Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Daughter's First Love

It was Valentine's Day and I was waiting for Alex to get home. I had a massage at 4:30pm and then Women's Bible Study at 7pm. I also had to eat dinner and nurse Aryeh before I went to Bible Study. 

I looked at the clock and realized it was VERY close to the time I had to leave... 
still no Alex...

Almost an hour past the time he told me, Alex comes through the door. I was busy with some business ordeals, but I heard the sound of plastic bags. I looked up and in walks my love with a hand full of heart shaped balloons. 

Oh! He got me balloons! I thought.

He then proceeded than the balloons out to each of our daughters. He sat the girls down. He gave them each a box of chocolates, a card addressed to them specifically from their Daddy, and a rose. 

Their eyes lit up! They couldn't believe the LOVE their Daddy had shown them!
THEY were his Valentine!

He explained to them that one day they would meet someone they would fall in love with. Someone that God had chosen for them to marry. Until that day, they were Daddy's love and he was going to prepare them for their future husbands. 

I was holding back the tears bawling like a pregnant lady watching a drama film. I tried to refrain from shaking and totally losing it as I recorded the precious moments that occurred. 

Alex looked over at me, 
"You okay?" He asked. 
Losing it again, I simply said,
"Wow! You're an incredible dad!"

His eyes filled with tears and he held me as we watched the girls rejoice over their prized possessions reading thier cards over and over again. 

He leaned over and pulled out a coconut water from his backpack, handed it to me and said, "Don't worry babe, I got you."


  1. That is so sweet my grandpa gave me roses one time because he felt bad that I got injured and could barely walk☺💙❤

  2. OMGosh!!! tears galore over hear... Wow Praise the Lord for godly Daddy's that love their Family. what a Blessing. Right on Alejos!!! love y'all mi Familia.