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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Deputie Passover

Our Passover (this was our first) was a bit unkosher, but we'll refine it over the years to be a little more... kosher...

The MAIN thing is the teaching and symbolism of Yeshua the Messiah that we get excited about!

I've heard about what the woman of the house goes for in preparation for Passover, and it can get a bit CRAZY with all the prep. But we took it easy and had a small crowd and only celebrated one night. 

We played a game with the kids to get rid of all the Hametz (leaven - a type of sin) in our home by hiding pieces of my sourdough bread. The kids went and searched for it (like how kids look for Easter Eggs, but much different). Once they found some hametz, they needed Alex (the Father) to remove it. This was a beautiful picture of how only the Father can eliminate sin from our lives.

The whole Sedar was packed-full of these types of symbolisms and teachings. We read through a Messianic Haggadah, but we want to type up and create our own Deputie Family Haggadah for next year! Alex did all the studying and is very excited to make this holiday our own family tradition. 

We listened to traditional songs and danced and had a great time! We're excited to celebrate Passover next year as well as include the Feast of Unleavened Bread and follow it up with something special for the Feast of First Fruits, both of which we didn't celebrate this year.

Enjoy some Photos :)

Our version of placing the blood of the lamb on our doorpost.

My delicious roast :)

Lamb shanks that marinated for a few days... mmmm

Matzo Balls!

Strawberry Rhubarb with meringue on top

Someone liked the carbonated juice a little

Ceremonial Handwashing

Alex going through the Haggadah

Bitter Herbs! Horseradish!!

That'll make tears flow for sure! :)

Leaning to the Left... well most of us were ;)

Happy Passover!!
Remember the sacrifice Yeshua made for our sins!
The sinless Lamb who laid down His life so that we might be saved!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Princess Cut Movie Review

The Deputie family has been enjoying the movie the Princess Cut this last month which was put out by Watchman Pictures. We've watched it several times and fall more an more in love with the movie every time we watch it. We've watched it with family and friends and everyone agrees, Princess Cut is a wholesome, entertaining, tear-jerking, and encouraging film appropriate for the whole family. 

Grace, a 20-year-old girl who lives on a soy farm with her parents and two brothers, has always dreamed of marriage, a princess cut ring on her finger, and a life happily ever after. However, she's continually tried to make this dream come true by her own efforts and with the wrong type of guys. She keeps her parents separate from her dating life and also has a rocky relationship with her brothers.

Grace is wooed by a young man named Jared at a coffee house. He has all the right words and makes her feel "loved", beautiful and special. She goes out alone with Jared one day and he steals a kiss from her as well as tries to push things too far physically with her. She feels guilty and uncomfortable with this and reaches out to her best friend and a therapist who both give her terrible counsel that what she's experiencing is normal and she should continue to compromise her purity to progress toward marriage. This counsel doesn't sit right with Grace. 

When Grace comes to her parents and confesses what's been going on with her relationship with Jared, they forgive her and things begin to change in Grace's life. Her dad apologizes for not stepping up and leading his family in this area before and hands her a package of soy bean seeds that have little slips of paper with words of character written on them. He asks her to trust him and her mother in helping her find a husband. He explains this time being single is a precious time where she can plant seeds to prepare for marriage and focus on her relationship with her family, namely her little brother, and the Lord. He encourages her to wait for the Lord to bring a husband to her.

As Grace begins to focus on her relationship with the Lord and with her family, Clint, a neighbor boy who recently moved into the house near Grace's, sits both of her parents down and asks if he can begin a relationship with their daughter to "explore the possibility of marriage". After receiving her father's approval, Clint proceeds to ask for Grace's approval in the beginning of a relationship with marriage as the end goal. Clint explains he wants to treat her with honor and respect so even if they end up not getting married they can remain friends.

They spend time together with Grace's family doing tasks around the farm, cooking together in the kitchen, playing board games together and going mini golfing. You rarely see them alone and never see them uncomfortable or in any compromising situations which is in complete contrast to Grace's prior relationships.

During their relationship, they face a number of trials (which I won't spoil for you :) ) that create opportunities for them to deal with many character building scenarios under the protection of her parents, building an open, honest, strong foundation of trust, loyalty, and sense of unity in their partnership.

