Monday, June 23, 2014

Discharged... Again...

We ended up getting discahrged Saturday late afternoon.

Her lead levels went from:
74 - Monday
47 - Thursday
56 - Saturday

Her lead level increased while we were in the hospital!
No one understands why. This is all under investigation by Poison Control and the Department of Health.

There are questions about Ahavah's x-rays and what we were really seeing and why more appeared on the second x-ray. There are theroies about the links between her bleeding disorder and the lead poisoning. The other strange thing is that she was on high dosage of iron supplements which should have prevented her from absorbing so much lead! 

We have the Department of Health meeting us at our home tomorrow. Praise the Lord my husband will be able to get off early to be there with me so we can ask questions, walk through all the testing of the paint, water, toys, cookingwear, food ect ect ect. I told Alex to bag up his work clothes so we can test those too. 

God has blessed us so so so much! We have a place to stay, people brining us meals and taking Alex and I out for dinner. I am beyond blessed! 

I really wanted to share somthing. As much as things seem inconvient, uncomfortable, and frighteneing, it's very sobering to keep this in mind: we have brothers and sisters who are being hunted, tortured, and killed for their faith in Christ all around the world. Yes, the emeny ramps up his attack on us here in the US by frustrating our lives, our health, our relationships, and our wallets, but I'm not gonna lie... I'm not being refused medical service because I beleive in Jesus. I'm not worried about military bardging into my home becuase we were signing praises and praying for our daughter while in the hospital. 

We are blessed guys. And seemingly "big" events that we face in our lives, in the view of eternity are so small! Jesus is all there is worth holding onto. There is nothing else. Not even our own children. 

Is Jesus really all that matters to you?
When you're faced with troubling times, do you doubt Him?
Are you shaken?
How weak is your faith! 
If you know your God, then fear and worry should have no place in your life.
Nothing should move you.

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  1. Oh I hope a cause is determined!! Praying for and thinking of you all. I hope all the kiddos are feeling great and that this gets figured out and cleared up ASAP!!!