Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baby Cereal Time

Since my girls are almost 4 months, and they seem to want to eat more and more often, I gave them rice cereal for th first time last night. Alecia loved it ! Ahavah didn't quite know how to eat it. She is learning. It may be a little early to start feeding them rice cereal, so I am not sure if I am going to continue or not.

These girls are laughing out loud now and talking ALL the time. It's super cute. I love it. They aso put everything in their mouth. I wrap them in a blanket and set them in their swings, come back and they are uncovered and have the blanket clutched in their hand and jaw.

I weigh FAR less then I did before I was pregnant. I weighed 152lbs before I got pregnant. In my first trimester I stayed at 141lbs. I got to 185lbs at the end of my pregnancy and I now weight.... drum roll please... 136lbs ! I store my fat differently. I have extra skin in my stomach area and my hips are wider. I don't mind the larger hips... however this extra skin is a bit disturbing. MY husband loves it (praise God).

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