Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Mission Field

Praise the Lord for the warm days! It was a beautiful day yesterday and we walked all the way to the library. I was really blessed because I got to talk to quite a few people and the Lord revealed many things to me.

One of the people I got to talk to was an older man. His dogs were out in the yard. A large one that was quite satisfyed with just laying there watching us walk by. There was also a rambunctious little dog that made it a point to make his existance known to us as we strolled by. I pulled the stroller over and said to my girls, "Regardez! C'est un chien!" "Look! It's a dog!"

The man who owned the dogs came out to scolled his little one. When he noticed we were standing there he said, "Hi there! Your babies want to see my dogs? Come on out guys!" He opened his back door and out came waddling 4 more little dogs.

We got to talking a bit and he explained that him and his wife had 6 dogs, 2 birds, and a cat. I asked why he had so many pets and he explained that his youngest son was 17 and wasn't around much. So, he was trying to fill his void with animals. I
prayed and asked the Lord to give me the words to say to him, but I felt like I was supposed to just listen. We wrapped up our conversation and as I walked away I asked the Lord, "Why didn't I get to say anything?" The Lord told me, "I want you to walk by this man's house and get to know him and his wife. I will use you to speak to them."

I am really excited about this summer! I have a great conversation starter right in front of me that I push around in a double stroller!

Lord, please open up doors all around
this neighborhood for me to get to know
people and share my relationship with You!
I love You! People are dying and going to Hell
and they are living all around me.
Please use me this summer!

Here is a hilarious comic strip that I got in an email. Enjoy!


  1. HAHA! That is a funny comic :-) That is so neat man that the Lord is opening up doors for you to be a light in your neighborhood! I hope you are well and feeling better!! Hopefully we get some warm days here soon again!! Would love to come and see you again! Love you man!

  2. You always have had such a gift for sharing Christ's love with those around you... that does make the warmer weather exciting!