Friday, July 16, 2010

29 weeks and time at home

I had my doctors appointment Thursday. This was the first time I had actually seen my doctor (who was very involved in my stay in Maternity Care this last week) since my hospital visit. Now my doctor (Doctor Eric English) is a really comedic, realistic guy. I came in once for dizziness and he came in for like 5 minutes and said, "It comes with the territory of being pregnant. Just drink lots of fluids and sit down if you feel like passing out (obviously)." And that was it. I really appreciate this about him. But this appointment was different. He came in, sat down and basically poured out his heart to me. He said he was really worried, begged me to do all I can to keep these babies in longer, talked about how he was frustrated he didn't know why I was cramping so much, and was really concerned about how I wanted to handle the whole thing (if I wanted to stay at home or in the hospital ect). It really brought into perspective how serious the situation is.

God has been grabbing a hold of my heart a lot too. I have been reading through Oswald Chambers and meditating on it, writing down where my heart on each topic and such. Today's was great! About remember God is in control and He allows things. NOTHING happens that He doesnt allow. So I made a list of areas that I worry about or am nervous about. Then I wrote a prayer after each one surrendering it to the Lord. For example, moving! Lord I know that you are in control of our moving situation. I know that if anything is lost or broken or misplaced, if the apartment doesn't get arranged the way I want it to, if we don't get in when we want to, You allowed all that for a reason! WHAT A FREEING THING!!

The body of Christ is such an amazing thing! People have been bringing us meals that abide by Alex's Makers diet and today Emily and Susie came and totally deep cleaned the apartment, cooked food, and lifted us up in prayer. It was so refreshing and a HUGE BLESSING!!!

I have been working on Ahava's scrapbook and hope to finish that and Alecia's before they are born becuase I KNOW I won't have time after they are born.

Physically it's been alright. Been having cramps and contractions still everyday pretty consistently in the evenings. I can feel these babies pushing as low as they can. It's really awkward and uncomfortable. But I think what is worse is the side effects from all this medicine I am on. Heat flashes, acid reflux, really swollen feet and hands, heavy chest, shortness of breath, flushing of the face, extreme dizziness and some vertigo, and just the feeling of being uncomfortable and ancy (spelling?).

A lot of people have been coming up to me and the ladies planning my shower and saying how they think it's a bad idea for me to have it still. I understand that they love me and where they are coming from. But my doctor told me I am even allowed to get outside some. I think if someone picks me up at my house, I walk to their car, and then sit in a chair at the shower, it would be just like sitting in a chair at home! Besides... I am REALLY looking forward to this! It's like my high point in this trimester of the pregnancy. So I am planning on doing it still. I have been out to Target to get my prescriptions and pushed around in a wheel chair and was fine. I think I will be fine in an air conditioned house surrounded by family!


  1. Good to hear you're taking it seriously... its a sucky few weeks for you, but its the rest of their lives for the girls and their lungs!! 5 weeks on a couch is a small price to pay for healthy babies.

    Remember God tells us to learn from the older women... not to be bossy, but if the women are telling you to postpone your shower... well... just be careful! Your girls only get one chance to develop.

  2. Yeah... you are right. I had a long talk with my mom and husband about it. We are praying about what to do. We might have the shower in my little apartment. That would be interesting. Or just postpone it and pray that I get some clothes and stuff for these girls before they come.