Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raising My Kids in Prayer

Prayer is such an important and seemingly overlooked ministry. 
I know personally, it is an area that I struggle in.
I therefore want to disciple my children to always be in prayer.

As of today, we started a "prayer vase" that we now add to our daily prayer routine. 
Here is how it works:

What we have done for a long time is prayed for missionaries and countries around the world where people are killed or persecuted for their faith, as well as the chaplain that we sponsor. Now we are adding to pray for a specific family or person (Red pieces of paper) and a ministry (Yellow pieces of paper) in our church daily.

Below is a map of countries that are hostile to Christianity, a Voice of the Martyrs Magazine, and the chaplain that we sponsor in Sudan.

Every morning, we pray for one country, one ministry in the church (the yellow peice of paper), and one family or person. 

We also read a short story from a Voice of the Martyrs Magazine and pray for that missionary.

We either do this while the girls are eating breakfast or while the girls are practicing their "Quiet Time."

I really pray this encourages you to start up a prayer ministry with your children at home. Teach them to pray for others as well as to run to the feet of Jesus with every care or concern they have in their own life.

I also pray that you are implementing this first in your own walk with Jesus. You cannot effectively disciple someone to do something that you do not practice yourself.

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