Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Secret

You endure through pregnancy.
The nausea.
The weight gain.
The muscle cramps.
The sleepless nights.
The Braxton Hicks.
The back pains.

You endure through the first few months of your child's life.
The nursing every 2 hours.
The sleepless nights with colicky baby.
The diaper after diaper change.
The blowouts.
The exploding-full boobs leaking milk on your favorite shirt.
The being bound to your child all day every day.

You endure through the first few years of your child's life.
The rice cereal, mashed bananas, and Cherrio's.
The first-time crawler eating every spec off the carpet.
The first-time talker asking "why?" over and over.
The temper tantrums.
The teething terrors.
The wetting the bed.
The coloring on the walls.
The eating of things that aren't meant to be ingested.

You endure through the older years of your child's life.
The emotions.
The worries.
The sleepless nights praying.
The endless homeschooling. 
The boy crushes. The girl crushes.
The rebellion. 
The decisions you wish you could make for them.

Then I look at some of these mom's who have raised all their children. 
They have been through this.
Some of them are grey-haired, wrinkled, and exhausted-looking.
Some of them have this peace and joy about them. Their grey hair is not from the burden of stress, but is like a crown of wisdom and proof of endurance.

I don't think the enduring ever ends. 
I think we will always have sleepless nights over our kids.
I think we will always worry for them.
So what's the difference between these two women??

I think it's the choice they made.
I think they chose to enjoy things more then stress out.
I think they knew something most women miss today.
I think they knew a secret. 
I think they know their God and walk with Him. 

I know God can give me strength. He WILL give me strength.
I know He loves my kids more then I do.
I know He knows their make. 
I know He knows what they need the most.
I know I can choose to enjoy the emotions, temper tantrums, Braxton hicks, stretched out body, endless Cherrio's and homeschooling.
I know I can choose to stress over all these things too, and every day I will wish away just trying to get on to the next. Every minute I will count down until nap time or bed time. And I will miss out on the joys. 

I choose to be that woman that is peaceful, full of joy, full of rest from resting in her God.
I choose to laugh with my kids (and sometimes at them).
I choose to smile and enjoy life instead of worrying about getting through it.

How I need you, Lord I need You! 
Every hour I need You!
My one defense, my righteousness.
Oh God, how I need You!

I think even the hardest times in our lives can be so much different if we change our perspective. 

Our trials then become God's beautiful handiwork forming us into a precious jewel through the heat and heartache.

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