Thursday, February 19, 2015

The World Is Crazy and What Can I DO?

Pick you poison.

Sex Slaves.
Freedom to Bear Arms.
Mandatory Vaccinations.
GMO foods.
ISIS terrorists. 
Parents rights.
Co-Ed Bathrooms.

It can be overwhelming!

I totally disconnect with this modern view going around that getting involved in "politics" or "political issues" is useless and actually looked down upon. Especially in the Christian realm (which should be the quite opposite!!)

It's only because the people who came before us laid down their lives for certain issues (freedom of speech, thought and conscious, prohibit slavery ect) that we are able to live the way we do. 

If we aren't getting involved somehow, then we are responsible for the disintegration of the quality of life our children will have.

So... here are some practical, simple, non-time consuming, family friendly ways we can get involved. 

(1) PRAY! 1 Timothy 2:1-4 says: 

Therefore I exert first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life all goodliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight for God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Make this a daily thing. Add it to your personal prayer time. Add it to your family prayer time. Get a book that helps guide your prayers or gives you ideas on what to pray for. One book that I often go through over and over is called 30 Days to Change a Nation.

Pray for the president, your local officials, the police and fire department, those in the military, your pastor and children's Sunday school teachers, your husband, your sons and daughters ect.

(2) Get Informed. I LOVE to listen to podcasts during nap time. My husband (my wise protector ;) ) has warned me on what not to listen to since I am easily swayed by my motherly instincts of protecting my young ones, and am therefore easily overwhelmed with fear. But here are a few podcasts/people that I listen to:

There is another person I just discovered. She's super funny! I have only listened to a few of her videos, so I don't know if I fully recommend her, but here is her link regardless. Eden Cultures

Anyways, listen to REAL news. Look at sites outside of the US. Get your news from places other then FOX or CNN. Compare both sides of every issue. Get statistics that are reliable and unbiased. REMEMBER to FOLLOW THE MONEY! Research who endorses certain news sites so you know if they are being persuaded by money to lean a certain way. 

A great example of this, and what I currently learned, is the current Measles outbreak and the whole issue over whether we should make vaccinations mandatory or not. I was listening to several different sides of the topic and found this interesting: Did you know that OVER HALF of the children contracting the measles HAD the vaccine? Did you know that SO MANY MORE children have died from vaccinations then from the diseases these vaccines "prevent"??

(3) Sign Up for Mailing Lists: There are SO MANY great websites that will email you and alert you when things are going on in your city or around the world. Here are a few my husband and I follow:

There are SO MANY MORE! Do some web browsing and find sites that align with what your convictions are.  But the point is to get informed and then you can do the next step:

(4) Get Involved: Visit abortion clinics, go to tours at your local government centers (great for home educators/home schoolers), attend debates or meetings that are open to the public to voice their concerns and opinions, email or mail your local representatives and let them know what you believe in. 

My husband is the one who does more of this then I do. I have emailed some state representatives and shared with them my concerns and opinions on certain issues. My husband and I have shown up to city meetings and shared our concerns with certain construction projects that were being planned in our city. We share information with others and encourage people to get involved in things. 

I asked my husband what he would say if he were doing this post and he said to start by simply volunteering. Once you get your feet wet in different areas, you will get a feel for what you're passionate about. You will also meet people and hear about other ways to get involved.

(5) Raise Your Children to Stand Up for What's Right: 

In homeschool, we are currently learning about the early church and the martyrs like Polycarp, Saint Valentine, and the emperor Constantine. 

My children see mommy and daddy talking about certain issues and praying together. 

They see our passion for defending God's Word, our freedoms, and standing against the works of Satan, but even more so, standing FOR the Word of God in any capacity we are able. 

They see us standing in the gap between freedom and bondage, interceding, and fighting for the freedoms that their children will hopefully be able to enjoy. 

We immerse our children in the truth so they are able to identify lies. 

As they say, we're only one generation away from Christianity or even our freedoms being extinct.

(6) VOTE!!! 
Please, please, please vote! We Americans sometimes most times neglect the most basic freedom that other countries are so envious for! Our ability to vote our government leaders into office.  

Do I think it's important?

I am so thankful for this country and the freedom's I have. 

I intend to fight for the freedom of my children and grandchildren. 

Will you join me??


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