Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Treating Strep Without Antibiotics

Let's get things straight before I share some things:

NO I am not completely against antibiotics. 
YES I believe a lot of things can be dealt with without antibiotics. 
YES even I have limits of when I go to a doctors office and determine that home remedies just won't be enough (just look at all the hospital bills we're paying)

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Last week Sunday morning, my daughter Alecia woke up and said her throat. I felt her head, she was definitely warm. Probably a fever around 100. She was also lethargic and not hungry. Alex stayed home from church with the kids and I told him to start her on "the tea". By Sunday evening, her fever broke, but her throat was still sore. 

Monday morning, her throat was still sore. I started everyone on "the tea" 3 times a day. By Monday night she said her throat wasn't hurting any more. It still appeared a bit red with a few white spots on her tonsils. 

Tuesday morning, she mentioned nothing about anything hurting and felt completely better. However, Hayven said her throat was hurting. I looked and it was a little red so we all continued on "the tea". 

We continued "the tea" Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Everyone seemed all better. There were no red throats. No white spots on the tonsils. No fevers. Nothing. 


Our Tuesday morning (see below) waiting for dad to come home was spent laying on the floor watching Super Book movies.


Sunday evening we got home around 11pm-12pm and I was laying in bed with my husband and could feel my immune system crashing. Whenever I eat things that I don't typically have in my diet, I get this feeling. I rolled over from the TV show we were watching and fell asleep. 

Monday morning, my throat was SO SWOLLEN; the little thing that hangs down in the back (you know, that thing no one ever knows the name of) was SO swollen it was almost touching my tongue! I couldn't talk, I felt like I was on the verge of chocking. I went downstairs and my sister was home (PRAISE THE LORD!) I asked her if she'd watch the kids until nap time, then put them down before she left for work. I checked my temp 100.8. I had a pounding headache. Long story short, I slept 20 hours and only got up when I thought I would vomit from the head pounding or if I needed to pee. I only drank "the tea" and some water.

Tuesday morning, throat still too swollen to talk. Still had a low grade fever. But was able to get out of bed and come downstairs. My husband left work early to come help out before he had school. He brought me more honey for my tea. Ahavah started to show signs if Scarlet Fever (a form of strep) by developing a bumpy rash on her face and chest. I have everyone back on the "tea"!

Wednesday, My throat is only the slightest bit sore. I have no fever. I am just physically tiered and weak. I would guess by tomorrow, I'll be feeling back to my normal self, but will continue the tea for the rest of the week (AT LEAST!).


My son insisted he have his own blanket and lay in his own spot.

This tea works miracles against strep throat. I've treated strep once before like this... YEARS AGO! I never get strep throat because I actually allow my body to fight it and build up a decent immunity against it. 

Hot Water
Apple Cider Vinegar
Raw Honey
Cayenne Pepper
1 Clove of FRESH garlic, chopped into 4 quarters (Optional)
Drink 3-8 times a day for at least a week, even if symptoms disappear.

In case you don't know this about me, I don't tend to measure anything when I cook, bake, or make home remedies. I adjust things according to each person. All my kids can handle a good amount of Apple Cider Vinegar, but Alecia is more sensitive to the Cayenne Pepper and it will take her FOREVER to drink this tea if I put too much in at once. I, on the other hand, LOVE lots of cayenne. So for Alecia, I'll sneak it in her meals while she is sick so she's still getting a good amount into her body. 

My recommendation would be to at least try this for a few days before rushing in and getting antibiotics. You'd be surprised how quickly your body (provided you have a decent immune system and nutritional diet on a normal day to day basis) can get better from strep throat with a little support.

If any of my children had gotten a high fever for several days, or I just noticed things were getting worse and not better, I would have brought them in. 

Praise the Lord we live in a country where we can make decisions about our health! 

Praise the Lord we have access to amazing medical technology! 

Praise the Lord He made things like honey, vinegar, garlic, and hot peppers to have such amazing medicinal properties!

We are very blessed. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Living with Unknown Intolerances

Elias and Aunty Alyssa.
As you can read from this post, I am (and have for many years) having a severe problem with corn that took a real turn for the worst over the last few months. 

