give you a special deal" (as they say in the Middle East - yes, I have been there and actually know what I'm talking about).

You can receive 10% off your entire order (which already has free shipping) until the end of the month by typing in this code when you check out: NoGreaterJoy10 

PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS and try this new cream! 

I really want to know what you think and hope you enjoy it!!

Coming to our store will be a Fever and Flu Tincture (which is awesome for colds too, I'll be doing a whole post about this tincture once it's finished), as well as an Echinacea and Elder Tincture. Soon I will be starting a batch of Garlic Tincture which is brilliant for just about anything you would need antibiotics for!

We already have several roll-ons and sprays available that will keep their same recipe, just change packaging here soon.

I am so excited about this and ask you to visit our new store

Natural medicines is something I have ALWAYS been passionate about and I am excited to share my home based products with the people I know and love!


What are you waiting for?!?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Review

Is homeschooling too expensive?
Are you not able to afford all the required core classes, not to mention electives?
I'm talking financially afford or afford to give the time required to homeschool?
Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the "curriculum in a box" options?
Are you, perhaps, just starting your homeschool adventure and are looking to a tool to get your feet wet?
I am a HUGE advocate for home educating (whatever the reason) and I am excited to introduce you to a tool that may just be your NEW BEST FRIEND if you answered YES to any of the above questions.

INTRODUCING:! I got the privilege of reviewing Yearly MembershipYAY!

So here's how it works in a nutshell: you pay your dues for your membership and a whole WORLD of resources immediately become available to you! I'm talking every grade, every subject, videos, print outs, even online support! And all you need is internet, a computer, and a printer!

You simply punch in your username and password.

Then you can browse through most your resources in three simple methods:

(1) Browse by Grade
(2) Browse by subject
(3) Search bar on top

I'm going to walk you through how we (The Deputie Family) tried each of these methods and how we used what was available! 

Buckle Up!! :)

(1) Browse by Grade

As you can see above, it's very simple. Place cursor on "Browse by Grade" and Select your grade. For example, I selected 1st grade:

Then you select what class you would like. I selected "Art":

There are plenty of options for each subject. I selected "All About Art":

You are then directed to the course page where you can read about the length of the course, what it includes, and what grades or ages it is geared toward. You can also read a short (or long) description of the course and a bit about the author. 

Then you click, "Go To Class":

Download your curriculum! In this case it only two documents to download. Other classes (such as a history course) could have as many as 40 + downloadable lessons!!

We chose to go through this simple All About Art course over our 2-week Christmas Break!! Here's some photos!!

We learned about the color wheel

Here we are learning about Still Life.

We also did abstract art, landscapes, and profiles! 

I found is a great supplemental way to use this website to "fill in the gaps" in your homeschool. You can create fun mini courses!!

(2) Browse by Subject

The second way to navigate through is by browsing by subject:

 I browsed through the music curriculum available and selected a course called "Music Theory I & II". Since my oldest two girls just started piano lessons, I thought this would be a fun mini course to go through to come along side them.

The subjects available include more then you could even come up with! For instances, "sixth grade" includes: 
Foreign Languages
Language Arts
Social Studies
Unit Studies. 

*GASP FOR BREATH* It's a LOT isn't it?! Well...

EACH of these subjects includes several options. For instance, "sixth grade" Language Arts includes: 
Creating Dynamic Characters
Daily Grammar
Ditch the Desk
Into the Elements
Literature Kits
Sparking the Noggin
Creative Storytelling
Daily Puzzlers
Essay Writing 101
Lap booking
Opening the Door to Poetry
Schoolhouse Spelling
Creative Writing
Daily Writing 
Everyday Copyworb
Paint with Your Words


When you click on the course you want, you can see the length of the course, what it includes and what age/grade it is recommended for. You can read about How to Use This Course, the Course Introduction as well as other information. Then you simply click "Go To Class Lessons" and VOILA!

Access to full curriculum. Click. Print. Do!

