Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oh my God!
My God, My God, My God!
My innards are aching,
my gut is twisting,
my head is pounding.

I keep mulling over all the possible scenarios that fate could toss upon the shores of history.

I imagine every gruesome detail,
every possible decision and it's outcome;
I attempt to determine every heart and it's motive,
to figure our every avenue of chance 
in hopes that I may predestine my own perfect outcome to this seemly hopeless scenario.

I know what I see as best.
As logical.
As probable.
As a tragedy. 

But what ales me most, My God,
is that it's all out of my control.

Nothing I say can speak truth into hearts,
Nothing I do can spare pain from a life,
Nothing I meditate upon can deter the steps You have laid out.
Only You, My God.

Only You can speak truth into hearts,
Only You can spare pain from a life,
Only Your meditations and thoughts can determine our way.
Only You, My God.

So here and now,
I need to surrender, 
my thoughts I give to You.
I say that I trust,
I say I have faith,
to this let my actions stay true.
Guide me, My God,
shield my aching heart
and keep my tongue in line.
I truly desire Your will
in my life
So may our wills align.

Whatever the outcome
Whatever is said
Even if it's the things that i dread,
I trust and I KNOW
You are faithful and true
And I know that You love me
My God, 
I know You do.

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