Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Girls

All About My Girls:

Ahavah Eden Deputie
(On the far left)

Loves Pink, Tu-tu's, and taking care of babies
Is always the "girl" when imaginary playing
Deathly afraid of animals and bugs
Very adventurous when climbing or jumping off things
Loves to sing and lead others in worship
Very meticulous about writing letters
Loves her hair in one single braid (NOT TWO!!)
Doesn't like to leave people behind
Likes to collect rocks... and lick them

Color: Pink
Best Friend: Alecia
Animal: Lions
Thing To Do: "Watch movies, play with the ipad & to not take the games out of our leap pads"
Thing to Clean: Kitchen
Food: "Strawberries & Milk, Mac & Cheese and Hotdogs & Cake. I love you to make cake mommy!"
Thing to Do In School: "teach our letters and read our books"

Alecia Grace Deputie
(On the far right)
Loves to play jokes on people
Really thinks farts, burps, picking your nose, and booty's are hilarious
Loves LONG socks with BIG boots
Likes her hair down
Likes to wear hats
Is usually the "guy" when imaginary playing
Overly energetic and hyper sometimes

Color: Pink
Best Friend: Hayven
Animal: Pink Elephants
Thing To Do: "Good to color, eat food, have fun, praise the Lord, worship God, drink some water..."
Thing to Clean: The Floor - Sweeping
Food: Cereal & Cassava Leaf
Thing to Do In School: Learn about Jesus and believing in Him

Hayven Alexandria Deputie
(On my lap)
Pretends to be asleep all the time (when walking, swinging, sitting)
Loves Elias' doorway jumper
LOVES to eat, pretty much anything
When at the park, prefers to sit next to mom and suck her thumb
Likes to read books
Loves to know her alphabet
Likes the song, "Salvation Song" from Super Book movies
Definitely LOVES being the baby, and being babied
LOVES and NEEDS her sleep
Doesn't like to take her shoes off or pull up her pants

Color: Ahavah
Best Friend: Ten... Pancakes.... Bo-bo (Zoe Fisher)
Animal: Pants
Thing To Do: "ummm... this!"
Thing to Clean: "Pancake!"
Food: "Pancake!"
Thing to Do In School: "Pancake!"


  1. Loving those sweet pictures of your girls. And what a handsome little man. :)
    Hoping you are well.