Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Season :)

So, God is good and it's time for a new season!

There are a number of great exciting changes going on! As most of you already know... I am pregnant. It for for certain. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning and it was positive right away. And... the scary part is... I am already showing! I don't care who believes me or not, but I know I am already showing. Here I will take a picture and show you.

I have an appointment tomorrow and then an ultrasound on the 2nd. I would not be surprised, and not be disappointed, if it were twins again!

The other great news is my dad is courting! I am very happy and super excited! It was official as of Sunday. :)

God is good. He is faithful. His timing is perfect. I am so blessed !!!

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  1. Hooray!! Hooray!! Praying for you & that precious blessing!