Friday, March 14, 2014

My Least Favorite Part of Babies

It's official... I'm pretty sure this is the first time I would have complained on this blog. I LOVE wifehood, motherhood, and home-making... however...

Can you guess what part I HATE the most about babies??

Diapers, you ask? Negative.
Spit up, you say? Nope.
Sleepless nights, perhaps? Wrong Again!
It's got to be all the laundry? False.

I. Hate. Spoon. Feeding.


I don't really know... 

Maybe it's the way their little hands manage to ALWAYS grab the spoon full of food and smear it e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e...

Maybe it's the way they have to sneeze right as your bringing a spoon up to their mouth resulting in a shower of applesauce all over your face and arm...

Maybe it's the way they sit in their high chair and scream in between bites because they can't suck down food they way they do breast milk.

Maybe it's the face they need to be spoon fed every single bite 2-3 times a day.

I think it's the last one...


I try to make it more fun for myself with these sweet tricks and tips:

 (1) Baby Brezza: This AMAZING INVENTION I used with every one of my kids. It's called the Baby Brezza. I simply cut up an extra apple and carrot at lunch time, throw it in here with some water and in about 20 minutes... BAM! Apple Carrot sauce! It's great!

(2) Baby Food Cook-A-Thon: When you have the "urge" to make baby food... go big and freeze! Put a bag of whole carrots, or a bag of sweet potatoes, or a bag of apples, or a bag of ripe pears (you get the picture), in the crock pot with a little water and let it sit for a few hours. Once cooked, food processes those babies and put them in ice cube trays. Then, once frozen, move into zip lock bags and... again... BAM! You have tons of fresh food already made! Take a few squares of this, a few of that, and you have meals for a few weeks. 

(3) Occupy the Hands: If you have an extra grabby child who likes to snatch the spoon out of your hand you can do a few things depending on your style of parenting, and the type of child. (A) You can teach the child not to touch the spoon by saying "No" and tapping his/her hand so they understand "No" is a bad thing, and you mean it! Yes this works even at a really early age. Kids can be taught "No" as early as 6 months I have experienced. (B) Allow the child to hold your hand (not the spoon) while you guide the spoon into his/her mouth. (C) Allow the child to hold a rag or small toy or bottle on his lap while you are feeding him. (D) Get covered from head to toe in baby food... oh the baby will too!

 (4) Occupy the Hungry: When I place Eli in his chair, I usually put Cherries or rice husks out for him to nibble on while I am preparing his bib, drink, food ect. Also, when the kids spill water, need to be disciplined, or need more food, I can escape the table and my little man won't be screaming at me for food. 

(5) Mostly, like everything, enjoy. I am sure there WILL be a day when I will miss even the spoon feeding. I mean look at that little messy face!! :) <3 nbsp="">

Here is another post about baby food.

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