Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's Cookin' Mama??

I'm sure most of you know of my obsession!
This cook book called:

Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World

You can view/purchase this book here.

My family is eating more and more and MORE food every day!
And we're not a big gluten/bread/pasta family... and while we will have the occasional spaghetti dinner, here's what we've been eating lately:

Raspberry Vinaigrette from the book, organic spinach, organic rotisserie chicken, goat cheese.

Raspberry syrup

Chocolate Syrup (no sugar, no dairy!)
Then we took a pumpkin...

And made Gluten-Free Pancakes

What else can you do with these syrups??

Zucchini Brownies with raspberry and chocolate syrup (NO Flour, NO Refined Sugar, High in protein and nutrients!)

You can lick the spatula...

You can even dip in some fruit!

~ Other Fun Foods ~ 

Purple Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin Meat Loaf (from the book), and a salad.

Honey roasted cashews in coconut oil, honey, and maple syrup. SOOO GOOD! Probably could have filled 3-4 mason jars, but it was just too good.

Celery Stir Fry with the Honey Roasted Cashews.

Gluten Free DELICIOUS Granola!!!

French Onion Soup... with Batman...

Since I am not doing dairy, we did almond meal breaded chicken tenders with the honey mustard dipping sauce from the book. 
Put these together and boom! A REALLY satisfying meal. The kids kept begging me to make it again.

Shredded Pork Barbecue meat (sauce recipe from the book - with tomato sauce from our garden!)

Barbecue sandwiches with coleslaw (from the cookbook)
Brown Rice Crispy Bars
Spinach Dip with Bacon on Ezekiel Bread and Chicken Stock

Marinated Eggplant with shredded cheese

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Carrot Cake with...
Allergen Free Butter Cream Frosting (not from the book) - no corn, dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, egg ect...
Eggplant dip (from the book) with crackers and cheese. SOOO GOOD!!!

Some things I've been learning with kids who demand more food:

(1) Double or Triple Every Meal and FREEZE! This way you'll have food to pull out on demand in case you get home late and everyone's hungry, you don't feel like cooking on your Sabbath, someone is sick and needs soup ect.

(2) Cook several meals at once: We don't buy any snack food outside of Lara Bars (I'm a bit obsessed), potato chips, and gluten free crackers. Therefore I cook several meals at one time and we keep plenty of "left overs" in the fridge for easy heating (in the toaster over) for a snack or mini meal.

(3) Use left over Rice from a  stir fry for another quick meal: 
Breakfast rice -> Simply add milk, honey, cinnamon, maple syrup, molasses, raisins into a pot and put on low while everyone's getting dressed.
Quick fried Rice -> Throw some peas, carrots, onions, garlic into a pan. Add rice. Add a few eggs. Top with soy sauce! Quick whole food lunch. 
Baby Food -> Throw into magic bullet with a banana, apple sauce ect and freeze into ice cube trays.

(4) Always have some meat thawing: Take out that pork roast and some chicken and a pound of beef. Marinate the chicken, put the pork in the crock pot, brown the ground beef with some taco seasoning. Don't eat it all in a day or two? Re freeze once cooked and you have a really quick meal for later. 

(5) Just continue to buy and stock up on your family basics and make meals within those ingredients. I find when I "menu plan" I spend more... When I just buy what our basics are, I tend to get more creative and stay with in our means. 

(6) Set aside a portion of each meal for husband's lunch for work the next day.

Right now we're trying to minimize gluten, eat soup 1ce-2ce a week and continue to eat whole, unprocessed foods every day. I'm also trying to freeze more cooked food to have on hand when we need them. I'm going away this weekend, so I have a few meals frozen for my husband to thaw and cook.

Hope this encourages you all to keep on cooking real food for your families. It is flu season so it's important to support your family's immune systems!

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