Friday, June 26, 2015

A Post About My Boy... THIS BOY!

Elias ~ Yahweh is my God
Hezekiah ~ God is my Strength

Sometimes BOYS can drive you a little... bonkey?!?

The other day, Elias decided to pee himself... not once... not twice... six times! I had him sitting in his peed-on clothes on his peed-on bed while I went downstairs to clean up the most recent puddle. I come back upstairs and see my son sitting on his bed apologetically, with his hands folded in his lap naked, covered in vaseline, grinning from ear to ear as if to say, Look mom! Isn't this awesome?!?

Oh, that's not it... I walked away again to deal with a sibling rivalry before WWIII commenced. Then I remembered my vegetables and fruits needed a good water since it was relatively warm that day.  I come back and can't find Elias! Where did that boy go now?!? I recalled hearing him through a window while I was outside. 

"Mom! Eli's throwing Hayven's toys off the roof!"

The roof?!? How is he managing that?!?

Sure enough, super butt-naked boy is still covered in vaseline and had jimmied my screen in my bedroom to open, climbed out on the roof and was, indeed, violently throwing Hayven's toys right off the roof! 

 Another time, Alex and I were praying. It was near midnight. We were finishing up our prayer time when I heard some clicking noises outside our bedroom. 

"Honey, can you just check on the boy? I think he's up. And if he is, it's no good."
"No, I just checked on him and he was asleep."

We continued praying and then we heard the clicking noise right outside our door. Alex and I looked at each other. He got up and opened the door... 

Oh, the HORROR!

There was my son. This boy was in his normal attire (butt-naked) with his finger stuck in one of those big salt shakers. He had a huge smile on his face and said, "Hi dad!" enthusiastically. On the floor around him was a sea of white salt. I ventured out of my room to explore the rubble from the destruction this boy managed to create while mom and dad thought he was sleeping. The salt covered his bed, got into the girl's pull-out clothes bins under the bed, continued down the hall way and onto the staircase. 

I just smiled. Alex and I laughed. 
We dealt with his naked-butt (if you know what I mean), then we put him back to bed and I dealt with the salt the next morning. 

Sometimes this boy thinks he is the man of the house. Not only does he repeat orders that I give and do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants... 

The time was 1am. I was having a hard time sleeping so I resulted to my good friend Mr. Netflix to assist in lulling me to sleep. I got up to use the bathroom and saw my son just getting into his bed. I knelt down to give him a kiss and I inhaled... what was that smell?

Goldfish? No we don't have any. 
Did they eat a snack in their room? I don't think so.
I hope whatever he managed to find wasn't too old...

The next morning I found the bag of Veggie Straws on the couch with a trail of the little green and orange strips all over the couch and floor in the living room.

This boy helped himself to a bag of chips from the pantry and sat his naked butt down on the couch at 1am in the morning for a snack. When he was full, he concluded it was time to go back to bed and left his mess for me to clean up.

Praise the Lord the pictures I have are of him with clothes on, but I think you can get the picture that Elias is convinced his normal attire is a naked butt. In fact, when we get home from places, he takes his clothes off like they are his shoes or something. Ope, were home! Time to take my pants off! 

I love this boy :)

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  1. He is so cute and this post made me LAUGH and LAUGH. Reminds me of my nephew! If you all plan to have more babies, just imagine a brother to get in trouble with! lol. Oh man. I used to only want boys, but boy are they a lot! ha ha. I remember a post long ago before he was, that you explained how badly you wanted a son... well, he's definitely all BOY!!! lol.