Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Much Needed Update

So we moved! 
Our apartment seems so... BIG!
I really REALLY like it!
We are right by a library (Which is where I am right now since we don't have internet yet).
We have a HUGE garage. 

And our Master Bedroom!!! Oh my GOSH!! IT'S HUGE!!!!!! :) :)

All we have is a bed too...

Other then my sprained wrist and near passing out episodes, things are going well!

God has been teaching my husband and I how to walk in His Spirit and use the gifting we have together and separately. The Lord has also been teaching me all about diligence in teaching my kids his Word (Deuteronomy 6) as well as just good habits I want them to have. 

One thing that I purpose to do is wake up before the kids and get some coffee and some Bible in my system BEFORE one of the girls wake up. Also we have gotten into the habit of talking about what I read in my devotions together over breakfast.  I have been trying to keep the girls up with daily chores so that they know this is a team effort as far as the house goes. They make their beds, wipe the tables, help sweep, help with laundry, help wash dishes ect. 

It's so great being a mom and raising little ones. I can't even get over how great it is!!!
 Hopefully I remember to bring my camera to the library next time and I will upload some recent pictures and such. 

Until then... 
Press into your Savior and get to know Him more :)

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  1. So glad to see an update from you; I just asked Katie about you the other day :) Glad things are going well! I was excited to hear your news!! :D