This is another great way you can use; it can be used as a FULL CURRICULUM and offers entire years worth of courses! Every course you could ever want, more then you ever would have wanted, and more then you could ever use!

(3) Browse with the search bar

The third way to navigate through is by using the search bar. 

We just read about "George Washington" in our very regular and consistent history study of Early American History very erratic and relaxed study through Early American History. The kids wanted to learn as much as they could about George Washington. They found him so interesting! So I searched "George Washington" to see what came up on

The options were awesome! We could have created a whole unit study JUST from resources available with the click of a botton! 

There was an Early American History full curriculum for several different ages and grade levels, even a preschool "ABC With Me" curriculum that had a section (the letter G) for George Washington! We could switch things up for a month and study George Washington at each child's level without having to get loads of books and special curriculum.


Hundreds... DID YOU READ THAT?!? HUNDREDS of education media (maybe a thousand... I didn't exactly count...)  From preschool to pre-college students. They have "famous" (at least famous to most Christian homeschooling families) titles such as "Aardvark to Zucchini", "Carlos the Caterpillar",  "They Lived for God", "Drive Through History", "History of Christianity", "Apologetics: Creation vs. Evelution" and SO MANY MORE!

We watched some historical movies about George Washington and the kids wrote down what they learned after browsing. Alex and I even watched some of the martyr documentaries and we have future date plans to work through the Apologetics video curriculum... who said you can only use this stuff with your kids??!!?

Please ignore the unbrushed hair...

This is a third way you can use! You can use it to supplement the current curriculum you and your family are going through! Struggling with fractions? Print some other teaching resources and try teaching it in a new way! Want to know more about plants? Watch some videos or create a unit study and work through some science courses available!

There are also a few special things this site offers including a whole section available for homeschooling special needs children (which I have a special needs sibling with Downs Syndrome so I thought this was very cool) as well as some resources to encourage parents. These titles for parents include "It Starts At Home", "Making a Marriage Work", "Parenting: The Early Years", and "Parenting: Your Teenager" as some examples. These include video and audio resources!


So to wrap all this up, I believe is PERFECT for getting your feet wet in the whole "homeschooling" thing. I also find it as a priceless, and unbelievable tool to "fill in the gaps" that we all face as we increase our education in any area (whether homeschooled or not).

Three ways I have explored and shared with you as options to using include:

(1) Supplemental in "filling in the gaps" by creating mini courses for a fun and educational break from the normal day to day grind

(2) As a FULL preschool through high school curriculum with every subject you can imagine all available at your finger tips

(3) As a supplement to enhance what you are already using.

Homeschooling doesn't need to be expensive.
It dines't need to be complicated.
And you don't need to do it alone.

I think is a great place to start (and maybe stay), a great place to enhance, or a great resource to use as a primary source of schooling. I recommended this to a family member who is getting their feet wet in homeschooling and loves the ideas of a small monthly fee that can be paid to access unlimited curriculum.

So how much does it cost??
Well they are currently doing some promotions so here is the info on that:

Hope you check it out!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Why We Take a 2-WEEK Holiday Break

Why do we take two weeks off?

I ask myself this question every year. I remember we needed it in the previous years, but I never remember why...

Then today rolls around and I remember... unfortunately

I really wish I had taken pictures. 

I mean this house is so ... SO disastrous... 

The piles of laundry are unreal. 

The piles of toys and scraps of garbage are like little armies invading and taking over! Call the marines! Flag down the SWAT team! I'm being ambushed!!! Minnie Mouse, Barbies, Dino Trux and Little People! Who knew they were American homes real enemies?!?

The cookie crumbs, the left over food all uncovered (of course) in the fridge dripping down onto the kitchen floor, the loads of new gifts that don't yet have a home in our home (and probably never will considering how many people have belongings in our house), and then the Christmas decorations I once loved a month ago, I now realize just add to the madness! Why on earth did I want money to go to Hobby Lobby to buy more?!

