Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh They Are Old Enough!

"They aren't even ___ years old yet... you can't possibly expect them to know/do that!"
"She doesn't even know what no means!"

I know, if you are a mother, you have heard this to be said about kids ranging from ages 0 to... actually some parents are always making excuses for their kid's behavior! I succumb to this as well. 

I also know you have seen those parents who run around the house doing all the cooking and cleaning, are stressed out beyond measure while their kids sit on the couch whining or playing video games.

What about the parents who don't feel like they can take their kids anywhere because of how they behave?

Or the homes that are filled with yelling and words or phrases that tear down instead of build up? 

"You always get on my nerves!!"
"Get away from me!"
"Can't you just obey once in your life?!?"

I fall into all of these descriptions on any given day! But then I spend time with the Lord and He reminds me of the lessons that He has taught me and the character that He has built (and is definitely still building) in me. It was a process of Him teaching me and showing me and disciplining me. 

My twins are now 15 months old. Now I know that I am FAR from a perfect mom, and FAR from having the perfect children, but I want to encourage you mother's by what my husband and I have taught our children. 

I really like lists and I also like to know what other parents did with their kids at the age that mine are at. Not that I expect my children to be exactly like theirs, but I desire that wisdom from mother's who have been through it... so know that your 15-month old (and possibly younger) ARE old enough to:

  • Pick up their own toys
  • Throw their diapers away (or anything away that you tell them to)
  • Put their clothes in the dirty hamper
  • Attempt to make their bed 
  • Go to their room when you say "Go to your room"
  • Get into their toddler bed (without throwing a fit) when it's time for bed: Ahavah is awesome at this! She goes willingly and cheerfully to bed almost every night and nap time!
  • Follow you when you walk to the laundry room/through a store (you may need to slow your pace a little) *We have not mastered this yet, partially my fault for not being consistent*
An amazing mother of six (her kids are all grown now) told me when she used to go to the grocery store, she would have six little heads following her around the store, not tearing things off the shelf, or complaining or fighting, but just following her obediantly. People would stop her and marvel! She said it was because if they did reach up on the shelf, mama would get that little finger of theirs! (Discipline and training is key folks! It can be done! Don't lower your standards!)
  • Stay somewhere and not move until you tell them to (whether sitting and playing quietly, or standing next to the car waiting to be put in their car seat ect.)'
  • Stop whining or crying (even after being disciplined) *They respond better to daddy on this one*
  • Stay out of the kitchen when you are cooking/cleaning
  • Stay in their room and play when told, without a gate up
There are many more then this, but I was surprised when other parents were surprised that our children can do all this. 

Our vision for our children is what forms how we train them:
  1. We want them to be able to partake in the ministry we do without being a distraction
  2. I personally want them to be as independent and helpful as possible because I want to be able to have a lot of children and will need their help.

So what is your vision? What is your plan? Are you one of the mother's listed above? What are you going to do to change that? 

Check out my last post about God Caring About Details and go through that list with a Bible in one hand and your ears and heart open to hearing what God wants for you and your family.

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