Thursday, June 20, 2013

32 Weeks 4 Days

Man, it's been so long since I update on this pregnancy :(. I wanted to keep track of this one better then I did Hayven's, but not having internet sort of hinders that....

BackAches: Man! Seriously! Lower Back Pain Extravaganza! Hormonal or just pressure from the baby I am sure.

Pelvic Pressure: Lots of this! Just recently that stabbing sensation on the cervix.

Braxton Hicks: Not any regular everyday (which is disappointing...). But the ones I do have are pretty strong. I have to breath through them. Once a week I will have a day that I contract regularly. But otherwise throughout the week there isn'y much action. 

Sleeplessness replaces exhaustion: The last two weeks I am up until 3am on average. I just can't sleep! Then my husband gets up at 5am and I hear him and can't fall back asleep for another hour or two. But, then I sleep until 10:30! Thankfully my kids are trained to stay in their rooms until I come and get them in the morning. 

Anxious and Hormonal: Man! This is the point when I just want baby out! I am fat! My legs hurt! My feet hurt! Shirts hardly cover my belly. I am sticky and hot! I can't sleep! Ugh... 
But... My libido FINALLY came around this trimester, lucky for my husband (he really likes when I weigh more then I usually do). It's a REALLY good thing you can't get pregnant while you are pregnant!!

Cravings: I didn't really have any this pregnancy besides LOTS of fresh fruits and vegetables and blue cheese hamburgers. I wanted salads and fruit and veggie jucies. Just recently I am craving ANYTHING junky! I just need to keep the weight down (gained about 30lbs so far).

Exercise: Doing house work when I can. My husband "takes me out for walks" (as he says) every single day for at least 30 minutes. I also have an exercise ball I have been just doing stretches on. 

All in all, things are going well! My due date is August 11th. 
My goal is July 21st (37 weeks -which would be the longest I have ever been pregnant) so that I can do a water birth.
But, God's will be done :)

P.S. We are registered at Target (just search for Cassie Deputie). :)


So after going back through my old blog posts and reading about my past pregnancies, I was encouraged to jot down a few more details that seemed to be trends in my pregnancies.

I am seriously craving sweets and junk food (which I mentioned above). I guess in my past pregnancies, this is when I started to pound on the pounds (no pun intended). Good thing to watch out for... considering I just finished an ENTIRE box of Cheese-its....

I am not sleeping much except between 3am-6am and then maybe 7am-11am (which I also briefly mentioned above). I got a lot of reading done in my last pregnancies at this time. I have been doing the same thing this time around! I am flying through my Bible!! I have almost read the whole thing in the last 6 months. I believe I am 2/3 through the Bible. Currently reading through 1 Samuel and Nehemiah.

My teeth really hurt. I know with the twins I got 14 cavities with their pregnancy. I guess it's pretty common for this to happen due to lack of nutrients. Well, my teeth really hurt and it looks like my back ones are turning black :( Not sure what to do about this...

I am not itchy (except for the mosquito bites) and have not gotten any stretch marks so far with this pregnancy. I can see the one's from the twin's, though they are very faint.

Something to Remember: When Alex just lays his hand on my belly, it's like Elias gets charged up. I feel him sense Alex. He moves and seems to get energized by him. It's a really weird feeling. Not sure if it's true that the way they are in the womb tends to show who they will be out of the womb... interesting to remember.

My feelings: I am more the excited to meet my little boy. My son. My whole life I have prayed for a son. I have ached for a son and God has given me one! I am so in love with all my kids (don't get my wrong), but there is something about a mom and her son...


  1. So his name will be Elias? I remember before you knew Elias was a he, that you dreamt of Hezekiah (I believe) can you share how you decided to name him Elias instead? (I do prefer Elias to Hezekiah, but I'm just curious on how you chose his name)

    Actually I am curious about how you all came upon all of your kids' names. I'm seeing the name Hayven/Haven a lot more lately now (I love it!) I also really love Ahavah.

    If I'm not reaching too much I think it would make for an interesting post?

    Does Elias have a middle name yet? Is that name Hezekiah?


    1. Yes his middle name will be Hezekiah.
      I wanted this to be the first name but my husband did not. He choose the name Elias. I am very happy and wanted him to name his son :)

      Hayven I fell in love with as I was reading through psalms while I was pregnant with her. There was a certain psalm that stuck out to me that said god was a safe haven. This is my prayer for Hayven, that she would find her safety in God.

      Ahavah is Hebrew for love. My husband and I wanted to name our daughter this when we took our first trip to Israel. There is a cosmetic line actually called Ahava. Also, when my husband and I were courting, we were studying Sng of Solomon in church and heard of the word ahavah.

      Alecia was just a name I loved and wanted to name my other daughter. It's means of royal birth. My prayer for her is that she remembers who's daughter she is and how much he loves her.

  2. Also about the teeth, can you up the calcium intake at all to help combat your body taking it from you teeth? I am sure your midwife/OB should have some suggestions? That's definitely something I would truly be concerned about. I know it happens a lot, but there surely should be a way to balance it a bit more, no?

  3. Agreed. We have looked into things to help the teeth regenerate such as raw cow butter, fermented cod liver oil ect.

  4. Thanks for the notes about their beautiful names! I love them all. I have boy names chosen, but no girls names. I too am aching for a son! I pray when the time comes for me to be a mother that I do not agonize over naming my child(ren) Its so important to me to pick the RIGHT name!

    I'm so excited to "meet" Elias Hezekiah! :-) But I still hope you hang in there as long as possible since that's best for baby. I know you are struggling, and I have no idea how hard it is to carry a baby yet

    Best wishes with your teeth and the remainder of your pregnancy as well. It went so fast (on this end anyway, lol) I can't believe you're almost about to meet him on the outside!!