Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Serve/Go Out with Little Ones

Granted, I am very much still in the process of learning the trick of being able to bring my kids everywhere I go, I have learned a few things.

My husband and I have always wanted to be able to take our kids anywhere. We didn't want to miss out on going to anything just because we have kids. We want them to be able to sleep anywhere, sit quietly and play by themselves, walk around and stay out of trouble, and even help us serve however they can.

As we took our kids to their Great Uncle Mark's Wedding, as well as our church outreach called God's Not Broke this weekend; we learned much, and trained our kids up much.

  1. Be Prepared: As a mom it is important to be prepared for any situation that may come up. This will save you from running to the store when you are out somewhere. Here are some ideas: Board Books, Blankets for sleeping or to set up a place where your kids can play quietly, Snacks, Emergency Meal (usually PB&J works well), Toys that don't make too much noise, any Special Items that will help your children go to sleep (blankie, stuffed animal, pacifier), sippy cups, extra wipes (for wiping dirty hands, faces, and butts), plastic bags (for dirty clothes, diapers ect), a traveling discipline tool (just because you're out of the house doesn't mean kids can act up), Teething medicine or other medicine.
  2. Training Starts At Home: Do you want your kids to respond to "no" "come here" "go night-night" "stay here" "don't touch" while you're out in public? Do you want to be able to lay your kids in a noisy room and have them go to sleep when they are tired? Do you want your children to be able to sit quietly and play during prayer meetings, weddings, or other quiet meetings? All this training MUST be done at home. You need to teach your kids that your "yes" MEANS "yes" and your "no" MEANS "no"! We have our kids practice taking their daily nap on the livingroom floor with the tv really loud, or vacuum running, or in their stroller while taking a walk or going shopping. Also read my post about Quiet Time
  3. Above All Else: Pray: Ask the Lord to give you ideas on how to train up your children in righteousness, with servants hearts, partaking in the ministry that you and your husband are doing. Ask Him to work on their little hearts and impart understanding and obedience in them. He does the work, He knows the heart, He is your strength!
Again I am still learning!! I am just posting what I have tried, learned or practicing.
I also have another little girl on the way and that experience will bring a whole new aspect to things I am sure.

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