Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How Do I Remember?!? Part 2

Here are a few more sweet memories that I don't want to ever slip from my mind!!

I was at church in the bathroom stall with Alecia and Ahavah.
Ahavah tries to open the door while Alecia is going potty.
I explain, "Don't open the door Havi."
"Why?" she asks.
"Well, we don't want other people to see Leci's booty."

A minute later, I am going to the bathroom now and she peeks under the bathroom stall at someone else.
"Havah! Don't look under the stall, baby."
"Well, other people don't want you looking at their booty."
"But, I see mama's booty!" she proudly exclaims while pointing to my booty.
Everyone in the bathroom started laughing :)

We went to CostCo to get some groceries. 
We usually go with my dad.
As we walk in Ahavah asks, "Where's Papa?"
"He's not here. He's at home." I reply.
"Ahh... I want pizza..."

He always buys them pizza when we go to CostCo.

I was in the living room and I heard what sounded like water running. 
I turned into the kitchen to see Ahavah naked, squatting over a bowl, peeing in it!
I asked her, "What are you doing?!?"
She just looked at me as if she was thinking, "What mom!? This is totally normal!"

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