Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hayven Alexandria

When I named my sweet baby girl Hayven Alexandria Deputie this was my prayer:

I pray that you will find your safe place in the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you will run to Him and make his His strong arms your home. Find your security, worth, and peace in Him alone. I also pray that you maintain a close relationship with your earthly Father. I pray you will seek his counsel and wisdom with the decisions that you make.

Well, since then I have learned ALOT about my little one :)

She is definitely prone to wanting a "safe haven."
She wants to be held all the time by me and me only.
Either that, or she wants to be in her crib, on her belly, sucking her thumb.

I had been praying for wisdom on dealing with her because she is VERY STRONG-WILLED.
She will scream for hours until she gets what she wants.
In this aspect, she is a lot like me. 
However, I was never as dependent on a "safe haven" as she is. 

So, after asking the Lord for wisdom on how I am to raise her, a very dear friend of mine who as the gift of prophecy, word of knowledge and many other amazing gifts came to me after worship at church a few weeks ago and told me that the Lord gave her this for me:

Hayven (September 30, 2012)
A beautiful bright flower (like a huge Gerber Daisy) in green grass...reaching to the sky... with her face fixed to the Lord looking at his face waiting for His word & direction. She is firm, until she hears the Lord's voice and knows His direction.

She is an example by the way she believes and by her conviction.

Teach her by using Bible verses and examples in the Bible.

She also mentioned that Hayven isn't as loud as the other two, but her actions and life scream out the Lord.

Oh my sweet lady :)
The Lord knows about our kids. 
Seek Him and ask Him for His direction, wisdom, and counsel on who they are and how to raise them.

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