Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh man!

So yesterday around 5pm I started getting serious pressure in my back and stomach. It lasted ALL NIGHT LONG and I only got about 20 minutes of sleep.

All day today it got worse and worse and worse. I took 3 baths, 2 showers, tried walking, tried sleeping, tried sitting on my ball (which was the most relief I found). 

Needless to say I cried all day long. 

I think I am going crazy. 

The pressure is unbelivable. 

When Alex got home, he shipped the kids off to a friends house and took me for a long walk. That was the most relaxed I have felt for days. We got home and the pressure and random really strong contractions were still present. 

So we decided to take 1 1/2 tbsp of castor oil. I am 35Weeks and 3Days. The baby is over 5lbs. 

I will keep you posted on how things go. 

Please be praying for me.


Still feeling the same :(
Nothing too eventful happened last night.
My contractions got a bit stronger, but nothing too terrible.
They were 10 minutes apart, then 5, then 2, then around midnight they slowed down.
I got to sleep around 2am (like I have been for weeks)

This morning I still have lots of pressure, random stronger contractions,
nausea, and just REALLY down in the dumps. 
Thankfully someone has my kids.

I plan on doing some more walking today since that's all that seems to alleviate the pressure.

In al honesty, I feel like a terrible mom.
Yesterday I just cried all day and asked the girls to leave me alone. 
Then when they were gone last night I missed them terribly and felt terrible for sending them away. 
This pregnancy has been very challenging.
It's not too much more difficult physically then the last two (since I seem to always labor for a month before I deliver), but emotionally. 
I think it has to do with just taking care of 3 kids 2 & under while feeling like this. 

35W 4D & still counting.


  1. It will be over before you know it and instant relief when you hold Elias in your arms. You will look back at these posts and remember God's hand and how faithful He was to hold you, your husband and your girls. You are an awesome mother!! Such an inspiration to me and others!! Don't doubt that. Your girls know that mommy loves them very much. I love you too dear! I'm praying that you will continue to draw you strength from the LORD and He will continue to give you His peace. Can't wait to see my grandson!!

  2. Thanks mom! :)
    I can't wait to see him either. Seriously can't wait!!

  3. Clearly Elias just wants to have a water birth Cassie! ;-)
    Hang in there!! He's totally worth all this *crap* you're dealing with right now. Final stretch and then you get the long awaited and prayed for prize of meeting that little boy!!