Thursday, November 11, 2010

J'adore etre la femme au foyer est la mere !

These kids are awesome! Thankyou Jesus! They sleep 9 hours a night, take a 4-5hour nap in the day, and are really good when we take them anywhere. Unless they have gas, they are generally smiley.

We are seeing the importance of training them so young. Because of how I treat my husband when he's home, they recognize he is the head of the house and actually listen to him. Ahavah especially. She seems to be the hard-headed on (comme moi). When she wants to be held, she will cry non-stop until she gets what she wants. But if Alex is home, and he gets in her face and tells her, "No Ahavah. Stop." it works miracles! Much better then me saying, "Non, Ahavah. Arrête."

Otherwise, I shower my girls in the Word daily, we watch "Petit Pim", and we read "Bonsoir Lune," et "Qui Suis-Je?". We do our ABC's too. Sometimes we paint our toe nails or put product in their hair so it gets really curly. I can't wait until they start sitting up so we can take baths together and color all over the tub with markers or paint! I am really excited for that!

So my prediction on how my children will act:
Ahavah: the hard-headed, ambitious, energetic one. She won't be tom boyish, but she will want to kick it with the guys. My goal is to teach her how to own her own faith and use her ambition and hard-headedness to do what the Lord directs her to do no matter what anyone says.

Alecia: More laid back, a snuggler, more intamate. When she shares something I think it will be honest and from her heart. I want to train her to not be scared to be vulnerable. I want to encourage her to invest herself in the lives of others by listening to them, crying and rejoicing with them, and interceding with them.

This is just my prediction. I pray that the Lord reveals to me how they are and how to train them up so that they will walk in Him.

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