Friday, November 5, 2010

9 1/2 weeks old

Oh my goodness! These babies grow VERY fast!

Alecia started smiling and laughing in the middle of last week. Ahavah just started this week. They smile all the time (when they aren't crying from gas pains that is).

Alecia has been a serious mamas girl! She cries and is really fussy. Either it's gas pains, or just fussiness. It's cute now... but will get seriously annoying later in life I am sure.

Ahavah is going from her belly to her back.

Alecia makes noises like she is trying to say "mom".

So I talked to someone who had twins and now has one baby and they were telling me the differences. One of the biggest differences was that they felt like they wanted to hold their one baby all the time. They didn't feel that way with the twins because they didn't want to hold one more then the other and couldn't just hold them both all day. That is exactly how I feel. I get worried i don't hold them enough! But I try to have one on one time with them everyday.

Their gas pains are pretty bad :( They randomly just start screaming. It wakes them from their sleep.

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