Monday, December 12, 2011

34 Weeks and Counting

I am really struggling at this point with this pregnancy.
Keep in mind I only carried my girls for about another week and a half from this point.

My days consist of constant back pain as well as menstrual cramping.
Nights are really rough for me right now. I have contractions all night long, the back pain and menstrual cramping get so severe that I get really neausious. I seriously spend 30-40 minutes every night in a hot bath for some relief, but get really sick feeling if I stay in there too long.

My husband is awesome! He cleans the kitchen every night. Draws me a hot bath with candles and music and helps out with the girls every day. He is my rock during these times.

Despite what EVERYONE tells me, I am so ready to go into labor. My doctor said that he is not worried about me going into labor at this point (after the 34 week mark) because the baby will do just fine. He said if I go into labor again to tell the nurses to call him and that he will deliver this baby. I am really hoping I go next week!

My girls are learning to be much more independent (see my last post). They clean the house for me really. lol. I help them out, but they do a lot of picking up now-a-days. Also my dad and step mom are coming into town tonight and spending a week and a half so that will really help time go by faster (and I could REALLY use the extra help!!).

So... I need a massage... and some raspberry leaf tea... and to keep up with all the love making ;) I think these things will help.

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  1. You should prefer the baby reach 36-37 weeks. My best friend delivered all of her babies at 35 & earlier. It was NEVER a normal delivery afterwards. The babies had to stay in care for a few weeks until they developed their swallow and could feed. So they had to be on NG tubes. Also, if you're going this early, and haven't had steroids, you still have to worry that her lungs aren't quite ready yet! DON'T ENCOURAGE it to happen earlier than it's supposed to! It could be bad for baby. And you want several children. She lost twins at 24 weeks.

    I know youre uncomfy, but that's part of the package!! and if you are going to try for a boy, you're going to be uncomfy again, and perhaps again... and again?? lol !!

    I'm sorry, but I'm rooting for you to make it to at least 36.5 weeks.

    :-) All the best.