Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pastor's Conference

Thursday was the Pastors Conference in Appleton. After having a really rough day with my girls on Tuesday, and a rough morning on Wednesday, I called my sister-in-law up (Cristina Douglas) and asked her if I could drop my girls off at her house for the weekend (she lives in Beloit WI). She agreed and we were off that night.
In need of a serious retreat, spirit
ually, emotionally, physically, it was perfect timing! MY husband and I got some one-on-one time and the Lord spoke to me so so so much over the weekend! I can't even remember all that He told me... that's why it's so important to take notes people!
  • God gives gifts and callings
  • What I may see as insignificant or as failure, may be an important part of God's plan; just trust and obey
  • Don't try to imitate people, just be true to who God made you and be obedient in what He is telling you
  • Don't assume those in leadership are always right. They too have carnal approaches to spiritual problems
  • Don't confuse your private life with a secret life
  • Don't defend yourself. Allow God to set the record straight
  • People who are the most destructive tend to not even be aware of what they are doing
  • Survival is the best revenge (out last yourcritics)
  • David had to face things that he knew he could never do on his own; therefore he knew it was all God and could take none of the glory
  • David was not picked because he was the strongest or the best, but because of his heart for God
  • God has his territory marked; don't mock or touch God's
  • Don't touch God's glory!
  • The heart is deceitful above all things.Only God knows it. Only God can reveal your secret faults and true evil intentions;He alone can search the heart and know they heart.
  • Words have a huge weight and huge effect; more then we often give them credit for
  • All the heros of the Bible needed to go through a trial in order to become a hero
  • The Psalms and great songs come fromheartaches & hard times
  • When my heart is overwhelmed, I need to go to the rock (Jesus)
  • God often takes the least likely and builds them up into something great!
  • Davids strength: fall to the ground in repentance; David's weakness: didn't confront other people's sins

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