Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ear Infections, Bottle Feeding, Scheduling

Well my poor children have double ear infections. I couldn't bring them to their doctor's appointment, so I pulled out my old notes on homeopathic remedies and decided to stick garlic in their ears. I also used this great stuff called Similasan which one can get from Target off the shelf. It's an all natural ear drop that sooths the pain from an ear infection.

Being that I am currently on antibiotics and oxycoding, I am not nursing despite what the doctors say. If these medicines can have such an effect on me, I can't get myself to believe that they have no effect on my babies. So I am feeding my girls breast milk I stored as well as supplementing with formula so that the breast milk will last for the 5 days I am going to be on pills. I feel quite emotional about not nursing them for almost a week, but I know the Lord's grace is sufficient.

I am going to start a schedule with the girls this week and see how it goes. It's going to go something to this effect:
8am Wake Up, Diapers, Feeding
9am Devotions and Worship Together
10am Developmental Skills and Language Skills
11am (Or a little later) Diapers, Feeding, Nap Time (3-4 hours)
11:30-12:30 Guitar/Singing
12:30-1:30 French Lessons
1:30-2:30 Clean
2:30-3pm More Devotions
3pm Diapers, Feeding, Play Time
4pm Prepare Dinner
6pm Diapers, Feeding
9pm Diapers, Feeding, Bedtime Stories
10pm Bedtime

Ministry, of course, comes as a priority to this schedule; so any ministry that interferes with it will get done. The evenings are not planned out because every evening is different. But I figure if I keep the bedtime routine pretty consistent, the kids will benefit. My goal for this schedule is that devotional time stays a priority and also it helps me get done what I need to in a day. But you know what they say, "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken."

The girls <3>

Lord, you know my desire is to raise these kids, Your kids, in such a way that they fear You all the days of their lives. Continue to weed out the character traits in my life that misrepresent You. Continue to show me how to be a selfless mother who is consistent in teaching and training up these kids. Lord, if it's Your will, please bless me with more kids. I love being a mother and I thank you so much for such a wonderful place in this world...

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