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In 2014 my husband and I had been praying about some big decisions we felt like the Lord was leading us in. My husband, being very gifted and passionate about current events and politics, was concerned about where our health care system was heading. He felt it was his duty, as a husband and a father, to get ahead of the healthcare digression that was coming way with Obama Care and provide our family with something that was 

(1) affordable, 
(2) provided us with the choice as far as where we wanted to receive care, and (3) did not force us to support unethical medical practices.

We decided to join Samaritan Ministries, which identify themselves as "a Biblical, non-insurance approach to health care needs". We got rid of our state insurance that we had been on for all our prior years of adulthood, and even our childhoods. 

We had NO IDEA how much we would put this decision to the test over the course of the next few years.

Within months, our oldest daughter was diagnosed with a rare and choleric bleeding disorder called ITP. MANY hospital stays, expensive treatments, and an overwhelming amount of routine blood draws changed us from a  family that never went to the hospital, to a family that lived in hospitals. We'd never seen such high hospital bills ever in our life!

Would Samaritan Ministries come through?!?
Would we forever be in medical debt?
Did we make the right choice?

My pastor always says, "Whatever decision you make WILL be tested." Which is why we NEED to know as believers where the Lord is leading. We NEED to know His voice. We NEED to step out in faith and stand firm in what He said. 

Long story short, we filed our first "need" to have Ahavah's bills covered. As soon as we started receiving peoples "shares" in the form of personalized checks, encouragement cards, and small gifts from believers all over the country, two of our then four children were diagnosed with severe lead poisoning, a battle we are STILL fighting to this day. We were hospitalized again, and again and still Samaritan Ministries has come through for us, not only by meeting all our medical needs, but by encouraging us through the prayers of the staff members over the phone, the prayers from the body of Christ all over the country, and the scriptures, small gifts, and pictures from families that we will one day meet in heaven. 

There are so many small stories I can share that meant the world to us. The large bills and large amounts of letters in the mail impacted us, but so have the small things...

My son had a febrile seizure. We filed our need to have our bill covered. We started receiving "shares" from people. One of those "shares" came in the form of a bubble wrapped package. Inside was a small stuffed animal and a letter. I opened the letter and there was a check inside to cover our medical need as well as a $20 bill. The letter said, "The best thing for a healthy child, is for their parents to have a healthy marriage. Take this extra $20 and go on a date." My husband and I were in tears and sent back a thank you letter to the family that sent us that. It meant the WORLD to us!

Once Ahavah was being hospitalized and was getting poked and prodded time after time after time with needles and all sorts of doctor equipment. She was starting to get frustrated and irritable. My husband came by the hospital with a stack of stickers, small coloring books and a rubber band bracelet that a child had made for her all in response to her hospital bill "need" we had filed. I saw my daughter's spirits just lift! She kept that bracelet on until it finally snapped and broke. It meant the WORLD to HER!

With the way our country is heading, we believe Samaritan Ministries is the most amazing alternative to health insurance there is out there. It's affordable, makes sense, works, and it fits with what we should be doing as believers, bearing each other's burdens.

Here's an audio clip of me explaining all of this at a conference in April of 2016:

Please check out their website at and request a free packet of information. Pray about it and do what the Lord tells you.

Remember: Whatever decision you make WILL be tested. SOOOO... hear the Lord's voice and step out in faith in what He's telling you to do. 

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