Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Surgery

So surgery went well... I was very nervous to be put under. I kept watching the video on my cell phone of my baby girls smiling and laughing at me as I wanted for the nurse to come in and put the medicine in my IV to put me to sleep. She came in and put a small vile in my IV. I asked her if this was the medicine that would put me to sleep. All she said was, "You are going to feel like you drank a couple of glasses of wine." They rolled me into another room, had me switch beds, and then I was being waked by another nurse. I know I fell asleep with no panties on and in pain and woke up with panties on and still in pain. I am thankful that the nurse didn't answer my question or else I would have been even more nervous.

So my doctor said he is a little concerned that something isn't right so he sent everything in for a biopsy. He found more tissue in my uterus then he expected, but he just isn't sure if it is dead placenta or not. I will find the results out in about a week or so.

I am VERY sore. I feel worse then I did before the surgery and I feel like they didn't even remove what they were supposed to. I am assuming I am just extra sore in that spot from the scraping. It's hard to take care of my girls and be in so much pain. I don't want to take anymore pain meds though. I have been taking a lot lately.

I have had much help from Alex, my mom, Charity, Kara and Stacy (who is in the process of moving in with us). Praise God for family!

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