The kids, Alex and I, first watched this movie with Uncle Doug (my brother-in-law) and our current room mate. We had so many discussions during this movie with each other and with the kids that we needed to keep pausing the movie or rewinding it to re-listen to things that were said or done. We talked about a dad's covering and protection for his daughter, how Jared approached Grace vs how Clint approached her, and how Clint built a relationship with Grace's dad before he did with Grace and ran many things by her dad before ever bringing them to Grace. We discussed the compromising situations Grace put herself in and ran several other options Grace could have chosen in those situations as well as other potential avenues those situations could have gone from bad to worse. The discussions we had were so fruitful and more plentiful then I can include in this review!

The acting, the music, the scenes, and the setting were all SO much better then most "Christian Films" I've seen. We were very impressed. This is a movie I would pass around and I really believe other people would enjoy it as much as I did. 

My only criticism is a scene where a car crashes into Grace's little brother who was riding his bike in an angry rage provoked by something that Grace said to him. This scene is extremely dramatic (overly dramatic) and didn't even result in any serious injury. It felt cheesy and more something I wanted to laugh at then a scene that I got anxious about or swept into the thrilling trauma of the scene. 

I am glad to have Princess Cut in my home library and happy that my girls (I am raising 4 of them!) as well as my boys (raising 2 of them!) have this movie to be one of their early exposures to "dating" or "courtship" and hope that it points them down the path of longing to have a relationship that is pleasing to the Lord and honoring to their parents. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Getting Your Milk Supply Off To A Great Start

Here are some tips and tricks (as a mama of 6) that I've used to get a LARGE milk storage in my freezer as well as get my milk supply off to a great start.

This is an average pump after a feeding.

  • Once Milk Comes In, PUMP! Right when that milk comes in, start pumping after every feeding- even through the night. Yes, it seems like a daunting task, but you should be in bed (or at least at home) resting from your labor and delivery anyway. I pump after every single feeding for about 2 weeks or so, then I start tapering it down to 1-2 times a day during the 3rd and 4th week.
  • Water and Food: Please drink LOTS of water and eat LOTS of food high in calories, fat, protein, nutrients.
  • Organic Raw Milk: If you can get raw milk, drinking 2-4 large glasses of this a day really boosts your milk supply.
  • Sleep: Taking naps (I know it can be hard, I have 6 kids!!) makes a big difference in your nursing and milk supply levels. 
  • Dont Stress: Enjoy the chaos, cancel most of your plans and tasks, enjoy nursing, pumping and building up your storage and milk supply. It's going to save you stress and time in the long run mama!
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Tincture: Not only do the herbs selected for this tincture increase and support a LARGE milk supply, but they also help with colic babies! I can tell when I have forgotten to take this tincture since Evelyn will be a bit more gassy then normal. My sister has said the same thing with her newborn. (You can get 10% off using to code: NOGREATERJOY2018)

Now take a look at my stash now that Evelyn is 1 month old! 

2 drawers and the whole fridge door full... soon this freezer may be exclusively for breast milk!


What do I do with all this milk?

  • Babysitters: I never have to worry about needing to be apart from Evelyn in the next year.
  • Sicknesses: Ear infections or really any sickness that comes I can warm up a bottle of this nutrient, antibody rich milk for any of my children in a flash
  • Other Moms: I have used my milk supply to help other moms who need some supplemental feedings for their infants
I suppose there are many other creative things you can do with this liquid gold.

I love being able to provide my baby with the healthiest (cheapest) options that I can and starting my child off to a great start with breast milk is one of the ways I can do that! YAY!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Insanity of Life with Newborn #6

The baby is changed, fed, burped and laid down... success!

SHHH!! Don't move or talk to loud. She's finally asleep! 


Another 2 hours pass and again, baby is changed, fed, burped, asleep. 
My husband is snoring next to me, and I can hear a couple kids breathing loudly and some beds squeaking as they toss and turn in their slumber - these old hand-me-down bunk beds have really run their course.  Even when the house rests it's never fully silent. The deep breathing, the fan humming, the darkness comforting. I finally rest my head and fall asleep.

Several hours later I hear the grunting and squeaking of my newborn at the foot of my bed. I know I have a few minutes before she starts crying to be nursed. I lean over and glance at my phone. 2:30am. I got a good 2 hours of sleep. Waddling to the bathroom I hear my 4th born begin to talk in his sleep. He's woken up with nightmares almost every night since he was about 9-months old. I tiptoe back to my room hoping not to exasperate him in his dreaming state.

I nurse Evelyn, lay her down, pray she stays asleep and start to pump. As I pump I drink the remainder of my water, take my Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Tincture and PMS tincture and browse Pinterest just to stay awake. This cycle repeats 1-2 more times before her 8am feeding at which time both my toddler and 4-year-old are already awake and "dying of starvation."

