Saturday, December 18, 2010

Always Something Isn't There?

So I have been in some serious pain for a time now. Consistently a week, but really since the birth of the girls. Nausea and the works. Went in for my "6 week" (4 month) check up and they found calcified objects in my uterus. It looks like pieces of placenta, but the fact that they are calcified worries my OBGYN. So Tuesday I am going in for a G and C, Hystoscopy something, and a biopsy just to be safe that we aren't dealing with anything more serious. I believe it's just parts of one of the girls placenta left over in there. So on the mean time I am on pain killers that are somewhat like vicoden. Oxycoding I believe.

We combined our room with the girls room... well their room with ours actually. It's snug and really family like. I love it! It's because someone is moving into the other room of our apartment. I am really excited about this. It brings our family closer (literately) and puts us through a time of really checking our relationship and how we treat each other and raise our kids.

I have stopped giving the girls rice cereal... they don't really know what to do with it yet.
Ahavah is talking non-stop all the time! Even when I put them down in their crib for a nap or for bed, they talk and talk and talk and laugh. It's super cute. Alecia may end up being the shy one after all. If you talk to her, she gets excited then turns her head and looks away. Ahavah just keeps laughing and smiling looking right at you. Their personalities swap all the time.

Here are some things I want to remember:
  • How they sleep with their hands outright like they are praising the Lord (mostly Ahavah)
  • How they think it's hilarious to grab their legs and push them into their bellies
  • How they smile and talk to each other and seriously look like they are conversing
  • How they get so excited when I walk into a room they gasp and shake with joy
  • How they say "Hi" and "Yeah" all the time
  • How they try to snuggle closer and closer and closer to you
  • How they stick their whole fist in their mouth to suck on it and then choke and then smile
  • How they talk to daddy on the phone while he is at work
  • How horrible their farts smell (true Connors)
  • How they love when I sing and play guitar. It puts them to sleep
  • How they LOVE their petit pim videos and intently stare at them and laugh
  • How they lift their head and smile at me when I walk by their crib when they are supposed to be asleep
I am sure there is much more that I wish to remember about them being babies at this time.

I love being a mother so much! Seriously, there is nothing else in the world that I would rather do. I was talking to my mom yesterday (the girls are calling her masha) and we were talking about death. I told her that if I were to die or be told I have cancer and was going to die, there is nothing I would regret. Honestly! There is nothing I want more then to mother children and be a wife to a man that loves me like crazy! I have been beyond blessed! I am living to the fullest and have joy to the fullest. And it's all because I followed Christ most of the days of my life. I am so thankful for all that He has blessed me with. I totally don't deserve it, but He gave it! I love Him, I love Him, I love Him and I hope and pray that my children will come to know my Lord as theirs.

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