Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

People tend to run to antibiotics when they have a sinus infection, however did you know most sinus infections are actually viral and the antibiotics don't really help. They actually may do more harm then good considering they affect your immune system, which you need to heal from a virus. I had a doctor and a midwife tell me this same information. 

My mom was greatly concerned that I was pregnant and not going to take antibiotics since she thought the sinus infection could affect my brain?! My midwife said the opposite. They wouldn't prescribe me an antibiotic unless my sinus infection took more then 10 days to get better. 


I did some research, and after 2-3 days of excruciating pain, and only 7-9 days of stuffiness, I am officially sinus infection free!! Here are some pregnancy safe things I did to help my body fight this nasty virus:

(1) Neti Pot: I've NEVER been a fan of Neti Pots. They freak me out! But I was so congested and had such horrible pressure and pain I started taking Tylenol round the clock (you know it's bad if I take a pain killer!). So I started on the Neti Pot 2-3 times a day, every day for about 7 days. If my nose was too stuffed to get the salt water through, I just kept trying and trying. My goal was to get a slight drip through both sides. In my mind I knew the salt then at least penetrated most my nasal cavity. 

(2) Vick Vapor Rub: I rubbed this right on my sinus' after the Neti Pot and through the day. Greasy face. But the cooling and the essential oils reduced the pain and inflammation. It felt SOOOO GOOD!!

(3) Humity: Hot showers, hot baths, breathing in steam water, sleeping with my essential oil diffuser on. It didn't help clear out my sinus, but it felt really good.

(4) Liquids: Water. Bone Broth. Immune Tea. Lots of it!

(5) Sleep: We had week of appointments and an ER visit unfortunately, but I tried to rest as much as I could in between. 

(6) Massage and Chiropractor: I happened to have a Chiropractor appointment scheduled the day the infection started to get really bad. She adjusted my neck and worked on specific spots of my sinus'. I also massaged my own sinus as often as I remembered. 

I hope these simple remedies give you as much relief as they did to me! Especially when your nasal passage hurst so bad you think your teeth are going to fall right out of your jaw!!

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  1. cool, yep my Mexican Familia have used Vick's Vapor Rub since the 1920's for cough's,congestion,sore muscles,sore throat,ear aches,bug bites, paingul joints....i apply on my heels,back,chest,on my sinus pressures,neck,temples,outside of my nose and a little bit inside,under my nose yep really, really, like Vapor Rub :)