Saturday, February 11, 2017

Benefits of Homeschooling #3: Healthy Kids

In case you missed it:

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We are usually, in our natural habitat, a late night family. We are "full time ministry" and ministry usually happens at night. Staying up late means that we need to be able to sleep in, which is a fantastic benefit of homeschooling!

I get "full control" over how my kids sleep, eat, and move.

SLEEP: I know they need 10-12 hours at night and three of mine usually nap still. I can make sure they get all the sleep they need to stay healthy. I also can make sure they get extra sleep when they are sick (usually with some educational movies they can chill out with).

Speaking a sleeping!!! Look at these cuties!!!

I know my kids are getting EXERCISE. I can take them out during the day to the park, the lake, a gymnastics class, on a bike ride or a winter walk to the library. I can pop in a pilates video and we can all do it together.

Snow tubing for instance! Yes the kids ditched us for their friends. Alex and I got a nice date time together ;)

I also know they are EATING wholesome foods! Whole, nutritious made from scratch food! All day. Every day. They are learning about what's an appropriate breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and desserts. They know too many sweets are not good for their health. They know they NEED to finish their vegetables completely before getting seconds of something they enjoyed.

Homeschooled kids aren't RESTRAINED TO A DESK all day every day for 9 months a year! My kids spend maybe 2 hours at a table in a day. The rest of the day is hands on learning. Field trips, activities, crafts, free play ect.

Like going to the Winter Carnival on a random night! - Seriously, you want reflected vests with your phone number written on the inside!

This is all physical health. Now let's talk about SOCIAL HEALTH.

I'm AMAZED that people thing homeschooled children lack socialization. I think that public school children lack socialization. They are around other immature children their age ALL. DAY. LONG! They get very little adult conversation in their lives except for the small amount of one-on-one time they might get with a teacher and a few hours (if they're not watching TV or tuned out on an electronic) with their parents at night.

Home Educated kids get much more time around a mature group of people. They're main influence on how to behave and socialize is from their parents. They learn to carry a conversation, look people in the eye, articulate what they are wanting and how to ask approtiatly. They can also be plugged into groups such as Co-Ops, church children's ministries, city or state groups for sports or the arts, or have other siblings they interact with. I've noticed homeschool children are much more well-rounded when it comes to socialization...

SPIRITUAL HEALTH?!? Homeschooling is the prime way to lay a strong foundation for a child's relationship with Jesus. The beginning years of life form a child's world view and moral standards upon which they view the world. It's such a crucial and short-lived window. Why wouldn't we spend it immersing them in the Word of God?

Because we are a full-time ministry family, my children have been exposed to more of the "real world" then most public school children. They've met prostitutes, met drunkards and druggies, been to a homeless shelter, learned about homosexuality, and have met a number of "real life" situations with Alex and I right there by their side being able to explain these situations to them. I wouldn't get this opportunity if their first exposure (or continual exposure) is at a school where they may forget to talk to me about a situation they faced when they got home.

Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to lay a HEALTHY physical, social and spiritual foundation for our children.

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