Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Reading Eggs Review

Two of my children have been having an absolute blast reviewing Reading Eggs! My 4-year old has been exploring the very beginnings of this program, and my 5 1/2 year old the 1st-2nd grade level. Both have equally magnificent things to say about Reading Eggs, as do I!

The Jist of Reading Eggs

There are 3 levels to the reading part of Reading Eggs:
(1) Reading Eggs Junior ages 2-4: a non-structured animated play land meant to explore and learn along the way! The pupil searches for the hiding eggs in each land. Each eggs includes a special set of games to play progressing until a reward is attained. The player earns stickers and starts in their award section as they progress through play.

(2) Reading Eggs ages 3-7: This is a bit more structured lesson progression but still just as animated and fun as Reading Eggs Junior! These lessons work through the basics and the more complex parts of phonics and reading comprehension, spelling and vocabulary. As your child grows, the lessons grow too! 

(3) Reading Eggspress ages 7-13: This section provides a more mature setting, still fun and engaging, for the older children to grow tremendously in their reading skills. 

There is also a Mathseeds program for ages 3-9. The layout of this is similar to the reading portion with a narrow road winding through a colorful landscape as the child's character journeys lesson by lesson into differing worlds and acquiring new skills. These lessons number from 1-180 covering roughly ages 2-9 years old. My 4-year-old started on lesson 1 where my 5 1/2 year old around lesson 80. 

A child's profile is created and their progress tracked. There is a parent dashboard and a child dashboard. The younger ages cannot close out of the program without the assistance of an adult. 

There is also a homeschool lesson plan tab for kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. Here's a screen shot of what those look like.


I have experimented with several online supplemental programs for homeschool and I must say this has been my favorite for several reasons:

(1) Simple to navigate, Simple lessons: The simple layout of a progressing path the child's character is traveling on and moving from lesson to lesson is brilliant and simple. The younger reading level is a gigantic animated play land with education with every click going from inside a home, to the jungle in just a click.

(2) Fantastic first-class animation, music, and books: The animation included in Reading Eggs is very high-class! The best I've seen. The cartoons, the voice overs, and the songs are so impressive! I wanted to keep watching the videos. 

(3) Full Parental Control: Unlike some online educational programs, I have complete control over moving my child ahead or moving them behind in the lesson progression. They aren't required to test into a lesson or forced to pass a lesson. I can go into my parental controls and change where I feel my child should be. 

(4) Engaging and Retains Attention of even the most skittish child: I LOVED all the in-between activites when one lesson was being completed and colorful balloons would appear to be popped or a bumble bee zipped across the screen begging to be chased; so fun!!

(5) Includes a wide variety in both reading and math: The amount of books and songs available is more then impressive. My son wasn't interested in the book section of this program until he stumbled upon the animal book section. He spend 15 minutes paging through the "Large Cats" book followed by the "baby animal" book. Also in the younger (2-4) age reading and math level there were such a plethora of activities covering concepts such as matching, sorting, puzzles, sounds, forming letters, identifying shapes and more!

(6) Seems much more like a game then school: I would get sucked into watching my child explore each new land and discover what application of the lesson at hand would surprise us next. 


The only Con I could find was so minute I was struggling with even mentioning it, but since it was a bit of a bother, I thought it would be worth commenting. In Reading Eggs Junior, the primary screen that appears scrolls on it's own across a landscape that has figures standing each representing a land to explore. Unfortunately, manually scrolling across the landscape is not an option and the child has to sit and wait for the slow moving screen to pan across until the land they are wanting appears on the horizon.

More then any other online supplemental program we've ever tried! We love Reading Eggs!

PLEASE try this 4-week trail period!

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