The last event 
that had me sticking myself with an epipen in my bathroom, 
dialing 911, 
refusing the let the parametics give me a $1000-$3000 ambulance ride the the hospital, 
and driving to the nearest ER only to sit there for several hours being "monirtored", 
was when I decided to take the little oyster communion cracker followed by the watered down grape juice in the little communion cup. Within 15 minutes my brain function began to slow tremendously. My stomach started hurting. My neck started swelling...


I have managed to be so careful and been out of hospitals for a few weeks now (PRAISE THE LORD!)!!
Despite what it looks like, she is actully
fighting Elias to leave her alone.

But I am still fighting (Here comes the TMI part of this post that you probably don't care about... but hey, you keep reading it's on you) skin rashes, strange and inconsistent stomach pain, horribly swollen vocal chords, pretty severe fatigue, and random headaches (which I never get)

I want to believe that it's not what I think it is...

You see, when I met with an allergist, I cut out gluten, dairy, and egg from my diet for a few weeks. The swelling in my neck was almost non-existent. My stomach felt GREAT! I still had horrible acne due to the steroids I was on, but I wasn't having the strange rashes I am having right now unless I ate some dairy.

I s.l.o.w.l.y. added dairy and eggs back into my diet and seemed to be doing okay with everything except my skin. I have been changing my laundry items, hair care products, and body soap and lotion, but I am still getting these rashes. 

I added gluten back in and my stomach has been bloated and achey ever since...


So I guess I am going to have to cut dairy and gluten out (**SUPER sad face**) for a while again and see if this all goes away. I am meeting with a vocal/voice therapist sometime next month (If I don't suffocate by then) because they believe my vocal chords have been damaged through all this pesky neck swelling over the last few months. They think it may be vocal chord disfunction. 

You know, all this isn't overwhelming though. It's a little embarrassing... okay a LOT embarrassing!! I HATE being the picky one who has to ask that people accommodate to my needs. I LOVE being the BLESSING in a situation instead of the BURDEN. 

The Lord's humbling me a LOT through this. I don't understand why exactly, but He has told me:
Now this more accurately depicts Elias' attitude.
(1) This is refining me

(2) This is going to clear my life from unnecessary distractions

Funny, I feel like it's going to add more distractions... 

Well there's my ranting and raging trying to figure things out!

It's so nice to hear the Lord's voice. 
I can't imagine living life without it. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Potty Training Success ... With a BOY!!

Oh, my handsome, handsome little man!!

I've done several posts on potty training before and how we go about it. 
You can explore those posts before reading the below content so you have context.
You can read those here and here.

Due to the busyness of ministry during this season of our lives, potty training our son went a little different, but we stuck to the same game plan. 

I wasn't actually planning on potty training him until the summer, but Elias was really showing a great interest and perfect opportunity to want to go on the potty (he was dry after naps and sometimes overnight; he would tell me when he was peeing or pooping etc). Not to mention I was almost out of diapers and really didn't want to spend half my toiletry money on a huge box of diapers again (my husband hasn't been on board with my cloth diapers much with this baby)

So, unfortunately, there were times we had to put him in a diaper while we were training (which I STRONGLY advise against). We had a few events where we needed to leave him with a sitter and didn't want to burden them with a fresh-training-potty-user.

But typically, as I stated in the past posts about potty training, here area few rules that still stand even after training 4 children:

RULE # 1: When you're done with diapers, you're done! There is no diapers at nap or nighttime. But, they'll pee all over the place! Only a few times, maybe. 

My son peed on himself once at nap time and then never wet the bed again! WOO HOO!!! My twins wet the bed for a few days in a row, then they understood the concept. Hayven was the same as the twins. We were given this awesome pad to place under them that absorbs the pee and prevents it from going on the mattress. 

Rule # 2: Don't introduce pants or underwear until they are going on the potty themselves. I've found this helps tremendously! My son associated pants with a diaper and would pee right in them without any thought; however, when I left him naked for a few days, until he knew he needed to pee on the potty (as well as teaching him to communicate with me that he needed to potty), we were accident free! He's still unable to pull his pants down by himself because he's so little, but since I taught him to communicate (yes, you need to teach this while potty training) with me that he needs to go potty, this isn't an issue. 

Our "outting" at a thrift store to get some warm weather clothing. 

