Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Funny Things Said and Heard

I'm Batman!
After picking up Elias and noticing how he was rubbing his eyes and whining.
Mom: Are you a crabby man?
Elias: No! I'm not a crabby man! I'm BATMAN!

Does God Forget? All girls were joined together singing "God forgive and God forgets, all my sin and selfishness. No matter what I've done, or what I've said, I know God forgives and God forgets."
Alecia: Mom, can God forget? I thought He knew everything.
Mom: ... well... um... ask your dad!
Dad: You see the Bible says God removes our sin as far as the east is from the West... but we need to break it down into the original language... and do an in-depth study in the original language... 
*confusion on Alecia's face*
Dad: ... God chooses not to remember? He knows. But He's forgiven... Ask the pastor! 

I Ate My Banana!
Night before:

Mom: "Elias, when you wake up early, you can just sit on the couch and wait for Mommy to wake up. You can grab a banana if you're hungry, but don't wake mommy up."

Next Morning:
*I roll over in bed and my eyes focus on the crack where the door is slightly open. There is Elias standing with one eye visible, staring at me.

Elias: "Hi mom! I'm up now! I got a banana. I opened it myself."

*He then runs away and I go back to sleep.

*I opened my eyes a few minutes later, and there he is standing in the crack of my door again.

Elias: "Hi mom! I ate all my banana! I ate it ALLLLL"

I Like You Mommy
My son usually comes into my room when I'm doing my make up and asks me, "Mom! Mom! Mom! What you doing? Painting?"

Today I straightened my hair and put make up on. As I was finishing off with some red lip gloss my son says, "Wow mom! You look so pretty! I like you mom! You look so pretty!" :)


  1. Love that kid!!! Love all you guys!!! Praying praying praying for you!!!

  2. Awesome :) i so enjoy all your posts and i like that i know exactly how i am to pray for you all...
    thx 4 your sharing ((hug)) love ya Familia!!!