Thursday, April 7, 2016

29 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 29 weeks pregnant?!? Dude, when did that happen?!?

I am DEF-TOTES feeling the third trimester. 

I AM EXHAUSTED! So, so, so sleepy and feel very useless. 
Thankfully the business of 3-7 appointments for the girls has slowed down considering I now meet my midwife every other week as well as my chiropractor. 

I am also STARVING! I am more of a snacker so I feel like I'm eating all the time. 

Also, I've gained about 32lbs. I weight around 172lbs. 
Never gained this much this early, and I've never eaten this healthy this continuously. Considering I can't eat fast food, junk food, or anything, my diet is phenominal! Yet, I'm gaining quite a bit. 

Turns out my blood work shows I am on the anemic side so I'm taking 100mg of iron a day with 10,000 vitamin D and my prenatal. 

I haven't had any leg cramps, not too much pain pain, a little pelvis pain since my baby likes to place his head on my left hip bone and lay diagonally along my stomach. My braxton hicks have slowed down now that I'm not as stressed out. 

Things seem to be good :)

Here's my belly. 

To hold my SON! :) :) :) 
To snuggle up with a little squeaky, grunting, baby-smelling little baby!
And to have my husband home for 4 weeks and just do nothing but be as a family.
Oh, it's so great!


  1. Yay!! Looking good man! Can't wait to meet little man!!! 😍

  2. You look great Cassie!! It will be so fun to have all our babies together:)

  3. You look great Cassie!! It will be so fun to have all of our babies together this summer :)

  4. Word. I could have written this haha... we're only a week apart!