RULE #3: Plan outings around training, with the purpose of training. We bring his little potty everywhere for the first month or so. We pee before we leave, we find a bathroom immediately upon arrival and pee (yes, I carry the potty into stores with me. It makes great conversation :) ). We then use the back of the car as a bathroom and keep wipes, a towel, and the potty in the trunk and pee before we leave the store.

 I don't know the science behind this, but this rule (practicing outside of the house, with underwear on) has solidified the potty training for us. It's like the last step that helps the child fully understand potty training. 

RULE #4: Make it Fun: I think in everything we do as mothers, we should always portray the joy there is even in menial tasks or tasks we don't enjoy. There is abounding joy in Jesus whatever the circumstance.

We bought Elias Cars "Mannies" (there NOT panties, there MANnies. My husband made sure I understood this. Haha!). We would reward him with chocolate chips for the first day or two. We would all cheer for him when he went on the potty. We bought him a small green potty from ikea that had HUGE pee-pee guards (must need for my little man).

A few tips for boys:
  • We decided to train sitting down. We'll teach him how to stand once he's taller ;)
  • You may need to put "mannies" on your boy when you first start having him go through the "naked phase" since boys don't tend to feel the pee run down their legs. They tend to run around spraying all over and they don't even realize it (only the poor sisters who get caught in the stream notice it, or the mommy who steps in wet spots scattered ALL OVER the living room notice it).
  • We are still teaching him how to point down so he isn't spraying all over, but we waited until he really understood potty training to work on that.
  • We are still teaching him to pull down his own pants, again not an immediate MUST for potty training.
Again, you can read step-by-step how we potty train here.

Often people don't understand WHY we potty train so young and there are a few reasons. They aren't anything deep! It's just why we do it:
  1. Diapers are expensive
  2. We always had kids so close together, it's nice NOT having 2-3 in diapers at the same time
  3. I can cut back on all the items that I carry in my bad with me (diapers, wipes, plastic bags ect)
  4. We love to inspire other parents on how to potty train and that it's possible to do it young and with any child (provided you've had a good discipline routine set up with them since they were born).
  5. We've noticed the perfect window is right around 16-18 months. Kids tend to go through a short window of understanding how to hold their pee and when they are peeing. 

I hope you're encouraged to endeavor potty training! I've noticed teaching them so young opens up a maturity in them that is beyond their age and affects their development in such a positive way. :)


  • Pooping on Grandma's Floor: We were celebrating my husband and little sister's birthday at my mom's house. My son was fresh potty training. My mom's boyfriend has had no children and has never been through potty training before. So here's my son running around with no pants on. He's flapping all over the place and runs and squats on his potty and then gets up and runs around again. We're packing up to leave and my husband noticed it smelt like poop. Sure enough, all ... and I mean ALL over the kitchen floor was poop smeared. Little foot prints of poop trailed all over the kitchen. The play kitchen had poop on several of the pieces. George (my mom's boyfriend) was shocked! Not only was he taken back by the naked man running around, but the poop all over was a real jaw dropper. We laughed so hard! It was just natural to us who have been through potty training before. George never realized it was actually training to potty train a child.
  • The 4-foot spray: My husband and I were bring the kids upstairs to go to bed. At the top of the stairs we put Elias on the potty. Alex was right in front of him and I was to the side. I believe I said, "you may want to help him point it down...". Sure enough he sprayed right into Alex's face and hair, and onto the stair railing about 4 feet behind Alex. "WOW!" Alex exclaimed. Hahaha. 
  • Warning the Sitter: I warned the baby sitter that Elias is a boy (they only have a girl) and he needs help pointing down because he's got about a 4-foot spray. I could kind of tell he didn't really know what I was talking about, but he reported back to my husband that he now knows what the 4-foot spray is :).

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Album Release & Lessons About Homeschooling

So some news I have been holding back for a while is that I have been working on recording some music for a LONG... LONG time. 

I am NOT very good at this whole recording thang... but I have gotten some tips from some people who had a career in recording, so I think I am managing. 

I could really use some prayer in this area!
Not only do I have NO idea what I'm doing, but I also have very little uninterrupted, silent, alone time without someone screaming, crying, or needing their butt wiped time to dedicate to recording.
Ontop of that, my allergist believes I have Vocal Chord Disfunction.
I have been having a horrible time with my vocal chords for the last couple months due to all the food allergy reactions, I believe... 

