Thursday, January 13, 2011

Story of My Life... Seriously

Well I don't kow if the Lord has called me to a ministry of sickness, or if I just need constant physical problems in order to keep walking with Him, but either way, I will walk through it joyfully.
So I am STILL in much pelvic pain, nausea, dizzy ect. Turns out my cervix and uterus is infected... at least that is the conjecture... only God knows what is really wrong.

I really wish I had been obediant and just listened to the Lord when He told me to store up on breast milk. Since I gave birth He has been loveingly say, "Cassie, pump after every feeding and store up that breast milk." "Oh no Lord, I don't feel like hooking up my pump after every feeding and pumping another 5-10 minutes after I fed twins. Besides, I have enough for a few dates." Well now I need to be on another week of pain killers and antibiotics :( Sorry Lord!

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