Pee in A Cup
And to put a cherry on the wonderful sundae of post-Christmas chaos, my son decides to fill a cup with his own urine and pour it into his new dump truck. He managed to get his pee back into the cup (because boys have this incredible skill at being extremely destructive) and open his toy drawer (you know, the one I JUST finished organizing) and dump his pee all. over. his toys...

In an angry rage, I bagged up ALL his toys and threw them outside. I am not sure if I am going to just throw them away or keep them for a week or two...


What in the WORLD were you THINKING?!? 


And now I sit in my chair, my baby screaming from his pack-in-play since he wants to be held and *God forbid* I put him down, with my microphone hooked up to my lap top. I just need to spend some time worshipping and recording some music. 

Then maybe I'll hit the chaos again with a better perspective. 

God help me...
He was told to clean his room so he hid everything behind the door so "Daddy Couldn't See It"

Spider Webs
So the boy (Elias) has no toys right...?
So what does he do the next day?

He finds constructive things to do like build something out of blocks like those normal little boys that go to day cares and preschools.


He goes into my sewing bin and takes out my 50 spools of string that were given to me (THANKS KAYLYN!) and decides to make a "spider web" all over the project room upstairs. Of course some of the girls Barbies and such are getting trapped and viciously eaten by spiders (it's an art...)...

Mind you, I am still trying to find new homes for the many small toys and stickers and magnets the kids got while catching up in laundry and trying to figure our exactly what leftovers we'll actually eat and which ones we won't. I'm not getting very far since I am also policing full-time.

PlayDough Has It's Many Uses
One night this week I tucked Elias into bed. We were just getting over a cold and he comes down and says, "My nose is stuffed! I can't breathe". 

"Oh come here son, I'll rub some of my Respiratory Salve on you and give you this tincture and that syrup..."

"No, I put play dough up there!"

Alex was washing the dishes. He stopped. He smiled. He grabbed his flashlight. He thought this was rather entertaining. He was even snapping pictures with his phone. 

Alex is trying to pin him down and hold him still while I come down on him with a flash light and sharp tweezers. The kicking and screaming. The tweezers failed miserably. Next up was the nose sucker. You know that one they send you home with from the hospital when the baby's born that you use ... never...Unless of course your 3-year old son sticks play dough up his nose... I wonder if that nurse who gave me this sucker looked on me with pity and thought:

"This woman gave birth to a man-child... poor thing! She'll need one of these."

Why Do I Even Try?
So then came the return to school. We had one more family night together. We decided to snuggle up and watch God's Not Dead 2. I successfully braided each girls hair in nice tight, beautiful looking braids. I wrapped their heads in scarves and sent them to bed.

The next morning they returned the scarves and their hair still looked flawless. 

*Insert Big Proud Mama Smile Here!*

Great! I won't have to do their hair for the week so I can catch up on school and that housework I never got around to!

Yeah, that lasted a whole 20 hours! That night, they decided to put these little plastic balls that have grippy spikes on them (similar to a burr) ...


Of Course That's What You Do When Mom Spent 2 HOURS Braiding Our Hair!
Cover It In BURRS!!!
Come on Mom!


Needlessay, we need our two week break. We got to squeeze in a Science Museum Visit, a few more nights snuggling up reading Little House on the Prairie and even have a mini nerf gun war (which helps me relieve a little built up tension... not that I went after one child more then the others...) ;)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Strange Gifts

Please tell me if you received gifts from your family members as strange as I did:

A Mug with my brother-in-law's brother's face... Let's just say his brother and I don't get along. So he got me a mug with his face on it. It's my "Doug Mug"

A life size cut out of my sister who lives in Fargo so I can take her with me everywhere I go. 

A mug with a verse on it that indicates I am a "strong ass crouching between two burdens" and on the opposite side is a picture is me between my two sisters (aka my two burdens).

Did you get any ... interesting... gifts???

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!