Praise the Lord, He's given me strength Sunday mornings to get through most the set without losing all ability to sing in tune. 

So I have 4 songs on the album Spirit and Truth Vol. 2 on Noise Trade right now. 
I will be s.l.o.w.l.y. adding songs o.n.e. a.t. a. t.i.m.e. until the first (Vol 2) album is complete, then I'll be working on the second album (Vol 1), and then I'll need to arrange the third because for every song I get recorded, I write 2-3 more! 

You can check that out here:

It's all free and will forever be free :)


& what I've been learning

Family Night, we played video games with daddy! Hayven kept apologizing for hitting people on Super Smash Brothers and Ahavah got frustrated Peach kept jumping off the edge of the game board.
One thing that's hard for me to learn is that it's OKAY to skip the text books to teach the kids how to plant seeds and germinate them and get them ready to plant when it's warm. 

It's OKAY to take a day off math worksheets and phonics books to get a gift card for someone who has a need, or go to the store to get homeopathic allergy medicine that's on sale. 

I think we were learning about light and how all colors are in light. We started with primary colors and mixed them as we went along. We then put them in order of the rainbow.
 It's MORE IMPORTANT to deal with lazy attitudes and frustrated emotions then it is to get through our history lesson. 

It's MORE IMPORTANT to laugh and giggle when one child seems to think that everything going on around them is hilarious... including the fact that EVERY TIME you get through a sentence in the Bible study Elias says, "Ewww! Poop!!"

History class we learned about Saint Valentine. We've been recently studying the martyrs of the early church. I've noticed that my girls have been struggling through being nervous about sharing their faith due to our studies, but they were encouraged when they saw their dad out witnessing and evangelizing today to a few people. We're working through this fear with them and I'm praying the Lord works in their little hearts. 

It's REALLY ABOUT finding the balance between discipline and teaching good work ethics, and having fun and responding to where your kids, family and others outside your family are at. 

It's REALLY ABOUT standing in the gap between childhood and adulthood and paving the ground your children walk upon to get them to their destination.

Our adventures to Home Depot's and Menard's trying to find a new water heater for our house. Whenever we go out places we try to incorporate some sort of learning. Whether it's counting, problem solving, obedience training, sharing our faith, or reading peoples name tags.

 When I say "There is NO GREATER JOY"... I can't even express in words what that really means. 

I am the one that the sick child wants to be held by; when they are helpless, they just want me to hold them and brush their hear behind their ears.

It's my name they call in the middle of the night when their potty training and have an accident on the bed, or when night terrors have their little hearts pounding in their chests.

My little Hayven is growing so fast and doing SO well in preschool  We finished up the Old Testament and are now moving into the New Testament. She's counting and knows all her letters and the sounds they make! We're working on recognizing numbers and writing skills. 

It's memories with me they'll have about snuggling up on the couch and struggling to read their first words day after day that lead into reading their first short story book. 

It's me they run to for comfort, console, strength, and encouragement before they go running back into this dark, hard world to press on with life.

My dad with my little brother Aaron Matthew.

My only prayer is that it's me that always points them to Jesus.

Mommy won't always be here,
nor can mommy save you. 
Only Jesus can.

I pray with all my heart that it's me that points them to Jesus.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The World Is Crazy and What Can I DO?

Pick you poison.

Sex Slaves.
Freedom to Bear Arms.
Mandatory Vaccinations.
GMO foods.
ISIS terrorists. 
Parents rights.
Co-Ed Bathrooms.

It can be overwhelming!

I totally disconnect with this modern view going around that getting involved in "politics" or "political issues" is useless and actually looked down upon. Especially in the Christian realm (which should be the quite opposite!!)

It's only because the people who came before us laid down their lives for certain issues (freedom of speech, thought and conscious, prohibit slavery ect) that we are able to live the way we do. 

If we aren't getting involved somehow, then we are responsible for the disintegration of the quality of life our children will have.

So... here are some practical, simple, non-time consuming, family friendly ways we can get involved. 

