Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Intimacy with My Father

Ahavah Eden Deputie and her Daddy at the park behind Grammy's house on Easter.

Alecia Grace Deputie and her Aunty Alyssa on the tire swing!

Doing the "twin thing" on the slides

Ahavah... my princess :)

Daddy's girl Alecia taking a snooze in the sun

Ahavah sitting in the crack of the couch. Strangly enough, she actually really likes it there.

Oh, to be close with my Father. Oh, to long to be held by Him. To run to Him with all my questions, when I am scared, when I don't know where to go. Although He disciplines me, I know He is doing it because He loves me, and I love Him. As long as my Father tells me to do something, I know I can do it! If He believes in me, then I know that I am able. WIth my Father by my side I am safe, secure, important, on the right path, not going to stumble, not going to get lost or hurt, being loved on, filled with joy, taken care of, nothing can come against me that my Father cannot take on. :) Oh, the sweet intimacy with my Father.

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