Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cloud 9

Seriously, there is nothing... not even a hint of anything better... then having kids and being a mom. Everyday, I am on cloud 9. I LOVE the poopy diapers, the crabby moods, the "I just want my mommy" cries, the spit up puddles on my kids toys, the smiles, the laughs, and even the late night feedings when I get to bring my warm little baby up against my body and feed them until we both fall asleep. I love looking deep into those little brown eyes that are staring at me so intensly and thinking, "Wow Lord! What an honor! What a gift! What a responsibility! What a joy!"

I am not lying... I really do love the good and bad. I NEVER in my life thought I would be as happy as I am now. I never thought I would be glad to hear my baby scream and throw a temper tantrum. It sounds weird, but I am just so stinkin happy to be a mom! I don't recall a time since they have been born where I am like, "Uhgg... seriously?!? This is so irritating and hard!" I LOVE IT!

I must journal how Alecia gets when her daddy comes home. So all day long, Alecia is the quiet, laid back one. She smiles and laughs when tickled. She talks but usually only when there is nothing else going on (no tv, music, other people). But man, when Alex gets home... she is a totally different child! She hears him come in the front door and gasps like we do when we are so surprised and filled with joy. Her smile doesn't fade for the rest of the night. Just seeing Alex come in and out of the room she is in and she is laughing and moving her arms and legs in excitement. No one can stop her from talking when Alex comes down to her level. Alex can make her laugh so hard and for hours! She is just so thrilled with him! I love to see that! My dad was (and still is) my hero and the 2nd greatest man in my life. I want her daddy to be the same to her. I want her to honor, respect, and look up to her dad as long as she lives. Of course, her daddy will fail her because he is human, but what a great example of our heavenly Father!

Ahavah loves me. Well, Alecia does too lol, but Ahavah is my little baby. When she is tired or doesn't feel well, she doesn't usually want anyone else but me. She will snuggle into the chest until she can't get any closer and drift off into bliss.

i can't wait for some things. Now when i say this, I am by no means wishing that this age that I have these girls now will go faster. I truley am enjoying every day and every moment. But I am looking forward to:
  • When the girls start crawling and getting into things (coloring on the walls, eating out of the garbage, rolling all the toilet paper off the roll)
  • The temper tantrums and the whole learning/discipling role as a parent
  • To get on my hands and knees and chase my girls all over the apartment
  • To watch the girls and daddy wrestle on the floor
  • To get washable markers and color all over the bathtub and kitchen floor
Thankyou Lord for allowing me to parent Your kids! I am enjoying it so so so much! Please always help me to see them as blessings. Please help me push into You and not get stressed out. I want to keep the perspective of what really matters and what is no big deal. You're awesome! What a joy! What a career! What a life! Marriage is awesome! The role as a wife is so fulfilling! The role as a mother is just the frosting on the cake! The sweet topping to my role in this family. I love it! Praise You Jesus! I would take 6 more kids if You wanted me too. I love it!

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