Friday, March 28, 2014

Titus 2 Tricks: Bathroom

I was reading a blog and the title of some of her posts are called "Home Making Hacks". Brilliant!! She gives thrifty, crafty ideas for homemaking. She focuses on decoration (which I am NOT gifted in whatsoever!). So as much as I REALLY want to steal her name, "Home Making Hacks"... I won't. 

So this is my Titus 2 Tricks. Encouraging busy moms to continue to keep their home a safe haven and relaxing environment.

Cheesy??! Oh Yeah! ;)

So My Bathroom Routine. 

This is my husbands #1 place in the house that he wants clean and tidy. Here are some things I do to bless him in this area. The bathroom is where we clean ourselves physically so why not spiritually? Why not let your bathroom, no matter how small, be a little retreat center where the world can fade away, the sound of the ceiling fan can drown out the screaming kids, and you can meet with your God?!?

Here's how I do it:

(A) My Cleaning Routine involves a deep clean of the bathroom every Wednesday and then a quick clean every Saturday. Also, I keep cleaning supplies always ready and on hand. So when I need to bathe a child... or four... I can spray and wipe (don't worry all my cleaners are homemade and safe to spray around kids. Probably safe to swallow too... but don't try it...

I have homemade glass cleaner, homemade disinfecting bathroom cleaner, & paper towels.

(B) Air Freshener that doesn't trade smelly air for cancer is a MUST! This fancy little glass bottle is filled with sweet citric essential oils, some water, and alcohol and kept right by the toilet. Once the bathroom is spic and span, I spray for a fresh touch on the bathroom. Also, in case us ladies need to go "weely bad" once daddy is done, we can spray and sit. 

We like orange or lemon as our bathroom air freshener.

 (C) Shower Scrubber is the BEST thing I have ever found on Pinterest. I fill it with about 1/2 all-natural dish soap and 1/2 white vinegar with a few drops of essential oil. Every time I shower, I scrub the shower down from top to bottom. Every time I give the kids a bath, I scrub the tub. Simply. Easy. Peasy. Great for busy moms like us!

Seriously FaNtAsTiC!

(D) My husband's only used most used "trick" is my $2.99 Bathroom Book Wrack. I have a Bible, My Utmost for His Highest, Morning & Evening, Power of a Praying Husband, and several "Far Reaching Ministry" news letters which is a ministry we proudly support. I also keep serval pens and page tabs. My husband like to spend his quiet/alone time here every morning before work as well as when he gets home after work. 

(E) The "Second Bathroom" is a MUST with 6 people in our little apartment. Hayven is just like her father. She goes #2 more then 3 times a day! This is her little bathroom. I switch the books around for her randomly. She has no toilet paper next to her potty because she needs to call for me to wipe her still... trust me... she does...

(F) Bath Toys can be a problem for some parents... maybe because they have too many? I bought this recycle basket for $3.99 and fastened it with a screw to the wall above my shower. My husband made some holes on the bottom so water can drain out the bottom. I LOVE IT! 

(G) Prayer: I wrote a list of prayer points with a dry erase marker on the wall of the shower to remind my husband and I what to pray for while in the shower. Our marriage, family, children, pastor, ministries, ect.

(H) Hangers?? You may ask... yes... sometimes I have some things from the wash I would rather hang dry. Also it makes your bathroom smell so wonderful! Like clean linen!! YUMM!!

I have a few organizational tips:
(1) All hair stuff in one bin
(2) All my make-up in another bin/basket
(3) Toothpaste/soap and brushes in another bin
(4) A basket for mommy's spa time - candles, epson salt, bath masks ect.
(5) GET RID of things that you never use! The less you have, the less stress you have :)

So there you have it! 

It takes me a total of 15-20 minutes tops to clean my bathroom. Since I spend a few minutes throughout the week here and there. The biggest chore is sweeping and quick spray-mopping the floor with my homemade floor cleaner. But that takes only a few minutes really. 

Your kids can help participate in bathroom cleaning too! Teach them to put their bath toys away, their tooth brushes away, empty and replace the garbage, shake out the rugs and roll them up, fold towels, place dirty towels in the hamper ect. The MORE YOU TEACH THEM the LESS YOU HAVE TO DO!!!! YAY!!! And they become hard-working, responsible kids from a young age. WIN-WIN BABY!

Hope You're Inspired!! 
Bring Joy To Your Home. 
Make the Best of What You Already Have!!

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