Family Life

We believe that family is one of the most important things there is!

There is NO GREATER JOY or CALLING then to raise children to know and love the Lord and then to shoot them out like arrows into the world (Psalm 127:3-5, 3 John 1:4). To raise them into maturity, knowing the Lord's voice, having wisdom and knowledge that is from God and not from his corrupt, confused world (Deuteronomy 6:7, Phil 1:9-11). To protect and provide for each child's specific needs. To teach them not only with words, but through lifestyle (Prov 22:6). And then to train up the younger women to do the same. 

We strive to have a solid, undivided marriage that is based on Christ's love (which is unconditional and self-less), and what the Word of God says. We stay open, honest and transparent with one another. We spend time working on our marriage and, next to our relationships with the Lord, it takes priority of EVERYTHING ELSE IN OUR LIVES!

We believe that both the husband, wife, and children all have specific roles that are distinct, important, and beautiful! These roles are clearly laid out in the Bible (Ephesians 6 ect).

We are Christians and as Christians, we are called to Full-Time Ministry. We raise our children up in the ministry and they serve right along side us. 

My prayer is that my blog posts encourage readers, especially wives and mothers, that the Bible is living and active and that we can use it in our everyday situations and apply it to our lives and live it out (Hebrews 4:12)! It's useful for teaching, rebuking, admonishing, correcting, and training (Col 3:16, 2 Peter 1:3). It's got all the answers for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

I love to pray and ask the God how He wants me to raise my children. In this blog are practical ways that I apply the scriptures. I read what the Bible says, I ask the Lord how I apply it, or teach it to my children, then I do it, and I blog about the results and the process.   

I am SO PASSIONATE about life as a wife and a mother! I wish I could just sit down with each reader and encourage your hearts individually with all that His Word says and tell you story after story of HIS faithfulness and HIS plan for you, but time does not permit me to do that with all of you, so I blog!

I want to see a generation of women doing what they were called to do. Of men, rising up and leading their families, fighting for the truth, and standing in the HUMUNGOUS GAP that our culture has created. And of children who fear the Lord, know Him intimately, and will pursue righteousness in a world that wants to strip them of that. 

This all starts in the home. 

I want to show the balance between family, ministry, work, school, and even very serious illnesses. 

How do you balance it all?
How do you find God's specific will for your life?
How do you not get overwhelmed, discouraged, or frustrated?
How do you stay the course when so many things are pulling you away from the truth?
Most importantly, how do you read the Bible and apply it to your family?
What if your husband isn't leading?
What if you don't know how  to submit?

I pray as you read through my blog posts, the Lord speaks to your heart. 
Don't get discouraged if you're not there yet! I still have a lot to learn too! 
Remember that God WILL finish the work HE started in you (Phil 1:6). It's not my your might or power, but by His Spirit that He will work (Zech 4:6). And each family is different. God has your steps laid out for you to already walk in (Ephesians 2:8-10)

Please check out this website for resources we use and base our family life around. They are completely Bible Based and the author's of these books are solid, Bible-beliveing Christians that we trust. 

(1) THE BIBLE!! (This is really all you need)
(2) What the Bible Says About Being a Man
(3) On the Other Side of the Garden
(4) What the Bible Says About Child Training

Our growing family currently has 5 children. Our oldest twins Ahavah and Alecia born in 2010, Hayven born in 2011,  Elias born in 2013, and Aryeh born in 2016.

My husband and I got married in September of 2009. We saved our first kiss for our wedding day. There is no one on earth I enjoy hanging out with more then my husband :). He's my rock and my hero.

We are a very strange, close-knitted family. 

And we are always on some kind of adventure whether it's creating a garden large enough to feed a village...

...To deciding to pick as many free pears as we can one day...

...So we can fill our basement with canned goods!

Who knows! We may even sew some maxi skirts along the way!

We take our kids with us everywhere and do loads of ministry with them right by our side.

It might get a bit exhausting, so try to keep up!

 We ALSO home-educate our children!

Sometimes things get a bit lot carried away...

...wait... you kids wanted to make indian hats too??!?

But we have fun doing it!

Whether we're in Egypt, Jordan, or Israel eating the BEST burger I've EVER had...

Or Potty Training a 18-month-old...

We may do things a little unconventionally...

But we praise the Lord and live for His glory through it all. :)

And last of all, we have several medical conditions that our family deals with including a bleeding disorder, autoimmune disease, severe chronic lead poisoning, and severe food allergies.

So come join us on our wild adventure!
There's NEVER a dull moment when you're walking in all that the Lord has called you to!

You don't wanna miss us decide to henna our hair at 1am in the morning!
Don't normal people do this??

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