Monday, July 22, 2013


Surprisingly, it feels really good to have made it full-term! 

I won't be labeled as "premature". I get to do my WaTeRbRiTh!! 

I am encouraged and able to do things to get labor going instead of cautioned against everything.

Here are some quick updates on how things are going (this is going to be pretty graphic...):

Braxton Hicks/Contractions: Every week I will have them consistently 5-10 Minutes apart for about 4-5 days. Then I will get them randomly for a few days. Then they will be consistent again. Last night I had very strong, very consistent contractions all the way until about 10am this morning. I mean they hurt! I woke up several times through the night with them. I also had eaten some African Food (Tubagee.. totally NOT spelling that right) and had some bad diarrhea this afternoon from that (Graphic... I warned you)

Mood Swings: Oh yeah. I am less depressed then I have been. If you read my last post, I decided to change my perspective on this whole things and have been doing much better. I think the thing I struggle most with is (1) The weight I have gained and (2) The fact that I have to wear Alex's clothes because I have never made it this far before and have nothing that covers my belly & (3) THIS BABY IS STILL INSIDE ME!!!!!!

Dealing with People:  I have been VERY anti-social the last month. IT's been bitter-sweet. I have been spending lots of time in my Bible... and Netflix... I just don't like dealing with all the comments. 

**You're STILL PREGNANT?!?** 
Yes, thanks for reminding me... Nice to see you too.

**WOW! You're So Big!**
Really?! Well that is just the most encouraging thing anyone has said to me all week! Really glad I ran into you! 

**How are you feeling?**
You really want to know?? Besides the fact that I am sleep deprived, can't breathe when I sit, can't eat without getting heartburn, I look and feel like a hippo, and feel like someone kicked me really hard in the pelvis, I spend my days counting contractions and trying not to go crazy... I am doing just great! 

I don't really say these things... but in all honesty, I want to. People just don't think about what the mother is going through before they say/ask these things. I understand. I am positive I have done the same thing to other pregos. So, I just avoid people! Probably NOT the best thing to do. But I am just being honest. 

Sex: It's been frequent (as usual). I think we are on a 4-day streak right now (Don't say I didn't warn you!). Alex likes when I am heavier and always wants me to try to keep some of the baby weight on. It's not super enjoyable for me at this point. But it's still fun! I kind of use him for his cervix-dilating semen... is that so wrong??!? ;) He made the comment the other day, "I feel so used... but it's okay!"

Weight Gain: Over these last 3 weeks I have put on over 10lbs!!! I want to say its mostly water weight. My face and arms have gotten bigger. But I have gained about 50lbs total now. I weigh around 180lbs!!! :(

I think that's about it for this last week...
I am still about 2cm dilated & 75% effaced. 
Excited and SO SO READY to go into labor... 
Hopefully sooner then later. 

Planning on posting a picture when I don't look like... well like I usually do.


  1. I knew you'd get your water birth (if all goes as planned for that part, of course) Elias just wants to try coming in to the world that way!! :)

    I'm glad you have changed your perspective and are finding ways to enjoy it, albeit uncomfortably.

    Lots of sexing is good! Enjoy!!

    Dont worry about your weight. You know you're going to have a chunky little fat guy, you are full term, and since I do believe you breastfeed your kiddos longterm, that weight will drop off in no time!

    I'm so excited for you. I really hope you get to have the birth experience you have longed for to welcome that baby boy you have prayed for!

    I can't wait to see his fat little face! He's going to be SOOO cute.

  2. I love reading you blog Cassie! You girls are beautiful!

    - Miranda T