(1) PRAY! 1 Timothy 2:1-4 says: 

Therefore I exert first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life all goodliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight for God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Make this a daily thing. Add it to your personal prayer time. Add it to your family prayer time. Get a book that helps guide your prayers or gives you ideas on what to pray for. One book that I often go through over and over is called 30 Days to Change a Nation.

Pray for the president, your local officials, the police and fire department, those in the military, your pastor and children's Sunday school teachers, your husband, your sons and daughters ect.

(2) Get Informed. I LOVE to listen to podcasts during nap time. My husband (my wise protector ;) ) has warned me on what not to listen to since I am easily swayed by my motherly instincts of protecting my young ones, and am therefore easily overwhelmed with fear. But here are a few podcasts/people that I listen to:

There is another person I just discovered. She's super funny! I have only listened to a few of her videos, so I don't know if I fully recommend her, but here is her link regardless. Eden Cultures

Anyways, listen to REAL news. Look at sites outside of the US. Get your news from places other then FOX or CNN. Compare both sides of every issue. Get statistics that are reliable and unbiased. REMEMBER to FOLLOW THE MONEY! Research who endorses certain news sites so you know if they are being persuaded by money to lean a certain way. 

A great example of this, and what I currently learned, is the current Measles outbreak and the whole issue over whether we should make vaccinations mandatory or not. I was listening to several different sides of the topic and found this interesting: Did you know that OVER HALF of the children contracting the measles HAD the vaccine? Did you know that SO MANY MORE children have died from vaccinations then from the diseases these vaccines "prevent"??

(3) Sign Up for Mailing Lists: There are SO MANY great websites that will email you and alert you when things are going on in your city or around the world. Here are a few my husband and I follow:

There are SO MANY MORE! Do some web browsing and find sites that align with what your convictions are.  But the point is to get informed and then you can do the next step:

(4) Get Involved: Visit abortion clinics, go to tours at your local government centers (great for home educators/home schoolers), attend debates or meetings that are open to the public to voice their concerns and opinions, email or mail your local representatives and let them know what you believe in. 

My husband is the one who does more of this then I do. I have emailed some state representatives and shared with them my concerns and opinions on certain issues. My husband and I have shown up to city meetings and shared our concerns with certain construction projects that were being planned in our city. We share information with others and encourage people to get involved in things. 

I asked my husband what he would say if he were doing this post and he said to start by simply volunteering. Once you get your feet wet in different areas, you will get a feel for what you're passionate about. You will also meet people and hear about other ways to get involved.

(5) Raise Your Children to Stand Up for What's Right: 

In homeschool, we are currently learning about the early church and the martyrs like Polycarp, Saint Valentine, and the emperor Constantine. 

My children see mommy and daddy talking about certain issues and praying together. 

They see our passion for defending God's Word, our freedoms, and standing against the works of Satan, but even more so, standing FOR the Word of God in any capacity we are able. 

They see us standing in the gap between freedom and bondage, interceding, and fighting for the freedoms that their children will hopefully be able to enjoy. 

We immerse our children in the truth so they are able to identify lies. 

As they say, we're only one generation away from Christianity or even our freedoms being extinct.

(6) VOTE!!! 
Please, please, please vote! We Americans sometimes most times neglect the most basic freedom that other countries are so envious for! Our ability to vote our government leaders into office.  

Do I think it's important?

I am so thankful for this country and the freedom's I have. 

I intend to fight for the freedom of my children and grandchildren. 

Will you join me??

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Bedtime Prayer

The pressures of this life
The fears that stealthily come
The distractions that wave their colorful ribbons
If not vigilant, we become numb

We let them tiptoe into our hearts and minds
Not realizing they're planning coup
Stealing our hope, our joy, our focus
Please don't let this happen to you!

Oh, Lord, You say you'll guard my mind
If I keep my eyes fixed on You
I need Your peace so desperately
Purify my heart and make it new

I want nothing else to matter
But to simply hear Your voice
Everything else can fade away, dim
And in this I make my choice

I wish my mind could tell my heart 
How it should be convinced
But I often slip back into the grip
Of fear and purposelessness 

How can I persuade my own un-consciences
That it needs to care no more
About the things that "fate" could bring
And be steadfast on You, Lord?

