Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"I'm the Daddy Now!"

My son is something else I tell you...

The other morning, he comes into my bedroom deep in a stretch. He looked just like his daddy. Sleepy eyed. Adorable.

He gazes at the empty spot on the bed next to me and said, "Mom. Daddy said when he's not home, I'm the daddy... I'm the daddy now!"

I laughed at him, not believing these words were coming out of my 3-year old's mouth. He walked to the window and moves my curtain aside. His little eyes were searching the street looking for Alex's work truck. Reassured that daddy really is gone, he takes a deep breath and says, 

"Yep... I'm the Daddy now..."

I later found out the REAL story.
Alex was teaching him that as the oldest boy in the family, it was his job to watch out for everyone while Daddy was away - help mom carry things, take care and protect his sisters ect...

But all he heard is:
"When Daddy's gone, you're in charge!"

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