Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Captain Bayley's Heir - Where History, Thrill and Faith Collide

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I'm found,
Was blind, but now I see.

'twas Grace that taught,
my heart to fear.
And grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear,
the hour I first believed.

Captain Bayley's Heir by Heirloom Audio Productions, which we had the privilege to review, is a beautiful audio drama where history, thrill, and faith collide in about a 2-hour long audio drama. The story takes place in England and the American West during the time of the American Gold Rush. 

The Plot of the Story
The story opens with our story teller, Mr. George, encouraging young Frank with a story that he is writing about America's Gold Rush. He narrates the story as we hear about characters such as Harry, a young, lame boy who plays the fiddle, Frank Norris and his "cousin" Alice Hardy who are under the care of their uncle Captain Bayley, along with their other cousin Fred Barkley. Frank saves Harry's dog from drowning and because of this earns his friendship and the respect of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Hall.

Frank and his friend from university get into some trouble as they attended a fight that led to them getting into a fight themselves, an event that winds up getting Frank expelled from the school he attended. Frank sends a letter asking for forgiveness from his uncle Captain Bayley, with an inquiry as to if he believes Frank to be innocent, but gets no response. Embarrassed and determined to show his uncle, Captain Bayley, that he is a man and can earn his way in life, he sails off to America.

Frank learns many lessons about the character God on his journey. One such lesson occurs when Frank sees the horror of the Indians slaughtering the caravans of people moving south; he learns that God's grace allows us to see the "why" in what people do. He learns the white people did the same thing the Indians did and we all are savages in need of God's amazing grace. Also, as Frank yearns for his Uncle's acceptance, he learns what he's really longing for is God's acceptance which we can only get through God's grace. 

One of the climaxes of the story is when Mrs. Hall discovers the solution to a gripping mystery that has had Captain Bayley in bondage for years. Another is when Frank nearly loses his life to save some victims from coach robbers.

Captain Bayley, Alice, Fred, and Harry finally found Frank nearly dead in America. They traveled back to England, resolved the mystery behind the "stolen" bank notes and Frank discovers the love of his life and comes to full understanding of God's grace on his life and the lives the others. 

How We Liked It
We listened to the whole adventure of Captain Bayley's Heir several times always getting gripped with tears at the reunion of the family and singing of Amazing Grace; we always got giddy and excited when we found out who Frank fell in love with, and we were always gripped with fear and excitement at the battle scenes between the American's and the Indians or the innocent wagon riders and the robbers.  

More Then Just An Audio Series
Extra and Bonus Material

Heirloom Audio created a sister website that comes along side you as the teacher or parent to get the most out of this historical audio drama. This website helps you turn this audio drama into an entire history cirriculum. 

The bonus material for Captain Bayley's Heir includes the entire audio book online available for streaming, the written out script of each chapter in the book, a downloadable e-book, the official soundtrack (which I am listening to right now), printable posters, as well as an incredible study guide. 

The study guide includes track by track comprehension questions as well as thinking it further questions that challenge your listener to identify character traits, crical thinking skills and situational ethics, and so much more. There are side notes throughout the study guide explaining certain themes, items, or places that come up in the audio series and give a good explanation of what they are. 

Our favorite of the online bonus content was the quizzes that are offered to take after each chapter. 

There is so much more bonus content! 
Here's a few more screen shots. 

We loved this series and have always loved what Heirloom Audio produces. It's very professional, clean, exciting, historical, and impactful. 


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