Thursday, June 7, 2012

Majoring on the Minors: What's Your Plan?

I have been reading through Exodus and am in Chapter 18.

Moses visits his father-in-law and tells him all about how God delivered all these people out of serious slavery, lead them through the wilderness, parted the Red Sea, made water flow from rocks, fed the HUGE multitude of people with bread that appeared on the ground and birds that came and the whole works!

So then Jethro (Moses' father-in-law) sees Moses spending the majority of his time dealing with disputes among the people and judging the matters. Jethro advises Moses that he train up/appoint people to do this for him so that he (Moses) can focus on ALL the other things God has for him.

Can you imagine what it must have been like to lead ALL those people?!? 

The complaining,
        The disputing,
                 The "opinions",
                         The expectations,
                                 The responsibility!

This is how it is with any ministry though. Pastor. Teacher. Parent. Worship Leader. You name it.

So I got to thinking how much we can MAJOR on the MINOR things. 
Moses could have gotten so caught up in dealing with all the situations his people were facing, that he could have been distracted from leading them! From interceding for them! From watching out for them!

If my pastor spent all his time counseling people, that would take away from him being in the Word of God studying for the message that he is giving on Sunday and Thursdays. That would take away from the time he should be spending on his knees praying for his flock.

If I spent all my time getting involved in every event, every opportunity that came my way, that would take away from me training my children up, teaching them the Word of God, showing them how to pray for every situation we face in life.

But how do you know what to say "yes" to and what to say "no" to?


So I made a post a long time ago about how God Cares About Details.
There was a list of questions at the bottom of this list.
I went through them and want to share with you:

What Is My Plan?
Relationship With God
I want to rise early before my kids wake up and cover the day in prayer.
I want my kids to see me run to God in prayer over every need.
Whenever I send my kids off somewhere, I want to pray over them (friends house, school, babysitter).
I want to give praise to God often!
Word of God:
My reading daily plan: Devotional, Proverb of day, Sunday’s message, Thursday’s message.
I want to search God’s word for answers to my questions before I turn to other people.
In a church I look for the WOG being preached and practiced.
Most of all, I look for God’s calling for us to be there.
Discipling me: ?
I am discipling: My children
By living a life that pleases God, my friends and neighbors should see Jesus.
Relying on the leading of the Holy Spirit, sharing the gospel with people I run into.
Relationship with Family
I want to be submissive to my husband, not swaying him through manipulation, but trusting the Lord as I trust my husband’s leadership.
I want to bring my concerns to the Lord first, and ask Him to work in my husband’s life.
I want to encourage and support him in all his endeavors whether I agree with them or not.
I want to give and expect nothing in return except treasures in heaven.
I want at least 6 kids of my own. I would love adopt more.
I will discipline them for rebellion, teach them what the Bible says about living a life that pleases the Lord, and shepherd their hearts into being humble before God.
I want to homeschool them and I want everything we learn to be based off the truth of God’s Word, always pointing to the truths in the Bible
I want to bring my kids along with me and my husband in all the ministry we do and teach them how to get involved (play quietly, pray, help serve)
I want them to have the same devotional/prayer plan I do: Sunday’s message, Thursday’s message, quiet devotional time daily, praying over everything.
I want them to love Jesus and His Word, fearing Him in all they do.
Extended Family:
This is between God and I

Pray for sisters/brother and be available when they need me.
This is between God and I
Relationship with Friends:
Best Friends: Zack and Cristina Douglas
Close FriendsThis is between God and I, but I'll tell you, there aren't many. 3 or 4 tops.
I want friends who tell me the truth and the hard stuff and would lay down their life for me. Who fear God above man.
I will call my friends those who I can trust confidently and who lead me to the WOG and Jesus.
I want to be the friend that says the truth and hard things in love.
I want to be the friend that ONLY gives counsel from the WOG and not my own opinion.
I want to be a person of my word and go the extra mile for my friends.
I want to bless the socks off my friends and not mooch of them.

So there it is. Now when I am faced with something, I simply see if it lines up with what I believe the Lord has shown me, and if not, I say, "no". 
It's the same thing churches should do with their mission statements, or ministry leaders with their ministries.

So that you can always go back to the foundation. 
What is my calling? 
What is my plan? 
Does this line up with it?
Do you run your ministries like this?
Your family?
Your finances?
Your time?

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  1. Such good, precious thoughts, Cassie! and I love peeking at all the sweet pictures of your girls! :) They're adorable!