Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Pencil Grip & Ultra Safe Safety Scissors Review

I remember when I was little and my mother, who was a fanatic about writing properly and beautifully, had me use these classic pence grips on my number 2 pencil as I learned the art of cursive writing. I never realized the impact these little grips would have on my penmanship. I had no idea these little grips were still around!

We had the privilege of being able to use The Pencil Grip, Inc. 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit as well as The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors.

My oldest three daughters (ages 7, 7, 5) used 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit in their daily school work. It took about a week or two for the kids to learn and remember how to grip the pencil grips appropriately. They did not like using them at all when they first started. After all, it's challenging how they naturally hold their pencils. But after several weeks, they grew into enjoying the use of them.

The 3 Step Pencil Grip is designed to be a progression from The Crossover Grip for training, The Pinch Grip which is supposed to balance structure with a bit more freedom in their pencil holding abilities, and then finally graduates to The Pencil Grip which is perfect for extended use giving appropriate comfort and control.

Another exciting product my 4-year-old son got to utilize was The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors. These scissors are perfect for the preschooler/kindergartener who is a little reckless in his ways ;). I had no worries with him handling these scissors and his cutting abilities have greatly improved because he was so excited to cut anything and everything he could using his very own pair of scissors. We cut paper, card stock and even a package of bacon with these scissors and they worked marvelously. He's learning where to properly insert something he desires to cut and he still has all 10 fingers!

Overall, The Pencil Grip, Inc. offers some pretty cool tools for training a child in the basic skills needed to begin their life of learning. I was very pleased with The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit as well as The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors

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