Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gender Reveal ;)

20 week ultrasound went GREAT!
My husband took the morning off school and came with me to see our baby. 
Ge was GRIPPING my hand so tight while the doctor looked for the gender of out baby. 
The baby's umbilical chord was between his/her legs so it was hard to make out until the end of our ultrasound...

Here's my belly at around 20 weeks :)

Pregnancy's going pretty good right now. 
I have a few random issues with my blood pressure dropping.
AND turns out my Vitamin D is EXTREMELY low as well as my iron stores. 
But I've been eating very healthy, exercising daily, drinking LOTS of water.
I've gain the max weight I'm supposed to already, but I'm doing everything I'm supposed to.

As you see my son wants to fight CONSTANTLY!
It's a good thing we're having a...

:) :)


  1. Yay!!! Had a feeling Elias was getting a little brother this is so awesome. Any name ideas yet? Congrats!!

    1. Yes!! We're leaning toward Arhey Duke Deputie.

      Arhey means Lion of God.
      Duke means strong.

      Elias is thrilled! He fights with my belly already in anticipation he'll fight with Duke when he comes out. 😄