Monday, November 29, 2010

Road Trip and First Cold

So we went to Chicago to visit Jeff and Moe Deane for Thanksgiving. They had quite a few people over and some of the kids there were sick. Naturally, my girls caught a cold. Their first cold ! It is a milestone in their development if you ask me. I have found I am not a mother that freaks out when their kids are sick. Nothing in me wants to rush them into the hospital so doctors can reassure me that they will get better on their own.

I have learned more about my daughters over this trip. Ahavah does great on road trips. She doesn't get fussy or anything. She just sits quietly in the back staring out the window. Alecia, on the other hand, does NOT like road trips ! She cried seriously almost the whole way to and from out 6 hour destination. She doesn't like to go that long without being held.

I have also learned a lot about what I want to train my kids to be like. This family we stayed with had trained their kids unlike anything I have seen before. They have 6 kids, all homeschooled. Their kids do EVERYTHING without complaining and are really hard workers. One of their boys just up and cleaned the kitchen several times while we were there. He would be in the kitchen in the morning when we woke up cleaning, he would take a break from playing Xbox with his friends to clean, and he would clean before he went to bed. The kitchen was spotless the whole time we were there ! Actually the whole house was spotless !

Also, their kids helped each other out all the time without complaining. One sister would be laying on the couch and ask the other sister to grab her something from the fridge or dining room and they would ! Without complaining ! Joyfully ! I was shocked ! In my family, we complain about doing each other favors ALL THE TIME ! I have never seen anything like this.

Not to mention the kids hardly fought. There was one incident with something that one of the boys said to one of the girls and the girl went right to her father who dealt with the problem. The boy then cam back and apologized to each person involved in the conversation.

These kids are hard-working, respectful kids. The house is filled with joy and love. And they eat diner as a family every night. I want that so bad in my family. I want a functioning family unit that has peace, love, respect and honor to it's name. It all starts in our marriage I believe. The kids need to know that Alex is the head of the house. He is the man and he has the final authority. They need to see me shower him in respect, and they need to see him shower me in love.

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