Monday, July 8, 2013

35W 1D

35 WEEKS AND 1 DAY!!!!!

Excuse the bed hair. I always take these pictures when I look terrible. HAHAHA.

So the contractions every three minutes subsided last night. Or at least are a lot less noticeable.
After a miserable morning at church (church was great, but my contractions were miserable), I went home determined to find some relief.

First, I took a nap ;) with Mr. Babe... ;)... which actually did lead to me sleeping a good hour. As always, this tensed up my uterus A LOT. It was like one big long contraction for an hour, but it calmed down and my regular contractions didn't come back after that.

Second, I took a 30 minute walk, by myself, at my own pace.

Third, I took another 20 minute walk about an hour later.

Fourth, I spent a few hours that night on my exercise ball stretching my hips and pelvis while doing my husband's hair.

Today I realized I switched the regular contractions for increased pressure and those sharp cervix pains every time the baby moves. This, BY FAR, is much more tolerable. I think... I just may make it past this week?!?

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