Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Ways to Make A Good Atmosphere At Home

With the changing seasons and the brightly colored crops I have been thinking a lot of about the atmosphere of my home. There is a lady who encouraged women to light a candle every day during this season and pray for peace over our households. I just love that!!

I have noticed through talking with people that we often refer to our childhood as to why we do things the way we do, why we act the way we do, or why we love the things we love:

"My mom used to cook apple pie just like this! I love apple pie!"
"We used to spend every Saturday deep cleaning the house, so I tend to naturally spend that day cleaning my house."
"Family dinners were always an event at our home. Dad would come home, food would be on the table, and music would be playing in the background."
"I remember the colorful corn cobs my mom used to decorate our house and the smells of pumpkin pies and fresh baked Christmas cookies!"

So what will your kids remember when they grow up?

What are some things your husband loves to come home to?

So here are my top 5 things that I think create an awesome atmosphere in the home:

(1) Your Attitude: I think the number one thing that sets the atmosphere in a home is the wife's/mother's attitude. Believe it or not, the whole house could be in great order, but if your attitude stinks, everyone will be miserable! 

-Do my children and husband know how much I cherish their presence? 
-Do they sense that I want them around me? 
-Do they see me delighted with the things they want to tell me? 
-Am I singing worship songs to Jesus or complaining about how messy everyone just got the house? 

I mean really think about it! Your kids will one day remember: "My mom used to just walk around the house singing!" "She always spoke so softly to me, even when she was obviously upset." "I've NEVER doubted that my mom loved me."

(2) Food: Food means a lot to men I have found. My husband loves two things in his meal: (a) MEAT (b) Lots of spices and flavor. He says my desserts are amazing, but often my cooking needs some work. We look at other cultures around the world (and I have traveled to a few countries) and the main parts of their days revolve around a good meal and good conversations. We have really lost that in this fast-pase, instant-meal society. 

- Smells: Oh to have a home that is filled with the smells of chili that's been in the crock pot all day, coffee cake fresh out of the oven, coffee just ground and brewed, apple crisp steaming from on top of the oven.
- Flavors: Cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar cane, crisp apples, fresh pumpkin... hot peppers, bell peppers, roasted garlic and onions, fresh ginger stir fries, cilantro and lime rice....
- Nutrition: The benefits of whole, organic food are beyond our human comprehension in my opinion. I think God knew EXACTLY what He was doing when He created food and formed and knit together our bodies. Do your best, as a wife and a mother, to provide the most nutritious food you can.
- Availability: My husband had on his top 5 list of things that make a good atmosphere at home was there to always be food available to eat. I am really bad at this! I usually only buy food for meals. I think with younger kids, we should restrain them from eating all the time to build good self-control in them, but for our husbands and older children, we should have food available! Put out a fruit bowl, some mixed nuts or trail mix in a dish, have pop corn popped and in little bags in the cupboard, have cheese and crackers stocked up, hummus and vegetables cut up.

(3) Cleanliness: To my surprise, when I asked my husband what he thought made a good atmosphere to a home, he said first on his list was a clean bathroom! Good thing today is Tuesday and I clean my bathrooms on Tuesdays! Also on his list of 5 things was that there should never be dirty dishes stacked in the sink. A clean home provides:

- Comfortability: A clean, clutter-free home makes you just feel relaxed. 
- Creativity & Clear Mind: You can think better in a clean home.
- Good Work Ethic: If you have kids, giving them daily chores builds in them great work ethic and responsibility.

(4) Music and Scents: On my husband's list of his top 5 things that make a good atmosphere at home, two of them included candles/febreeze and soft music playing in the back ground. Wow! You mean you like when I make the house smell pretty?? And you actually notice when I have my Pandora Piano Solo playlist playing in the background?

(5) Your Appearance: Although this was not on my husband's list, I believe he wants to come home to an attractive wife. Whatever I can do to make myself look desirable to him, but modest when out in public, I want to do. For me personally, this means keeping weight on (yes, lucky me!), having short, black hair, and wearing skirts or heels :)

Your kids will also remember how you used to try to look your best for daddy.

So there you have it! My top 5 things that make the atmosphere at home wonderful!!

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