I quick go downstairs, grab some bananas, use the bathroom, grab some cold coffee out of the pot (hey, I'm desperate...), and hurry back upstairs to nurse the baby. I feed the boys bananas while I begin my nursing/pumping routine. Thankfully one of my older 3 kids wakes up and can start getting the boys ready for the day. Also, thankfully, I put some steel cut oats in the crock pot the night before and they're all set to get dished up.

Half asleep I make my way downstairs, baby in one arm, two containers full of breast milk in the other, and the other two girls carrying everything else I need but don't have enough arms to haul downstairs.  Then I blink. Sometime between waking up, wiping my toddlers butt, changing the baby from spitting up and blowing out, brewing some hot coffee, nursing again, feeding myself some breakfast, and getting the girls settled in to do their reading with me, I look at my phone and its 12pm - noon! 

No wonder the toddler is so crabby... it's lunch time and we just finished breakfast.

I brushed my hair at 6pm.
I changed my bra for the first time in 3 days at 8pm.
Here it is 11pm and what am I doing?

Listening to the quiet sounds of snoring children... and blogging...
not sleeping... blogging... 

Motherhood is strange.
Insanity sometimes.
I don't think I'll ever think straight or be able to truly focus on anything... ever again.

But I can't tell you how much JOY I have being able to proclaim that I am a PROUD mother of 6 beautiful children. 

I love them, my husband, and most of all my Jesus who gives me the strength, patience, endurance, peace, joy, and selflessness to do this insane thing called motherhood. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

MY Amazing Postpartum Practices and Prodcuts!

This has been the most enjoyable and incredible postpartum healing process I have ever had!

And I really believe it's because of a few products and practices that I've implemented and collected over the course of having 6 children. 

(1) Rest: Week 1 in bed. Week 2 moving very little. 4-6 weeks of little activity. This rest does wonders for your hormones, your body, your weight loss, your milk supply, your nutrition intake, your lack of sleep. Make it happen. 

(2) Water: Drink a large bottle of it every. single. feeding.

(3) Real Food: Don't do the processed junk, please! Just eat wholesome foods and LOTS of them. Every time you're hungry. You'll drop the weight faster, your milk supply will come in nice and strong, and you'll heal so much faster. 

(4) Baths: Purpose for 1 a day for the first 1-2 weeks. Epsom salts, essential oils, herbs, water, and a snack. Again, healing, hormone balancing, muscle relaxing.

(1) Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Tincture: WOW!! I took this through my pregnancy (2ce a day) and now every time I breastfeed. My pregnancy was fantastic, labor was quick and not as painful as any before it, and my milk supply is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! (see later post about this). 

(2) PMS Tincture: Take this once labor starts (ever 30minutes-1 hour) then every day 4-6 times a day through that 6-week healing post part period. Again, WOW! I will NEVER do labor or postpartum without this again! My bleeding was SO minimal, afterbirth cramps so might lighter, my uterus shrunk faster, my weight is just melting off every morning, my hormones and mood swings are nonexistent... I mean this is the most incredible tincture in the world!!!

(3) Healing Cream: Sore nipples, diaper rash... a million uses.

(4) Grown-People Diapers: Never doing maxi pads postpartum again... 

(5) Mama Mend Bath Herbs by Santosha: LOVE these in my baths that first week after delivery.

(6) Motherlove Nipple Cream:  Another great product. Put it on every feeding and you won't deal with that bleeding and cracking nipple issue. 

(7) Paper plates, bowls, silverware and towels: LIFESAVER.

Check out this post for a few more tips and tricks


I really contribute the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE to the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Tincture and the PMS Tincture. I will NEVER do pregnancy, labor or postpartum healing without these EVER AGAIN!

You can get 10% off at Ancient Medicine Cabinet 
Use Promo Code NoGreaterJoy2018 
at checkout.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

MUSIC VIDEO - Whose Gonna Speak Up For Us?

I wanted to share this song I wrote.

It's in honor of my little brother who has Downs Syndrome. The doctors repeatedly attempted to convince my parents to abort my little brother simply because he was going to be born with an extra chromosome. 

This song is also a tribute to all the little souls that were lost due to abortion. My heart breaks for these defenseless children daily being slaughtered. They aren't given the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness that our Constitution promises them and that the God of the Universe breathed into them.