Take my heart Lord
Take and seal it
Seal it for Thy Courts Above

Fear, my greatest enemy
So meaningless and frail
My God who defeated the Grave!
Your Spirit lifts all darkness like a veil

No enemy can prosper
No unseen forces can prevail
Not even the grave or death can hold You!
My God, All Power! All Hail!

My wicked heart still falters
Though I know all this to be true
It's like a fever I cannot break
How can I be free? I wish I knew.

Do Your Work, My Jesus
Have Your way in Me
From all this madness and sleepless nights
I truly desire to be free

I long to be like children
Just trusting in Your care
To know You have my every step
And of all these fears, You're aware

Please tell my heart that my mind is correct
And make the two unite
Thank You Jesus. I'll forever worship Your Name
Thank You Lord! Goodnight.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Started with a Nugget, Ended with an Epi Pen: Corn Allergy Gone WAY WRONG!

A Bloated Stomach: Always
Hives: Sometimes
Inflammed, Hot Skin: Usually
Neck Swelling and Closing: YEAH RIGHT!

That only happens to people with peanut allergies... or bee stings! 

Wednesday, December 28th: After about a week of eating basically whatever. A little here. A little there. Then I ate 5 nuggets. Oh, they were goooooood nuggets!
Stomach bloating.
I'm okay.
Skin raising and getting hot. 
Why did I do that?
The pain was REALLY up a notch...
We rush to the store and get Benadryl and Pepto Bismal and I drink both of those.

Thursday, December 29th: Still in pain from the night before. Put all the kids down for a nap. Pull up a chair and a home-made gluten-free granola bar (xanthan gum) and put my feet up. Soon after eating the bar, the symptoms start up again, but this time my neck started feeling funny. Slowly the muscles got tighter and tighter. I started not comprehending what was going on around me. I kept asking Siri to take me to an Urgent Care and was upset she wasn't taking me. Alyssa came in the door (PRAISE THE LORD!) and I asked my dad where I should go.

I kept my cool all the way to the ER so not to freak Alyssa out. I ran into the ER and up to the desk and lost it bawling! "MY THROATS CLOSING! I'M HAVING AN ALLERGIC REACTION!" They rushed me back.

"Mam, please slip into this gown. I'll be right here in case something happens."

I just stared at the gown. Snaps... I know I know how to do ... Snaps... "Someone help! I can't! I don't know what's going on."

"You're going into shock. It's okay. We have medicine. Hang in there."

I don't remember much else until I received the Epinephrine. I immediately felt a million times better! They also gave me a hefty does of steroids. I was given two Epi Pens to take with me.

Friday, December 30th & Saturday, December 31st: I went to the ER again Friday because my throat started closing, and again Saturday due to the same phenomena. More steroids... more drugs...


Alright... I Guess It's Time to Bite the Bullet, Eh?

All Organic. Grass-Fed Meat and Cheese. Non-Corn Fed Eggs.
My LONG list of Corn ingredients made me realize I can't really eat anything packaged at all...
It was going pretty well until...



Elias had been throwing up and having diarrhea all week.
I was so weak and dizzy from all the steroids.
I kept drinking water, but I felt dehydrated too. So I grabbed a coconut water. I didn't even think about it.

Sure enough. I felt funny. My stomach started to tighten. I got SO dizzy.
I looked at the label:

I called Kirkland and asked where their Vitamin C is sourced from. It was on my "corn list". It's sourced from "absorbic acid" which can be sourced from CORN SYRUP!

Well, maybe the steroids still coursing through my veins will help...

My throat tightened. I had the Epi Pen in my hand, but I was so afraid to use it.
My husband rushed me to the ER. I fought myself to give myself the Epi Pen, but I just couldn't.
Finally in the ER, the doctor and the nurse walked me through it and I gave it to myself.


What's Different?

When your body has an allergy, your immune system produces antibodies against the substance. The more you expose your immune system to the substance, the more antibodies your body creates. The more I exposed myself here and there, the more my immune system was building up for ... THE NUGGET!

I now have the worst level of allergy towards corn...

I'll have more posts about how I am working through this as far as life style and my walk with the Lord and what's He's been teaching me through it all. He hasn't taken me home yet! ;)

Plus I'm so wiped out from the adrenaline followed by the drowsy Benadryl...